Title: Flashback to Hell - Original SFX version
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/fthosfx.zip
Size: 3.64 MB
Date: 02/08/14
Author: Stormwalker a.k.a. Vordakk
Description: It recently came to my attention that many players aren't too keen on the new sound effects I added to Flashback to Hell. I totally get where they're coming from, and so I am releasing this version without those new sound effects. Otherwise, the wad is exactly the same. Enjoy!

A 15-level mapset for DOOM 2 that is compatible with the "-complevel 9" setting. Features new music by PRIMEVAL and James Paddock. If the new music tracks are buggy in ZDOOM while using FMOD, updating to the latest non-official revision might fix the problem. I recommend using Fluidsynth, though.

Each level of this wad has been balanced for pistol-start play. In addition, this mapset has been specially balanced to allow for co-op play, using 2-4 players. In co-operative play, the maps will be teeming with LOTS more monsters than in single-player, but ammo and health pickups will be increased as well.

PrBoom-Plus users will see a new set of demos. Please do not use freelook, crouch, or jump. These features will either break the levels or will lessen the old-school feel.
Credits: Kracov for the awesome title screen art, PRIMEVAL and Jimmy91 for the utterly incredible new music, Rich Nagel for one music track, Grain of Salt for being the first playtester, Chris Hansen for offering some great insight and tips and being supportive, Judge for doing a live 4-hour-long playtest, Jimmy91 for offering constructive criticism that took this wad to the next level, Mechadon for really digging in with his playtesting and providing invaluable feedback, Tormentor667 for continuing Realm667, and ID Software. Uses textures from CC4-tex.wad, Gothic texture pack, Eternal DOOM resource pack, IK texture pack, and Nick Baker.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 2 years and some change
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2, XWE, SLADE3, BSP 5.1
Bugs: None known.
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Thanks for doing this!x
YaY!You did well,and good luck on future wads.x
You could have linked to Perk's high def sounds webpage instead of including it in the original upload of this and wasting space with a duplicate w/o it.x

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