Title: Deus Vult Zero: The Shadowrunner Edition
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dv-zero.zip
Size: 3.72 MB
Date: 10/22/09
Author: Huykuto No Pham
Description: Act 1.

So your name is MooMoo the JooJoo, and you're a marine on Mars, while making a sausage you're cock got stuck in a meatgrinder, and you don't know how to take it out without bleeding to death.

Calling 9-11 is not an option because you'll die of embarrassment, plus that cute nurse you're dating won't look at you the same way ever again.

Anyways, so after a few hours of panicking and deciding between dieing of blood loss or loss of face, you passed out on the floor, which means you're going to die and be embarassed as well.

Act 2.

In a strange twist of fate, you woke up and the meatgrinder magically dissapeard, and saw a wizened wizard masturbating behind a pipe organ (or into the pipe organ to be accurate) in a druid's cloak.

You tap him on the shoulder wondering where you are, in return he got mad at you for "interrupting" his daily routine, so he turned around, instead of wielding his wizard wand, pulled out his wizard cock, yells, "dU = Q - W!" and POOF you're awake in a base with 4700 demons GL HF

FOR FULL STORY DETAILS VISIT: http://www.stripcreator.com/comics/DaftPunkRailroad/472900

FOR SEQUAL TO STORY VISIT: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2652/3883164588_4cde81a1f4_o.jpg

FOR ALL THINGS RELATED TO MOOMOO THE JOOJOO VISIT: http://mappingandtrolling.blogspot.com/
Credits: Shadowrunner, who was testing this shit when it was being made in 2003.
Base: New from scratch, I SWEAR IT
Build time: Half the time of the final DV
Editor(s) used: Codeimp
Bugs: Every time you enter a room, your health decreases to zero.
Rating: (57 votes)
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