Title: Floating Buildings v1.1
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/floatb.zip
Size: 111.9 KB
Date: 04/08/04
Author: LogicDeLuxe
Description: This was originally a contribution to the "Wad-in-a-Week" contest in 2000 at newdoom.com. Though, as they couldn't figure out, how to play this, they decided not to release it at all. Though, it can be solved as I tested it well with EDGE 1.24 and 1.27. It actually is my first map I ever made, and I think, it is good enough for a public release rather than laying unnoticed on my harddisc forever. Hence, here it is. Have some fun with it!

For some usefull hints, read bellow!
Base: "Wad-in-a-Week"'s basemap, as the objective was using that basemap which contained the four main rooms only, and feature a reference to "new Doom" in some form.
Build time: One week
Editor(s) used: Deth 4.24, Zennode 0.98a, Deutex 4.4.0, text editor
Bugs: Some minor ones as I ran out of time. These are slightly unalligned textures and a teleporter which triggers unintendedly on the roof of a building. (You just can walk around in order to avoid this!) No problematic bugs. Also there are engine related ones, read on for important details!
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I don't think EDGE even has polyobjects, so don't try to find one. Just play the map instead.x
I don't think your polyobjects work. 4/15/07x
I didn't find this buggy. Good map, and plenty of imagination shown.x
gahh buggy x

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