Title: Dead Simple: Revisited
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dsrevted.zip
Size: 38.43 KB
Date: 09/03/01
Author: Wim "The Mole" Vanrie
Description: A bit, deadly, simple and revisited :-) Initially, this would be map 07 for PAIN, but when Fredrik decided to make it doom2.exe compatible, it didnt fit in anymore
Credits: ID, the creators of the programs i use
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: a couple of days
Editor(s) used: DCK and BSP
Bugs: None
Rating: (3 votes)
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i LOVED it, Really small, Max 5 min of gameplay. Design is okay. You start of with a plasma behind you, that makes it easy again.. SHould have started this was with a SSG instead for more difficulty. Overall, Good wad, NOT special!x
Great level design but the difficulty level is HIGH, Fighting that many mancubuses in such close quarters is nigh to impossible let alone the Arachnotron abuse and ON TOP of all that we get a HORDE of Imps AND a Spider Mastermind! kinda difficult without cheats but the level design is excellent.x
eh.. the uther dead simple was better x

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