Title: Ezekiel (Abridged version)
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/ezekiel1.zip
Size: 3.23 MB
Date: 04/06/18
Author: 40oz, AD_79, Breezeep, memfis, and GRB
Description: Ezekiel is a 3 episode mission pack for DOOM 2. Each episode contains 4 maps, plus a final map for a total of 13 maps. The abridged version contains only the first two episodes and the final map, as the third episode was never finished.

The levels are designed for Single player and Cooperative play.
Credits: Testers - dannebubinga, Phml, splatterhouse, and Jonas Feragen

Special Thanks - id Software. Raven Software, TeamTNT, and The Doomworld community.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 3 Years
Editor(s) used: GZDoombuilder, Doombuilder 2, Slade, Slumped, MS Paint, Paint.net, Irfanview
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