Title: Fort Of The Three Lords
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/fotl.zip
Size: 446.36 KB
Date: 04/20/21
Author: FrillsTheLizard
Description: You were one of the recon team sent to the other side, you spent what felt like days wandering through the ashen caves and firey lakes of blood and soot; until finally you found what looked to be a seemingly abandoned fort. You set up a teleporter link back to the other side only to find your self besieged by the forces of fort you once thought barren. You awaken hanging from a chain, and get your self loose from it, you still have your pistol on hand. Which is the best thing to happen to considering that you can hear one of your captors checking to see what the crash was... A 10 or so min long Doom 2 Map. Made to be played on Ultra Violence with no crouch/no jump.
Credits: One and only map made by me. Uses Doom Textures for Doom II from realm667 -SargeBaldy and Tormentor667
Base: Doom 2
Build time: Slowly over a few months in 2020
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2 and Slade
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