Title: JarJar's Last Pinenapple Fritter
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/fritter.zip
Size: 440.1 KB
Date: 10/14/03
Author: B.P.R.D
Description: THE STORY OF JARJAR's LAST PINEAPPLE FRITTER- Once upon a night, JarJar was getting tucked in by his husband Tom Hanks. JarJar goes "Why those pineapple fritter's you made me was great!" "Oh thanks Jar!" says Hanks "Theres only one left, you can have it tomorrow morning!" Suddenly, a tear went down JarJar's face. One left? "ONE LEFT?!?!" JarJar got out a pistol and was about to blow his brain out with it when he decided to blow out Hankses brain, and so he did. JarJar then ran to the fridge, took the fritter, and held it in his arms tightly like a little baby "NO ONE will take you away from me, fritter, NO ONE!" JarJar ran out of the house and lived in the woods, wild and free with his beloved Fritter... but sadly it was not meant to be as one day JarJar went to sleep in a burnt car, woke up, and his fritter was missing. Someone stole it. "NOOOOOO!!!" cried JarJar, but don't worry boys and girls, JarJar had aquired a sort of telepathy with the fritter, and JarJar knows that Fritter hasn't been eaten yet, and that its being held captive in the lands of MooMoo. JarJar gathers his strength, assumes the look of a girl, and goes to the land of MooMoo to claim back his last Fritter. Hence FRITTER.WAD

God speed JarJar... god speed, friend.
Credits: George Lucas, the creator of both JarJar Binks and Tom Hanks.
Base: From scratch
Build time: across the universe and back, i.e a few nights
Editor(s) used: Wintex, Windeu, PaintShopPro
Bugs: National Lampoon's Bug 3: Bug Go Home
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