Title: Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #18
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dwspd018.zip
Size: 718.99 KB
Date: 01/27/02
Author: Various
Description: This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's eighteenth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to build a tech base in the sky.
Credits: http://www.telefragged.com/speedmaps/ for bringing this idea to my attention. Everyone who showed up for the exercise, even if they couldn't make a level. Doomworld.com. id Software.
Base: From scratch
Build time: 100 minutes
Editor(s) used: Various
Bugs: The levels in this WAD were all built in 100 minutes, so they did not have a chance to be thoroughly tested. Some bugs undoubtedly exist.
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Seven speedmaps from September 2001. Map01, 02 are nothing; 03 is a kind of NUTS-lite meets Gothic99, with such a volume of copy-and-paste detail that it slows down my machine (in 2010!). It's as bad as it sounds, although you're curious, I can tell. Map04 decent but monotonous, Map05 well-made but short, Map06 too spartan to be fun, Map07 feels like Map03 done right, except you can fall into space and not die. Unlike real life.x
I liked the big outdoor level, it was most fun. That level needs a up to date computer. 4/4/07x

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