Title: Dark Resolution 2008 - UPDATED VERSION
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dr2008v2.zip
Size: 3.07 MB
Date: 04/11/08
Author: See Section [2]
Description: Since the Community Project continues to be popular, this is a mapset composed for the event of the 2008 New Year and Doom's 14 birthday. This community project includes 11 maps from 9 different authors from Doomworld's Community, all winnable from pistol start with 100% kills on UV. Announced near the end of 2007, the project is finally complete and ready for your enjoyment. Have fun, good luck, and a belated Happy New Years!
Credits: None
Base: None
Build time: Too long...
Editor(s) used: Various
Bugs: None. All bugs have been squashed.
Rating: (40 votes)
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