Title: Derelict (version 1.1)
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/derelict.zip
Size: 160.6 KB
Date: 04/15/00
Author: Philippe Lesire
Description: Lost in a desert somewhere on a recently colonized planet, you're about to die from thurst. You stumble under the cruel sunlight. Suddenly, in a small depression, you find the entrance to a mining station. Most of the inhabitants seem to have left in a hurry. Some of them even seem to have gone mad with fear and shoot everything in sight. Visiting the derelict buildings you wonder what could possibly have frightened them. Actually after a few moments, you wish you never found out.
Credits: Niko Vanraes for playtesting, Renaud Paquay for WinDeu (which allows to edit levels without any size limit.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Started in 1997
Editor(s) used: DMapEdit 3.0, DEEP, WinDEU 5.99b1
Bugs: Visplane overflow on one box in the hangar. Failed to fix it, so I made this box inaccessible. Player may get stuck by falling between crates in hangar.
Rating: (8 votes)
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Finding a megasphere was disappointing (no more tension), even before that the gameplay was a bit boring. But the design here is interesting, makes me think of The Darkening 2. Not a typical level.x
cool mapx
One of the first pwads I remember playing. It still holds up to me today, and I don't see very many desert themed maps around for some reason. Lupinx-Kassmanx
Not really.x
Very nice wad. Forklifts kick ass.x

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