Title: Doomed Spaceship
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dmdspaceship.zip
Size: 3.76 MB
Date: 11/13/21
Author: Nick Rohrer
Description: Settings & Requirements: - Doom 2 IWAD - Doom map format - Limit removing source ports are required - Source ports with hardware renderers are recommended. The level can be played with software renderers, but you most likely will encounter slime trails in some areas with high details. - Freelook: Yes (The level was designed with freelook in mind, but everything can be completed without freelook, maybe being a bit more difficult in some areas) - Jumping and crouching: No (blocked by mapinfo, if supported by your source port of choice). You may be able to cut some corners with jumping.

Description: This is a medium sized level set in a space ship. The level features two distinctive ways to be completed, with a 100% completion however being possible in one playthrough. There are many secrets to be revealed and the enemy placement rewards a carefully and attentive play style. While shooting enemies is the main focus (well, its doom after all), I tried to shake things up a bit with minor puzzles and areas with different moods, atmospheres, gameplay and a progressive difficulty. Not only enemies can be dangerous! To complete certain areas and find all the secrets, close attention must be paid to the surroundings.

Story: After doomguy fought his way through hell itself, he is celebrating his victory over the descendants of evil on the fortress of doom. It is just in that moment, when the fortress of doom picks up a signal from demons in a nearly forsaken space ship. "Well, their debts haven't yet been paid off, daisy", doomguy is pondering. It's time to fight again, so he makes his way to the said space ship. No evil in this universe shall be spared.
Credits: - OTEX texture pack by ukiro (https://doom.ukiro.com/otex-downloads/) - Nine Inch Nails - Something I Can Never Have (Midi version by Doomkid / www.doomshack.org) - Skytexture from Mek's Box 'o Skies! (by Mechadon / www.doomworld.com)
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 12 Weeks
Editor(s) used: Ultimate Doom Builder, SLADE, WhackEd4, Doom Writer
Bugs: None, except slime trails in some areas with high details (in source ports with software renderer, varying between source ports)
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