Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/first.zip
Size: 88.47 KB
Date: 04/21/03
Author: Johnathan "Monochrome" Wilson
Description: "FIRST SPAWN" is my very first map. Don't go into it with high hopes, as the only thing unique about it is the 'Monochrome' flavour.

This is all you need:

doom2 -file first.wad
Credits: *Alex, for being the only friend who doesn't say Doom is stupid.

*The authors of all the tools used in making this wad.

*The authors of all the music used in this wad.

*Ichor from the DOOMWORLD Forums.

* id Software.

* You for downloading/playing the level!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: 12 full hours in the month of April 2003
Editor(s) used: DoomCAD 6.1 by Matt Tagliaferri - Editing Wintex 4.3 by Olivier Montanuy - Putting the WAD file together (map and some of the resources) Corel PHOTO-PAINT 6 - making the new graphics
Bugs: Doesn't want to run with Doom95 for some reason.
Rating: (3 votes)
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Very very basic map with only one main wall texture (some other textures are used for switches, doors, steps, that's about it), two or three main floor textures, little to no lighting variation... It isn't exactly BAD but it isn't worth your time I think.x

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