Title: Father's Day Insanity 2022
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/fdi2022.zip
Size: 1.31 MB
Date: 06/19/22
Author: Timothy Brown (MArt1And00m3r11339)
Description: Since Father's Day is here, I decided to make a Father's Day map. This one is titled "Father's Day Insanity 2022". This one may not run well due to high 9/11'er count if you are using a ZDoom-derived engine to play the map. You will need to use DSDA-Doom with -complevel 21 when recording demos for this map.

Play through: https://youtu.be/GpdEhuRy_58
Credits: -Deus Vult 2 team for the sun glasses. -General Rainbow Bacon for the Slaughterfest series. -Zachery Stephens for the Slaughterfest 3 resources. -Community Chest 4 team for cc4-tex. -GOTHIC team for the GOTHICTX (which can be originally found in GothicDM or Gothic2. Credit goes to the authors of the graphics). -Faerlyn for the spider mastermind death sound (author of Hard Doom). -Aubrey Hodges for the PSX Doom sounds.

*Any discrepancies regarding the information above should be addressed so that I can go around and fix them. You can do so in the comments section of my play through linked above.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 6 Days (on and off)
Editor(s) used: GZDB, Slade 3
Bugs: None (though if you are using Boom to play the map, you might run into problems with progression because of the UMAPINFO patch. It is recommended that you use DSDA-Doom -complevel 21 when playing the map).
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