Title: Secretdoom: Disrepair 2
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/disrpar2.zip
Size: 31.07 MB
Date: 08/23/16
Author: Cyberdemon531
Description: Six Years after the crumbling catastrophe of Hell's invasion overtook the complex in the Northern Sector, a young marine was dispatched to go and clean up the mess that Hell left behind. That young marine was you. You must travel to the Northern Complex for the first time since the invasion and clear out the demons that occupy the area. It's crucial that you reclaim this important stronghold, for it may be one of the last beacons of hope for this war...

DISREPAIR 2 is an 11 map episode for GZDoom that expands upon the ideas and themes of my original Secretdoom episode "Disrepair" and transforms it into a new expansive world. This mapset features new monster types, new music, new textures, and of course new maps .
Credits: Jmickle, Thisdude_, and various Realm667 authors for textures. James Paddock for Music, midi archives for some tracks as well.
Base: None
Build time: About 13 months from start to finish with multiple breaks.
Editor(s) used: GZDoombuilder
Rating: (13 votes)
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This WAD looks at a first glance like a good WAD. Only when you play through it you recognize that it's a tedious grind that forces you to deal with hordes of monsters and doesn't provide a BFG. Enemies are mostly harmless - they just block your way forward. Some are less bothersome to ignore than to fight. Architecture is blocky and color scheme is "metal white". MAP05 can be skipped right at the start as the exit switch from MAP04 has been copied without removing the exit linedef trigger.x
Best CyberWAD yet ha ha. x

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