Title: Firestorm
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/firstorm.zip
Size: 265.58 KB
Date: 11/18/10
Author: Varant Yessayan
Description: You start, barely armed, in the holding cell of a military base massively infiltrated by demons. You'll need to move fast and think even faster to make it out of there and onto the subway train leading out from the hellhole. Good luck.
Base: Modified
Build time: Months -- don't keep count. Less depressing.
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder 1.86
Bugs: I've play-tested it myself quite a few times, but tell me if I've missed anything.
Rating: (9 votes)
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At the start, it's mildly interesting - claustrophobic, done in a realistic rather than a stylized fashion, but it quickly gets frustrating when you run through the entire map the umpteenth time desperately trying to figure out what happened after THIS switch. Avoid. 0/5 - ZZx
Too easy get boring when finding way and switch hunting... Good on detail but too easy to get lost. I like it but hate its complex... 3.5/5 -playerlinx
This wad is pretty claustrophobic and there are too much hidden passages and switches that are essential to use. Could be better. 3/5 P.S. And this spambot check is HELL.x
I think this one's underrated. Texture usage is very creative, both in architecture and in VERY creative details. Gameplay is very original. I had to solve a few puzzles, but I was still able to proceed at a good clip. The layout was complex, but the themes changed just enough so I knew when I was making progress. Far from perfect - crammed, and you can get stuck. But still one of the best I've played in a long while. 4/5 NTx
One too many doors opened by hidden switches for me. More hunt and peck than run and shoot.x

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