Title: Donuts
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/donuts.zip
Size: 8.58 MB
Date: 05/09/21
Author: A2Rob
Description: You decide to take a vacation to your favorite resort. Unfortunately, Hell had the same idea.

Collection of levels I've made for various community projects over the years, with a few new levels made specifically for this project. Every level has been given a fresh coating of OTEX. Levels pulled from previous projects have been heavily modified in one way or another.
Credits: Tango / Scotty / Terminus - playtesting

ukiro - OTEX

Eriance, Xim, Ghastly_dragon, Captain Toenail, Tormentor667 - Repeater Zombie

Amuscaria - Diabolist

Galileo31dos01 - STBAR graphics

Back to Thunder Road - sky

Joy of Mapping 4 - Map12 sky

Id Software

TITLEPIC and CREDIT Backgrounds - Donkey Kong Country 2
Base: New from scratch
Build time: About a year
Editor(s) used: GZDoom Builder / Slade / Photoshop
Bugs: NA
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