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Gigantic Bathroom
Precisely what it sounds like, with endlessly spawning monsters. Load Doom Legacy with the .deh patch and the .wad, and be sure to use the Plutonia IWAD if you want to see the giant sinks in all their glory....Date:06/23/06
Size:30.51 KB
Author:Rusty Slacker

GAMMA: One Nerd And His Doom
This wad is a sequel to ALPHA and BETA which were never released. So the story won't make much sense to you, but here it is anyway. It has been four months now since Linguica cryogenically froze himself and now he is awake. His psychic data link info...Date:12/10/02
Size:1.76 MB

Gates To Hell v2.0
"Hey MORTAL! yeah you, I have a game for you, step into my realm for a spell...." This is my first Ever Doom Map, always tangled with the idea of making one but never got to it. This started as an experiment to learn DoomBuilder and have fun most o...Date:10/07/17
Size:19.5 MB
Author:Christopher Spencer (FireStarter)

One Boom-compatible map made in celebration of Rayzik's birthday. Have a good one. ;-) This map requires GOTHICTX.wad....Date:12/15/13
Size:31.59 KB

Gamarra's story: Part 7 1/2 "Gamarra is bad"
I have too much time on my hands right now, so I decided to make fun of ol' Gamarra. I don't usually waste my time making fun of bad wads....Date:11/21/06
Size:139.85 KB

Gamma Station
A bad feeling runs down your spine as you scale over the perimeter wall, entering the base. Nobody answered the doorbell, and comms are down too. You were hoping the base partially survived the demon onslaught, hoping for a bunk bed and a hot meal. Y...Date:07/26/19
Size:232.95 KB
Author:wesley (beast) werner

Hell Gauntlet.
This is an update to a previously released map of mine, I just added a new room and cleaned up the map. I hope you like this....Date:06/17/14
Size:125.99 KB
Author:John Cartwright

This was like an attempt to make ugly 90s maps. But we failed. We failed, guys....Date:06/21/14
Size:2.26 MB

The Garden Compound
My very first map, originally made for decino's viewer submissions. The goal was to make a HellRevealed-esque level. I'd like to give my thanks to antares031 for allowing me to use his DeHackEd scripts and graphics from Struggle and Eviternity and fo...Date:11/15/20
Size:516.47 KB

Nazi space station...Date:06/21/13
Size:267.18 KB

The Lost Gateway
Dark brick/wood/metal place using some slopes and scripting for zdoom....Date:08/21/04
Size:276.56 KB

Gate of Hell.
I made this map a long time ago and found it on my old Yahoo site. This is a massive slaughter map that is not too hard but not too easy either. Good to use with mods....Date:09/24/22
Size:477.72 KB
Author:John Cartwright

Gate to the Acausal
I tried something different this time so this map is quite linear and there is more action and less switch-hunting. If you like switch-hunting puzzles, though, they are also included but used only for secrets. Map was not designed with jumping in m...Date:11/17/09
Size:200.79 KB

UAC Gates Central
Flush it out....Date:03/23/05
Size:331.84 KB
Author:Richard Head

Running The Gauntlet
A series of maps I've made over the last 12 months through surgery and recovery. Been very rewarding in improving my skills and I believe that as you progress through this .wad, you'll see improvements to my ability....Date:10/23/22
Size:669.56 KB
Author:Jon Redding

Gavial Jaws
This map is light on combat and heavy on good stuff like mandatory secrets and '90s-style puzzles, so if you're in the mood for that sort of thing, it might have some appeal....Date:11/28/21
Size:540.96 KB

Gawr Gura
Here's a short map I made on a whim. I started work on it back in September, then NaNoWadMo happened, and sometime after that I realized I still had this lying around, so I decided to finish it. The "story" is that Gawr Gura is your queen, but the de...Date:04/12/21
Size:684.32 KB

GhostBusters DooM2 -DEMO-
The all NEW 7 level Demo of GhostBusters DooM2. Featuring many of the awesome levels from the first half of the game, GhostBusters I....Date:02/09/01
Size:3.05 MB
Author:Stephen Browning

Gingerbread Pyramid
Since Christmas is around the corner, I present to you a gingerbread map. It is titled "Gingerbread Pyramid". The demo can be found at:
Size:1.13 MB

Global Death Ruins of Humanity
STORY: An unidentifyed force has spread on earth and has radically changed the buildings and caused 90% of the population to change and kill other people that havnt changed. Among those that havnt changed it is your job to cleanse the cities of this ...Date:11/04/12
Size:28.24 MB

The Gateway Experiments, or Doesn't The Military Ever Learn? Episode 1: Space Station Omega
The start of a new series of story-driven WADS. Read the manual for more information....Date:01/28/03
Size:245 KB
Author:Ethan Watson aka GooberMan

The Gateway Experiments Episode 5: Prime Directive
Bet you never thought you'd see this, eh? The next installment in the Gateway Experiments series, just in time for Doom's 22-and-a-halfth-ish Anniversary. Where's episodes 2, 3, and 4? Well, I'm not making them. I've done a George Lucas, skipped a fe...Date:06/29/15
Size:35.04 MB
Author:Ethan Watson aka GooberMan

Gehenna was a fun project to work on. It was inspired mainly by KDIZD, and it shows. I had so much fun mapping for it. A lot of people believed I didn't quit making jokewads, but we finally settled that I'm not. I made this map incompatible with skul...Date:01/29/14
Size:2.45 MB

Judgement Day
Basic map01 replacement...Date:03/02/05
Size:81.65 KB

The Legacy
Add-on for Darkening2. Secret exit on map07...Date:03/02/05
Size:843.88 KB

Size:291.98 KB

Get Paid
Second version....Date:02/16/16
Size:113.01 KB

Grey: The Fault of The Masters
"Damn it" You groan as you stare at the nav-screen, almost like a chimp staring at a TV. Gently rubbing your chin, you think back on what has happened. It's been about 8 months after the incident at Rota. IT, or rather IT's earth counterpart, was des...Date:10/27/16
Size:4.76 MB
Author:Timothy Simpson

Giulio Galassi Is Dead
You must save Giulio from Hell....Date:07/10/07
Size:21.91 KB

Giulio Galassi Must Die
Actually a normal wad with only one or two silly elements. Does that qualify this as a jokewad or not?...Date:12/20/06
Size:118.03 KB

a nice beach resort has been infested by Demons. Hey, give them a break too will ya? But now you will have to eliminate them before the next season begins...Date:05/21/08
Size:440.76 KB
Author:Gijs van der Linden

The ghoul's forest
A ditched wad of mine I decided to upload....Date:02/27/05
Size:274.89 KB

The Ghoul's Forest 2
The Ghoul's Forest 2 is the sequel to The Ghoul's Forest....Date:09/30/06
Size:1.28 MB

The Ghoul's Forest 3
The Ghoul's Forest 3 is the final wad in the Ghoul Series....Date:06/28/07
Size:13.07 MB

The Ghoul's Forest 2 - ST Edition
SkullTag friendly version of The Ghoul 2...Date:01/16/07
Size:1.27 MB

Giza Invasion
You clamber to a wall of one of your posts, one of the last human territories in Giza, Egypt. As you wipe the dust off your helmet to see, the worst sight comes to you; a demon army. Will you survive in order to keep control of Giza? Are you a bad ...Date:07/30/16
Size:181.72 KB

Glacier Base
The setting for this map is a base located inside a glacier, so "Glacier" is not just a clever name. :) Anyway, this abandoned base is a pistol-only level (aside from secrets) and is meant to possibly be the first in a set of maps of some sort. Prima...Date:01/11/13
Size:115.67 KB
Author:Chris Weathers

This level is basically a large arena where you get to test your skills against all the monsters, and very large amounts of them too. It's meant to be completed without saving, but you probably have to train and try different tactics before you manag...Date:11/28/00
Size:74.04 KB

This is my attempt at making 9 maps inspired by one of my favorite megawads, Scythe! Each map is fairly small and should only take a few minutes to beat, but also should be fairly challenging on UV and be fun to blast through. Difficulty settings a...Date:05/18/18
Size:510.94 KB

Glaive 2
This is a set of 7 levels for Doom 2 inspired by the gameplay style of Scythe - short, straightforward, and fast paced, with plenty of action and challenge. While the first Glaive was techbase themed, this set is hell themed and aims to be much harde...Date:08/21/20
Size:724.84 KB

Glaive 3
10 short, action focused maps for Doom 2, inspired by Scythe. The wad is divided into 2 visual themes. The first 5 maps are techbases, the next 5 are a visual mashup of Shores of Hell, Plutonia and Scythe 2's jungle episode. The gameplay is classic s...Date:05/17/23
Size:1.54 MB

Before you ask, no this is not a TC of the Doom clone for the Amiga CD-32X. This is a one map WAD with a very Nukage/Toxic Waste theme to it, with Roman/Ancient Greek architecture and some industrial tech thrown in as well. I originaly wanted this to...Date:08/02/20
Size:753.99 KB
Author:King S P O O N

No one at Gloombase exactly *wanted* to be stationed there, nor could they have predicted what was about to befall them. A distress signal was sent, but received all too late. Now you're going in to clean up the mess... "Gloombase" is a love letter...Date:04/06/22
Size:21.02 MB

Green Nightmare 1
St. Patrick's Day is 2 days away (as of me writing this file), and I present to you a map with green titled "Green Nightmare 1". I didn't know what else to call it because I might make a level for next year's St. Patrick's Day that would also have a ...Date:03/15/21
Size:1015.15 KB
Author:Timothy Brown (MArt1And00m3r11339)

go to hell
1 level WAD....Date:07/16/98
Size:310.79 KB
Author:Michael Krause

go to hell version 2
1 level WAD. In this version I have stripped down a lot of areas. So the gameplay will be a lot of faster....Date:07/14/98
Size:328.53 KB
Author:Michael Krause

A very good level for Doom2, exsellent for Speadrunners. And oh, superb detail that will impress....Date:08/01/06
Size:111.77 KB

Golachab is a challenging single-player Doom 2 level (with difficulty levels supported for those who want a casual playthrough), intended for Boom compatible ports (tested in PrBoom+ complevel 9). The main inspiration was the fight up the hillside af...Date:10/10/13
Size:217.3 KB

GoldenEyeDoom2 TC (for Doom2 source Ports)
(brief) GoldenEye Doom2 TC...Date:02/25/01
Size:4.38 MB
Author:GoldenEye Team

Forgotten Nirvana
Another speed map i've posted ages ago on doomworld, but never send it on idgames, so i do it now. Theme now is a fortress surrounded by blood and dead bodies.......Date:11/18/11
Size:43.73 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Good vibrations
This map is mean and unpredictable, full of colors and cartoonish design. In short: It's just Doom....Date:07/17/18
Size:138.8 KB
Author:Chris Hansen

Get Out of My Orbs
You start off in a rooom filled with cyberdemons. You better be quick to the invulnerability orbs or they will blast you. It is inspired by "Short Death," level 2 from CrazyDoomGuy's WAD, Very Hard. Music is the same as level 11 from Dying Camel's De...Date:12/09/18
Size:562.53 KB

Contains 3 fast-paced intense maps plus one stopper, skills thoroughly implemented, for all the good info scroll down below...Date:11/27/21
Size:450.52 KB

Get Out Of The Dark
In the prison, where we have been closed, there is an earthquake. The hell's domain has begun to penetrate into our world. From the portals began to go out demons who have slaughtered personnel and prisoners. Blood and fire everywhere. Using the conf...Date:03/30/22
Size:19.04 MB
Author:eLeR Creative

2 levels inspired by the year 1995....Date:06/21/14
Size:176.8 KB

A wrong teleporter took you to god knows where. Fight your way trough this gothic castle somewhere in outer space and find your way back...Date:08/24/19
Size:352.86 KB

Grotto of the Scorned
Big hub based map for Doom 2, inspired by Plutonia, Alien Vendetta and Scythe 2. Probably one of my biggest maps yet, took me a while to finish and fix all its bugs and issues :^). Using Software renderer instead of Hardware (especially on Zandronum)...Date:05/09/22
Size:2.77 MB

G R A I L 1
Designed for Single player or Deathmatch. A Medieval/Gothic style level which might be included in a future Megawad/TC. Features include deep water and real 3D floors etc....Date:07/27/01
Size:627.17 KB

A small, compact, and (hopefully) fun level for Doom 2. The level is not actually in black and white or anything, despite its name....Date:07/23/10
Size:30.84 KB
Author:Brandon Gray

A Spaceship with non linear gameplay, get any key you want at any time. Can be a bit of a challenge, but who knows....Date:04/04/07
Size:344.02 KB
Author:Michael "Bloodskull" Cole

Two levels for any limit removing port. PrBoom-Plus with gamma 1 or GZDoom are recommended....Date:10/17/08
Size:1.28 MB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall):

Another little wad, it's map01 for -complevel 2....Date:06/21/14
Size:702.79 KB

2 short maps, check out the cool music on map01....Date:06/21/14
Size:3.36 MB

Green Tea Brick Factory
There is green tea in a factory made of bricks. After several years of not doing any levels, I make a level!...Date:10/02/09
Size:134.22 KB

A Grenade Down the Middle
Size:42.23 KB

Grid 32
MegaWad is consisting of 6 levels, which were built in "grid 32". This map editor grid was used while making all of these levels. All vertexes lay on knots of a grid 32, and this rule does not extend on things.There is no general style, each map expr...Date:07/25/08
Size:1.23 MB
Author:Guest, Shadowman, Wraith

The Grim Fortress
A Hell-themed level with mostly medium-strength monsters. A sky by psyren and a new midi by me are included....Date:06/11/16
Size:156.67 KB

The assault on Grinava
Demons have invaded a remote UAC outpost, and you have been teleported in to stop them....Date:01/01/07
Size:1.11 MB

Grind II (v1.3.0)
The first in an almost-vanilla set of levels. No port effects are used, but a good port is required to run the wad. Be on the lookout for the simple fake slopes, the fake 3D floors, and the fake mirror. The demos show a walkthrough of the level on ea...Date:11/27/02
Size:143.85 KB
Author:Kara C. Rader

A new, monster-filled version of Grind2.wad with a few extra features that are spice up the level a bit; like the camera....Date:12/05/02
Size:141.79 KB
Author:Kara C. Rader

This is my first map added in idgames database. Main layout was made in one day and after that I polished everything and fixed main issues. I tried express my depressive feeling through grey, brown and white textures. Music choice was accident, whi...Date:08/13/17
Size:636.98 KB

Secretdoom: The Green Machine
A hell gate rose within the Congo Sector's main stronghold and its spawn completely destroyed all of the marines within the area. The main stronghold was built to house "The Green Machine" which was deactivated shortly before the invasion. Your missi...Date:11/22/14
Size:20.98 MB

GROVE- THE STORY CONTINUES (...from where?)- In your garden, you can sometimes see an angry looking fat dude steal your mushrooms. He's Smugla. Whenever he takes them, he leaps into a deep hole in the floor like a rabbit. You've never catched him. On...Date:02/26/04
Size:574.53 KB

Size:597.58 KB

Gunsmith Cats: Russian Roulette v1.4
Some ex-cons have a grudge against you and Becky. They've taken her hostage and demanding that you pay her ransom or they'll kill her. Luckily, Becky was able to secretly tell you her location on the ransom tape. As Rally Vincent, grab the keys to th...Date:04/05/06
Size:4.14 MB
Author:Mouse, a.k.a. LilWhiteMouse, a.k.a. LWM

Gloomy Sewers 1024
My second submission to the 1024 contest, now uploaded to /idgames.....Date:10/11/06
Size:33.61 KB

Aegis Computer Station
"...Something strange occurs on that base. You need to find out, what. Be careful, marine, it can be dangerous." Tiny tech base full of monsters to kill. It's my first map....Date:01/24/15
Size:118.19 KB

Andra Labs
Small 3-minute level I made for training....Date:12/27/15
Size:87.78 KB

Plate - 2 micro levels
I tried to make a few medium-sized maps but I was quickly tired of it and upload what it has turned. This is 2 very small maps. I am sure that you will not like this wad, but I forced to upload it, because I don't want to work with it anymore....Date:03/21/15
Size:760.58 KB

Thria Complex
Size:973.98 KB

Ore Treatment Facility
Another small map I made to train myself in scripting....Date:12/27/15
Size:519.9 KB

Verification Station
ZDOOM level with new textures. Enjoy!...Date:12/27/15
Size:856.96 KB

Generic Techbase
My first upload, and my first map that I felt is worth sharing. A blue-and-silverish kind of techbase. Criticism and comments would be appreciated!...Date:08/22/09
Size:121.07 KB

Baby's first published wad, 3 run-of-the-mill standard Doom maps. Looking for feedback....Date:01/03/20
Size:672.99 KB

Guardian Angel
This episode takes place in a spaceship. The levels are quite basic, except I did some experimenting with 3D floors in some of them. There's a mixture of "atmospheric" and more action-packed maps....Date:12/15/19
Size:6.18 MB

Get Well Soon
My first Doom map of any real size, started out of an offhand pic in a Twitter thread, grew into a decent sized level. It MIGHT have good deathmatch flow, but I haven't tested it for that....Date:11/23/17
Size:3.25 MB
Author:Arjuna Gonzales

A gy@nt doom 2 level with lots of baddies. And plemty of theme to keep you eyes pleased. Also pretty challenge with every enemy you must face....Date:10/10/10
Size:233.98 KB

Dark Fortress and the House That Sits in the Center
This edition combined the two wads together with added new sky and music. GZDoom features like 3D floor, mirrors, and swimmable water. A simple fortress wad and a simple house wad. MAP01 and MAP02...Date:05/23/18
Size:274.63 KB
Author:Guy M. Babin

End of Eon
A map made for the vinesauce 2016 mapping contest. I had just released Tapperoo and was looking forward to a break when doomworld posted about one of my favorite youtubers/streamers hosting a mapping contest. Might as well insert the text screen from...Date:09/09/16
Size:353.46 KB

Doom Guy's House
Converted main2d2.wad to use GZDoom features like 3D floor, mirror, and fog. A simple house wad. MAP01 -- "Move IT" OGG music in gzmain41.wad produced by the author himself...Date:01/05/17
Size:4.31 MB
Author:Guy M. Babin

GZPoop: Knee Deep in Dark Matter
My first map. It's urban/sewer/scifi-themed. Warning: almost all captions are in Russian....Date:02/22/21
Size:205.01 KB
Author:Ax 34noff

Greasy Z-Sloth
My 1st level to break in the zdoom engine. Tried to use the same theme as the circle of death, although it came out as a rectangle, and uses an industrial\ hell boarderline theme. Put in some In-Game cutscenes to help this pointless story out . Just ...Date:07/09/03
Size:450.63 KB
Author:Derrick A. Allen

The Hells Grammar School Project
*Story* You tried completing Doom II, but you failed miserably, so the marine corps sent you to a mysterious place called: The Hells Grammar School. It is a place where doomers become legends. Complete this game and you are officially a true doomer. ...Date:08/29/08
Size:8.77 MB
Author:Joshy "ghost" Sealy

Generator of Evil
One level for any boom compatible and limit removing ports. PrBoom-Plus or GZDoom are recommended. To play this PWAD file, unzip it into the directory with your PWADs then start: glboom-plus.exe -file "G.o.Evil.wad" -complevel 9 (g)zdoom.exe -file "G...Date:04/29/07
Size:644.7 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

DOOM Legacy Water & 3-D Floor together
While testing out DOOM Legacy's 3-D water and 3-D floors I thought, "Can you have BOTH?! Nah..." but tried it anyway. The result: a room, with a real basement filled with water! You can swim around in it of course, and go to the room with the BFG whi...Date:05/12/01
Size:5.01 KB

Hell 77 N°01
A short Doom2 hellish map!...Date:08/04/14
Size:222.6 KB
Author:Gillibert Raymond ak (Ramon_Demestre)

Hell 77 N°02
The second level of my Hellish series! This time I did not stick to stock textures....Date:02/23/18
Size:739.13 KB
Author:Gillibert Raymond ak (Ramon_Demestre)

I Hate Slaughter
13 Action-heavy maps featuring wonderful slaughter goodness weaponizing the pure grooviness of OTEX by the graphical master Ukiro....Date:04/16/23
Size:12.61 MB
Author:Andrea Rovenski

Hell Awakened 2 Episode 1
8 Levels + 1 secret level, Difficult gameplay, good visuals and a dark atmosphere....Date:07/13/14
Size:26.45 MB
Author:Death Dealer, insanoflex312

The Hall
2nd map made by me......Date:09/09/13
Size:33.05 KB
Author:Ruben F Duarte AKA Benny

A Simple but sick wad with one map which has kickass level design and cool gameplay! This wad is in style of Hallways as the name implies Feel free to play this Wad when your bored...Date:10/24/21
Size:6.82 KB
Author:Rakan Haddad

The Halls Below DEMO
Size:678.67 KB
Author:Kuma /Kingkuma

The Hangar
It's a map with extensive use of 3D Floors, with gameplay in mind. You should to run it with GZDoom, because sloped 3D floors can't be seen in software mode. They can be walked, but they are invisible. It's harder tan my standard design, so I thi...Date:10/12/18
Size:93.17 KB
Author:Carlos Lastra

Hangar 27
An small but decent detailed tech map, some ideas in design ripped from E1M1. Thrown a bit hell into it also to give this map an weird feeling when playing. Overall its an shiteasy map to play, playing time should be somewhere arround 5 minutes. Just...Date:10/30/05
Size:358.66 KB
Author:Dutch Devil

Hangar 2001 - Ultimate E1M1 Remix
It's been done before. Many times. I think this time it'll be different. What am I talking about? Merely a remix of the one of the most popular FPS levels ever, Doom's E1M1. I didn't try and do anything new in the map in-so-much as to reinterpet it...Date:04/02/01
Size:2.76 MB
Author:J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)

Hangover in hell-infested city
It's a cloudy sunday afternoon. You wake up with a huge hangover. You go to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. But something is not right... Apparently during your drunken sleep your hometown changed significantly... Seems like something along the...Date:09/07/22
Size:15.68 MB
Author:Jacek Nowak

Moon Base Hanoi
A small level I made to play with ZDoom effects. I like how the level turned out....Date:02/04/03
Size:10.69 KB
Author:Kara C. Rader

7 pieces of challenge/slaughter. Colorful and has a lot of sector detail. Play on skill 1, everything else = suicide. You win when you escape, UV-Max is impossible! ...and generally, dont expect fair-play, this is made to rape you, so prepare for bei...Date:04/28/18
Size:4.58 MB
Author:Macin (previously Ninja Liquidator)

Supply Station.
A large warehouse and supply station on a distant planet. This used to be owned by the Strogg....Date:12/05/22
Size:12.32 MB
Author:John Cartwright

Vanilla format (Complevel 2, limit removing) version of my Refracted Reality map...Date:03/05/22
Size:1.63 MB

So this is my first map, it's called HAZCHEM, and there's really nothing special about it. It being my first map and all, it's gonna be really REALLY shit and sloppy, and I didn't want to overshoot and make big ambitious maps, so all this is is just ...Date:06/29/16
Size:27.15 KB

Honey Bun Carnage
You are going through 12 honey buns of different species of enemies. I've had Debbie's honey buns recently so I decided to make a map based on them. Tan and white are the primary colors of this map (tan is the bread portion, white is the icing). Play...Date:01/28/21
Size:952.74 KB
Author:Timothy Brown (MArt1And00m3r11339)

Happy Birthday Mr. Chris
Happy birthday Mr Chris...Date:05/02/10
Size:29.27 KB
Author:Jon 40oz Vail

Hell Bent: Episode 1
9 map ZDoom episode for Doom 2....Date:08/29/10
Size:902.32 KB
Author:Chris Bourke

Happy Birthday Esselfortium
A few days overdue but here you go, man. Love ya :)...Date:08/01/10
Size:54.77 KB

Happy Birthday Pavera
Fun Fact: October 17th is not his birthday. Sorry this is like a hundred weeks overdue....Date:10/17/11
Size:115.26 KB

Happy Birthday Revenant`
To my boy revenant, happy birthday broseph!...Date:08/24/10
Size:70.63 KB

Happy Birthday Snakes
To my homeboy Snakes, one of the few doomers I have some musical compatibility with. Happy birthday brah...Date:09/01/10
Size:49.13 KB

Hell Cartel 2
Hell Cartel 2 is a community sequel to Hell Cartel 1. The Story goes after dooguy may've or might've not spared one of the hellcrack boss's showmans. And now doomguy is looking for more clues of the big boss's wearabouts. Doomguy will have to stride ...Date:01/24/23
Size:5.76 MB
Author:Johnny Cruelty (leader), Clippy, Codename Delta, Icarus Of Daggers, R0rque, Killeratte, not shion, R

Hellcore 2.0
12 levels from scratch or revamped from previous release...Date:10/27/06
Size:10.99 MB
Author:Devon "Darkfyre" West & Robert "Fusion" Babor

Hells Clash demo1
I have absolutely no inspiration to continue this, so I decided to release this to idgames instead of letting it collect virtual dust. This wad goes from map01-map03. Everything after that is either unfinished or crap maps....Date:12/29/12
Size:525.85 KB

Helmet-Deep In The Cybruisers
Hell has opened a wormhole to an unknown dimension, dubbed the In-Between Realm by UAC scientists, and they decided to try to set up outposts to study it, all went well until they found out some problems with their plans, such as the consumption of t...Date:10/02/22
Size:1014.66 KB

#DooM Speedmapping Session 1
12 maps made during the first session, some by first-time mappers. There were two theme options: "Cyberdemon" and "Water & Lava"....Date:09/22/14
Size:228.94 KB
Author:Kraflab Altazimuth Christopher Dewey (Kingdime) dingdang 4schockblast DrJordo Connor "eLim" O'Leary

#DooM Speedmapping Session 2
9 maps made during the first session, some by first-time mappers. There were two theme options: "Fireblu" and "Tower Ruins"....Date:11/01/14
Size:280.31 KB

Head Survival
A multiplayer co-op map in which up to four players fight against a horde of heads (the author's head and that of my roommate's.) Gameplay is round based, with life and ammo recovering between rounds. There are 2 alternate modes of play and 4 player ...Date:06/14/05
Size:1003.81 KB
Author:James Lord ( Zippy )

A Head on a Stick
Just one level, focused on fun and hard combat encounters....Date:02/13/21
Size:3.72 MB

Heart (v1.17.3b)
Heart is the third level in the Grind series, following Grind2 and Dream. This level took a lot of time to complete, especially some of the detailing. It took forever to get the ammo/health balance right but I've beaten it a few times now and my test...Date:10/23/03
Size:340.73 KB
Author:Kara "Nanami" Rader

Heartland is a 7 map episode set in the nation's decaying industrial heartland, developed exclusively for the Eternity Engine (4.02.00 or later). There are three main guiding principles in Heartland's design. 1. Heartland was created to be a tech...Date:03/25/21
Size:45.27 MB
Author:Paul "skillsaw" DeBruyne

An unofficial concept version of the Hectebus, soon to be in Skulltag...Date:08/27/04
Size:686.94 KB

A really short but very intense single player map....Date:05/14/05
Size:502.56 KB
Author:Rodrigo Acevedo

HeDRoX 2
The sequel to Hedrox, this time bigger and more challenging....Date:02/22/13
Size:3.34 MB
Author:Rodrigo Acevedo (ElRodo)

Hell's Arena
Ever wanted to hurt yourself, but not physically? Well, put that sledgehammer down and try this! You'll hate me by the end of it. I Promise....Date:08/13/10
Size:8.1 KB

Hell's Condos
It's Hell's Condos!...Date:06/27/99
Size:137.32 KB
Author:Peter Todd

The Hell Cave
A very large multi-themed cavern. The map focuses on tough, action packed fights rather than insane amounts of detail and eye candy. I decided to use nothing but vanilla doom 2 resources to keep it old school, but the massive size of the map may keep...Date:09/18/10
Size:408.05 KB

Hellfire Abyss
A hellish wasteland which take's you through canyons, caves and an ancient temple. Long, detailed and heavily based on Gzdoom features....Date:12/08/09
Size:10 MB
Author:Henri Lehto

The Grand Arising 1.1
A multi-themed single player map. The most complex map I built. (666 sectors)...Date:11/25/15
Size:215.07 KB
Author:Alias Zeratul 982 / Lutarez

Generic Hell Themed Doom Levels
Wanted to learn DOOM mapping so I made these three maps to teach myself. Their order in the wad is the order they were made so the quality may be a bit uneven. Pistol-starts are recommended but there was some effort to preserve the difficulty if you ...Date:05/15/21
Size:19.73 MB

This is where you go when you DIE! (In Doom 2 of course.) Fight until you die, There is no OUT! (Unless you ESC and close the game, then is when you can leave.) Weapons, Ammo, armor, and health spawn throughout the Map on Timers. Soulsphere, blue a...Date:09/05/22
Size:386.74 KB
Author:James Cuffari

Hell Adventure Funtime
Single medium-sized map created in 2018 for Vargskelethor Joel's Doom mapping competition. It's pretty amateurish but the balance and visuals have been improved since he streamed it, plus the Vinesauce memes have been removed. The premise of the map ...Date:02/09/19
Size:595.81 KB

Hell's Arena
A large outdoor room that over time, gets filled with various monsters. This is not just another arena level with one big gray room and a million medi-kits. There is attention to detail (especially in the first couple of rooms). The ammo is mostly in...Date:08/07/01
Size:19.23 KB
Author:Simon "Volte-Face" Broadhead

Hell Awaits
Started off in around 2004-2005, should've been finished off by then. Instead it took about 4 years, on and off (mostly off, obviously). This was my first attempt at a Doom map using Doom Builder. Inappropriate title, really, cause its pretty damn ea...Date:11/30/08
Size:134.36 KB
Author:Dave Billing

Hell Base
The UAC has been attacked and you have been brought to the demon's hell base. You must kill all of the demons and kill the Cyberdemon that masterminded the plan. (This is my first wad)...Date:12/15/15
Size:10.76 KB

Dead Outpost
Size:797.84 KB
Author:StupidBunny (

At Hell's Gate
//****************// Searching for new lands and secrets to claim for themselves, the UAC has toyed with the barrier between realities. Using their best minds, they set up a lab at what they thought were the ruins of a forgotten civilization ...Date:06/06/16
Size:318.24 KB
Author:Carlos Lastra

One of my first wads. Uses ZDOOM. The last base on Mars, is not excepted from the demons. Somewhere there is a creature that guarded by three above demons. Tuda sent the best fighter, he can destroy the hell!...Date:07/05/09
Size:77.44 KB

I did this as an hoby, which it took too many time than it is supposed to. From time to time, I stopped designing, got bored from it, but and then again I wanted to continue. I was planning to make many more levels but since the new DOOM is coming, I...Date:03/02/16
Size:27.95 MB
Author:Erdem KIRMIZI

Day in Hell
Some bartender got into hell and for some reason he didn't mutate into a zombie....Date:01/06/05
Size:1.8 MB

Hellcinerator is a large singleplayer / multiplayer map that is a teaser for the upcoming MBF21 megawad Corruption by NinjaDelphox and friends. I have contributed a bit to this megawad when it comes to the DehackEd and the Palette/Colourmap, and this...Date:09/04/22
Size:6.45 MB

Hell on Egypt
Hires Egypt map....Date:04/09/05
Size:11.46 MB

The Hell Factory Hub One
This is my first ZDoom project and this hub haves 4 levels. It haves many ACS scripts too....Date:05/17/00
Size:926.06 KB
Author:Tomi Rajala

The Fall of Hell
Hell is nearly dead, and is down to its last soldiers. Finish them off and destroy hell, hopefully forever....Date:02/10/15
Size:1.49 MB

Hellfire III
The wad contains 9 maps. The story tells how the monsters occupied Doomer's native school. Your task is to get into the school and eliminate the demons until they have finally managed to bully the brains of the younger generation. But what the hell a...Date:03/11/19
Size:4.3 MB

Made in Doom2-format and includes 15 new levels in two styles - City and Hell....Date:05/10/07
Size:4.23 MB

Hell's Gate
It's the Hell's Gate from Quake3/Live.. with Doom textures, etc. It's not an exact replica, jump pads and slopes replaced with stairs. Item placement is something similar to the Quake Live version....Date:12/03/11
Size:123.11 KB

The Hell Keep
A large singleplayer focused map. Originally started as my interpretation of Doom 1's E3M8 but eventually became it's own map for Doom2. I've worked on this map on and off since early 2020 and just recently decided to properly finish it up and upload...Date:04/09/22
Size:458.47 KB

Hell Keep Redux
What we have here is our hero clambering down from the Deimos base into hell having dropped all his heavy equipment aside from the pistol, and in front of him is Hell Keep, and beyond it is the slough of despair. It's 25-30 minutes of frantic battle ...Date:05/01/21
Size:389.54 KB

Hellish Lab of Barons
A couple of levels done a long time ago (end of 2009-2010) MAP01 was used in First-Try Demo Contest #8 at 01.06.2012 (beat an unknown map which will be posted at specified time for all participants as fast as possible, sending demo file as a proof). ...Date:11/13/15
Size:1.71 MB
Author:cybermind (aka Mistranger)

Large city based library level with something sinister twisting the architecture....Date:05/30/11
Size:176.23 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Hell for the Doom Hero
A map I made in response to a hell-themed doom megawad project....Date:08/01/10
Size:21.87 KB

Hell On Mars
You might have to try to launch it a few times to get it to work, for some reason there is a error...Date:09/26/10
Size:11.57 MB
Author:Sean Wheeler AKA Flesh420

Hell Wad pack. For Doom 2 hell on earth.
Hell Wad pack. For Doom 2 hell on earth....Date:12/12/05
Size:785.17 KB
Author:John Cartwright

Hell's Abattoir
First Level ever, meant to be a dark, gothic level set up as an abattoir (or slaughterhouse for those who don't...Date:07/16/08
Size:350.01 KB
Author:Sean "shotgunmasascre2" McCarthy

Temple of the Seventh Circle
This is my first attempt at creating large a doom map. This map takes place in a green hell scape. In order to beat the map you must defeat the hordes of hell and reach the top of the pyramid....Date:12/18/20
Size:1.65 MB
Author:Bloodbath Giraffe

A simple battle arena of increasing difficulty....Date:12/08/18
Size:35.91 KB

Hell Temple 8
A long level with multiple paths and many discreet, difficult encounters. This level was made to be played with the Brutal Doom mod....Date:09/23/14
Size:953.83 KB
Author:Christopher Rutherford

Hellish Trails
This WAD contains a single level designed for hard difficulty -including traps, secrets and 730 monsters with which you must use your best combat tactics to survive!...Date:12/14/21
Size:9.43 MB

You wake up in a small room with no recollection of how you got there. You see a dead demon on the floor and notice that your knuckles are bloody. Figuring you must have fought the demon and then collapsed from exhaustion, you take stock of your surr...Date:08/02/11
Size:296.02 KB
Author:Hellbent (aka Grotug)

Hell Cartel
Sink your feet into the newest 7 episode wad... HELL CARTEL! Hell Spawn have brought something worse than damnation and demons... Hell Crack! yes you heard me right! Demonic Hell Crack, that can turn the purest of men into walking zombies full of hat...Date:08/20/22
Size:2.17 MB
Author:Johnny Cruelty

Hell Keep
Dark brick/wood/metal place using some slopes and scripting for zdoom....Date:06/08/04
Size:282.97 KB

Helm's Deep
This is a map I made after playing a Helm's Deep map for Counter-Strike. As far as looks go, I based on pretty much entirely on the CS map (which was pretty accurate as far as I know). In terms of gameplay, don't expect the marines to kill everything...Date:02/25/03
Size:112.41 KB

Helm's Deep Music
This is the music wad for helmsdeep.wad which should be in the same directory as this file. They're in their own files so poor saps on 56k don't have to download quite as large a file. It's a low quality ogg of Requiem for the Ring in a wad....Date:02/25/03
Size:2.21 MB

This level is somewhat advanced in terms of navigating around in it. However, the path is rather linear and will relatively fast lead you around the map its size considdered. There is a lot of switches to be found, however only in a couple of places ...Date:05/22/03
Size:568.04 KB
Author:Chris 'c-cooper' Hansen

Hellish Rogues
Your squad was sent to investigate a rogue research base on the outer edge of the galaxy, thought to be conducting illegal experiments involving teleportation & unknown alien life. Shortly after landing, your squad is ambushed by an unknown force i...Date:04/24/21
Size:3.88 MB

Hell's End
Hell has decided that youve just bit the last straw and has sent you to an arena....Date:09/14/13
Size:7.42 KB

Hell's End V2
Hell has decided that youve just bit the last straw again. another arena...Date:12/19/13
Size:10.06 KB

A level set in a facility dedicated to the research and development of genetically manipulated plants. It's slowly being consumed by a rogue experimental plant....Date:02/26/13
Size:118.5 KB

Hershey's Chocolate Bar
Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, I present to you fellow trash kickers a map that is based on a chocolate bar. It is titled "Hershey's Chocolate Bar". You are inside there taking out your opponents. Good luck surviving this monstrosity. Us...Date:02/13/21
Size:973.32 KB
Author:Timothy Brown (MArt1And00m3r11339)

Herschel Spaceport
One short, somewhat difficult MBF21 map using custom enemies, weapons, textures, sounds, and music, all trying to resemble the look and feel of vanilla Doom. Expect difficult ambushes combined with powered up weapons. The fist and chainsaw do extra d...Date:05/29/22
Size:737.05 KB

Single level made for an ill fated and not widely released community project....Date:11/03/17
Size:3.08 MB
Author:Hebridean Isle

A Hex on You
3-level set with a medieval theme, using Hexen2 textures, new sprites, and a beautiful new sky. The architecture is quite detailed, and the texture alignment is near perfect (can you say "huge pain in the ass and a major buttload of work"?) Map_01 ...Date:02/06/00
Size:910.37 KB
Author:Gurkha Boy

Hell-Forged is a reboot of Demon Eclipse's Episode 2. It no longer directly relates to the story in Doom 1, as the original project did. Instead it takes place on a different medieval human world where Hell has begun its invasion. It is, however, a s...Date:10/06/19
Size:24.71 MB
Author:Eric Ou (Amuscaria)

Hellfire 2
This megawad represents the collection of the maps, created at various times, and united by one common theme - the ideas put in my first wad, Hellfire. Map 01 represents remake of map 01 from Hellfire, however the gameplay was essentially remade: the...Date:12/27/09
Size:3.27 MB

Hellfire: Dreams
This wad tells the story of Doomguy's dreams, in which he finds himself in different situations. Past and present, reality and virtuality - all has mixed up in a dream, and only a hellfire is still haunting Doomguy, and forces him to pass through all...Date:09/01/13
Size:5.73 MB

Human's First Doom Map
A pit leading to hell (probably) has been taken over by demons. Are you a bad enough dude to enter the pit?...Date:05/17/23
Size:2.46 MB
Author:Simon Novak

Hellfire: Reborn
This wad represents the reconsideration of Hellfire's ideas, so basically it is a new realization of an old story. Though the original Hellfire's main idea has remained as it was, all levels have been made from scratch, and some of them have undergon...Date:12/03/11
Size:4.76 MB

Hell Frontier: Episode 2
Hell Frontier is a mapping project that I set out to make when I started mapping and was developing continuously since. This is a second episode release. The idea behind it was "Reverse Shores of Hell" where techbase is intruding on hell, but final r...Date:12/05/22
Size:1.26 MB

Hell Ground
One level for 'advanced' Boom compatible ports. You need to have a BOOM compatible OpenGL port with support of hi-res textures in wads, tall patches and music in the OGG format. Currently there are only two ports which can handle this wad c...Date:11/15/09
Size:47.45 MB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

Hanging Gardens
An unreleased GZDoom map I made about a year ago. It's set in a lush, walled garden in the middle of a desert. It was supposed to be part of an episode but I don't plan to work on it any more. I would describe the gameplay as arena/slaughter. Thi...Date:08/11/11
Size:2.32 MB
Author:Paul DeBruyne (skillsaw)

This is a large city map. It is based on the TV show Dexter. It is action packed and a lot of fun to play...Date:05/01/18
Size:788.72 KB
Author:Hans George Campbell

This is the final version of my famous Night Wedding wad. It has been revised to take advantage of GZDoom's lighting effects....Date:10/05/19
Size:3.52 MB
Author:Hans George Campbell

Hospital of Horrors
It was another demonic outbreak. Many cities had fallen. Forces of hell had wiped out 50% of population of the USA. There is a hospital located on the Grimes Street. When the invasion started, many scientists began studying the corpses of demons in o...Date:03/21/15
Size:96.48 KB

Hidden Temple
My first complete singleplayer map. Thematically, Hidden Temple should make you feel like you're exploring in a lost world. It's a quick one, though....Date:02/26/13
Size:178.64 KB

Hidden Base
This is my first attempt at making a serviceable level. I borrow heavily from one level in particular from Doom 1. However, this is much shorter. The goal of this level was to be short and decent. Would love some feedback....Date:02/07/18
Size:48.82 KB

High tension
A huge map for doom 2 which takes placed in a city. I think It's the nicest map i've done until now. If you enjoyed with Colossus, you'll love this one, but i have to advice you that it's REALLY HARD, so be carefull and don't play without freelook, o...Date:07/05/11
Size:943.77 KB

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty has created a nazi fortress and is harvesting nuke extract to produce a bomb to destroy the world....Date:02/02/14
Size:90.36 KB
Author:Canofbacon & Calmperson

Projekt Himmelfahrt
A new level, to be used with my and
Size:80.73 KB
Author:Kaiser Martens

After Deepsea I started to use Doom Builder and size of the levels now could do more....Date:07/05/09
Size:89.59 KB

Escape From Castle Hitler
This was one of the first wads i've released so far since most of them are unfinished....Date:02/29/16
Size:9.39 MB
Author:Aidan Geisler (Luigi2600)

Hell Knight's Potion
Hell Knight's Potion is a potion-shaped map filled with hell knights. Good luck surviving the map. Demo can be found at:
Size:1.02 MB

Hell Legacy
Just two levels which I created plus some other stuff like decorate, new textures etc... Maybe there is nothing amazing, because I am novice at level making, but I really tried my best....Date:05/29/09
Size:2.59 MB

Her Love Just Washed Away
Love is so confusing....Date:01/14/23
Size:135.25 KB

Help: where speedmapping intents go to die.
3 medium sized levels from 2014. Born as speedmaps, but ended up spending way too much time on them. Can be pretty challenging....Date:09/09/17
Size:623.71 KB

Secretdoom: Hell's Memento
You were stationed at the Alpha-E082 Ammunition Storage when a Hell Gate rose in a nearby sector causing an extreme warp to the landscape in the area. Your job is to find out how the hell to get home, and if you even can. HELL'S MEMENTO is a 12-Ma...Date:02/13/16
Size:20.32 MB

Secretdoom: Hell's Memento 2
After sacrificing your soul to the depths of Hell, you wake up in a pool of blood and walk into a gateway. You find yourself in the depths of hell once again, and you have to find your way out....Date:03/30/17
Size:25.19 MB

How Not To Be Seen!
That's right, your favorite comedy sketch by Monty Python has been converted to Doom format! It's a movie, so just sit back and watch. Don't relax, because it's only 1:59 long....Date:01/13/06
Size:24.39 KB

Hall of Blood
Welcome to the bloody castle. Throughout the level, you will walk through the halls of blood. Credit goes to Chris Balch for the Slaughterfest 2012 thread that included the textures that I used, which include sf2012-tex, cc4-tex, GOTHICTX, q1tex, and...Date:06/06/17
Size:997.28 KB

Hell on Cheese
A remake of one of the first maps I made, and the name was called 'helloncheese' when I came across not that long ago on an old cd. Don't really ask why I called it that, I was probobly on something :P. So this is remake (map01) and the orginal (map0...Date:01/26/05
Size:185.39 KB

After the Holocaust
A semi-realistic post-apocalyptic non-linear remake of the Doom 2 level Downtown. Explore the ruined city and fight to survive....Date:11/04/12
Size:6.9 MB

Holy Hell 1.1
(The original map is on Map 5. The map is split to maps 1-4 to allow more computers to run it.) This is version 1.1 of Holy Hell. Gameplay has been improved. A map that takes gameplay to an unprecedented level. The map is now easier and is a walk...Date:03/18/06
Size:2.59 MB

HOM City
An insane city full of HOMs was caught by monsters. Kill them and reach the exit, if you can!!!! I don't have to say this is a jokewad, do I? Yes, it's really my first jokewad. Don't you believe me? I repeat: THIS IS MY FIRST JOKEWAD!!!1 Are you deaf...Date:06/20/08
Size:4.94 KB
Author:Pinky's ass

Home Invasion
Your town is mostly evacuated. Those crazy enough to stay have perished, except you… so far. The last local news broadcasts warned of packs of wild animals, or perhaps some other creatures, swiftly descending on the city. The invading hordes have fin...Date:06/09/15
Size:82.48 KB
Author:Inner Demon Entertainment

From Home To Hell
This is a map pack for Doom 2, which contains 7 levels. These maps follow these rules: *No super shotgun *No backpack *An Ultimate Doom Style //*****MISSION***// A big, unstoppable demon summoned a horde of his minions to conquer your planet. H...Date:08/31/16
Size:931.86 KB
Author:Carlos Lastra

This is a map I made with all vertices lying on the 64 grid. I was originally making it for the Russian "Grid 64 Contest" but I couldn't finish it in time. STORY: Our hero was angry because Horalky were renamed to Goralki (wtf the old name was better...Date:11/25/12
Size:195.43 KB

Hell Origins
The Germans have been practicing experiments and have found an alternative energy source that is infinite! No more need for oil, gas and electricity. This however has led to a rift between Hell and Earth, where the energy appears to come from, and Ea...Date:05/29/17
Size:8.92 MB
Author:Mike Davenport (TreeSquid)

Harmful Hospital
Attention all patients. Our hospital had been just overrun by forces of hell. Staying here might be bad for your health. We apologize for unconvenience....Date:07/07/05
Size:39.3 KB
Author:Jacek 'Illdo' Dobrzyniecki

The first wad I'm making just for fun. has levels that connect together and try to demonstrate world building in doom. It is not a finished wad, but I want to show off the progress I have made....Date:04/16/23
Size:627.07 KB

Hotel of the Dead
Initially the first version was created in 3 days for the community project "666crets", organized by RED77. Later, after another extra day of revisions, the current version was ready for separate distribution as a standalone .wad file, not tied to th...Date:02/01/23
Size:2.61 MB

HOTFIX93 is a short and linear Boom-Compatable singleplayer map (bookended with even shorter, non-combat maps) set inside of Doomguy's PC! Have you ever wondered what the inside of a computer looks like? Nobody truly knows. However, Doomguy is goin...Date:04/27/23
Size:5.39 MB

A very complex map with a bunch of tricks and traps. Be very careful in this one!...Date:02/04/09
Size:2.15 MB
Author:Isaac Rodriguez

Happy Feet TC
Doom II total conversion of the animated film Happy Feet....Date:05/17/07
Size:63 KB

Hell Revealed 1943
It's 1939 and you're a Polish infantryman....Date:08/13/11
Size:2.42 MB
Author:Goseph Joebbels

Hell Returns for Last Time
This mapset has good story and good graphics.It has his own music and i designed the maps.The story:In the year of 4599 the Earth is almost deserted with population of off-duty and resting marines.One of 'em is John Keller.This is his story.....Date:08/26/16
Size:1.24 MB

Horse's Cradle
Single-map WAD. It will show no mercy. I don't recommend playing without freelook. This WAD uses graphics from Deus Doom....Date:07/30/22
Size:44.83 MB
Author:Sophie Kirschner

Hellish Adventure
A wad with 10 various levels and 4 sections....Date:09/02/13
Size:504.41 KB

Hellspawn (Fragments of an unfinished DooM-addon)
Stupid scientists found another way to give another breed of hell access to our world. Some of those beasts are well-known, but there is a big mass of never before seen beasts that you have to send back to their source. Please read the *Hellspawn man...Date:04/02/06
Size:25.21 MB
Author:Mouse, a.k.a. LilWhiteMouse, a.k.a. LWM

Huge Slime Reservoir
This is my first map! Criticism strongly desired....Date:07/26/10
Size:96.22 KB

Hi-Tech Hell 2 - Alien Tech
What caused the hellspawn havoc in a remote science base? Could it have been a strange shipment sent from UAC teleport research center, a place called as 'Alien Tech'? It's time to find it out. hth2 is a sequel for an (yet) unreleased ZDoom wad. Fe...Date:06/08/05
Size:3.02 MB
Author:Simo Malinen

Hell's Twisted Influence: The new Nightmare
My first ZDOOM wad attempt so don't expect anything terribly groundbreaking here....Date:01/10/05
Size:6.84 MB
Author:Andrew "Ninja_of_DooM" Fernie

Hell's Twisted Influence: The new Nightmare
My second ZDOOM wad. Hopefully better than the first. :p If you played the first one you'll know what to expect....Date:03/27/06
Size:14.61 MB
Author:Andrew "Ninja_of_DooM" Fernie

Hotel of Tragedy
As you enter the hotel, the door slams shut behind you... and disappears......Date:01/26/06
Size:128.77 KB
Author:Jacek "Illdo" Dobrzyniecki

Hub of pain.
A large and challenging map with many secrets and a good assortment of enemies....Date:10/15/11
Size:427.59 KB
Author:John Cartwright

One Boom-compatible map made on the 28th of October in the space of 24 hours....Date:12/29/13
Size:403.62 KB

The Egg of Human Endeavors
The Egg of Human Endeavors is a single map made in February 2018 for Vargskelethor's Doom Mapping Contest 2: Hellectric Boogaloo. It's Boom-compatible (complevel 9) and tested thoroughly by me in PrBoom+ and GZDoom (but mostly in PrBoom+). Hurt Me Pl...Date:01/22/19
Size:507.47 KB

The Human Hive.
Another invasion of the hellspawn had some nasty surprises. The demons of Hell brought a flesh-like substance which quickly started corrupting a nearby city. Last week a squad of marines was sent to investigate the area and destroy the source of in...Date:07/06/18
Size:129.21 KB

The Huntdown
My second entry for doomworld, this time i have not used so many effects, but far better gameplay and a little challenge too. Some scripting is used, so ZDoom is required....Date:11/29/03
Size:57.37 KB
Author:Taisto Valdlo (Mephisto00)

Hunters test
An ancient temple holds surprises. requires Edge 1.28a new enemies, some with different kinds of behaviour...Date:10/15/04
Size:167.51 KB

Hurt is my second ever map. It is a rather huge singleplayer map, that might take up to 1 - 2 hours to complete. It was mainly an exercise in building architecture and getting used to GzDoom Builder, thus please don't expect too much in terms of pre-...Date:07/01/19
Size:13.65 MB

The Void of Hell
A dark hell-type level. A new take on hell...Date:02/04/12
Size:8.67 MB
Author:zrrion the insect

In a joint effort between USA, Mexico and Canada the UAC have found a way to turn toxic sludge into water. However demons have invaded and want to put a stop to it, its up to you to stop them. Map has difficulty settings with UV+ support in mind as w...Date:08/23/21
Size:768.79 KB
Author:Rexen Squared aka Rexen²

Doom II map, roughly in E1 visual style. Designed for classic gameplay. Please do NOT jump. Freelook is allowed but not recommended. Exploration is encouraged!...Date:09/05/19
Size:105.03 KB
Author:Jacek Nowak

Started this map in January 2017 as a way to decrease my anxiety from getting a new job. Completed in October 2018 as a way to decrease my frustration and anger after losing said job. Anyway... this is a quite large, mosty open (no switch hunts, mini...Date:12/12/18
Size:1.77 MB
Author:Peter "Shawny" Blacha

The demons, parched from the hot fires of hell, try to take the UAC Hydrosphere facility for its supply of cool water. A series of short tech base/water themed maps. Gameplay mostly consists of a power trip style blast-fest. Levels can be pistol ...Date:05/15/22
Size:6.06 MB
Author:Brian "Bri" Irving

Hybrid Fragments
These are the first three maps of a megawad I work on, on and off, called "Hybrid Awakening." I wanted to release the first three maps to the public to see if I am going in the right direction so far. The story is pretty sparse. Your a creation that ...Date:06/22/08
Size:1.16 MB
Author:Lupinx-ressurected aka. Lupinx-Kassman

Hyperload is a boom compatible map featuring OTEX techbase style. To exit the level you need to collect 3 keys each of which is heavily guarded. The map is designed for UV difficulty but HMP is recommended for the first playthrough. HNTR has somewhat...Date:12/23/20
Size:2.42 MB
Author:El Inferno

A tech-themed map for Doom 2....Date:06/30/15
Size:413.8 KB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

Hyper-Node Alpha
An average-sized tech-style map....Date:01/27/08
Size:669.47 KB

I am Evil 1
I think "I am Evil" sums it up...Date:11/23/01
Size:8.3 KB
Author:Dr. Beefstupid

I am Evil 2
I think "I am Evil" sums it up...Date:11/23/01
Size:55.87 KB
Author:Dr. Beefstupid

I am Evil 3
Armor? What's that?...Date:11/23/01
Size:28.5 KB
Author:Dr. Beefstupid

I am Evil 4
I think "I am Evil" sums it up...Date:11/23/01
Size:11.78 KB
Author:Dr. Beefstupid

I am Evil 5
I think "I am Evil" sums it up...Date:11/23/01
Size:13.68 KB
Author:Dr. Beefstupid

I am Evil 6
I think "I am Evil" sums it up...Date:11/23/01
Size:16.46 KB
Author:Dr. Beefstupid

I am Evil 7
I think "I am Evil" sums it up...Date:11/23/01
Size:14.62 KB
Author:Dr. Beefstupid

I am Evil 8
I think "I am Evil" sums it up...Date:11/23/01
Size:9.93 KB
Author:Dr. Beefstupid

Intelligent Acid Structure Pool
Size:131.04 KB

Inflation Bay
Map in city style, and also map about the inflation reasons ))...Date:11/20/08
Size:546.62 KB

IC1Room (AKA Go!)
A one room map I made for Job's Second One Room Contest. The theme was something along the lines of 'make a unique looking map using a variety of different themes'. I hope I've achieved something like that. I kind of went for a hell/tech hybrid, but ...Date:11/21/03
Size:86.42 KB
Author:Ian Cunnings

IC2004 AKA Cut 'N' Paste
The fourth level in the IC200x series, this wad is comprised of (about) 5 previously unreleased maps of mine (some dating back to 2003), pasted together to form 1 larger level....Date:12/18/04
Size:1.39 MB
Author:Ian Cunnings

The likely final map in the ic200x series. A huge sprawling techbase with textures from a variety of sources....Date:12/27/05
Size:1.48 MB
Author:Ian Cunnings

Short map, you need icarus.wad to play it (unless you enjoy missing textures)....Date:06/21/14
Size:38.27 KB

Icerial 2
Size:835.01 KB
Author:Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal

Days of Xornox The Ice World
This is a wad has 5 chilling levels. They are all pretty moderate. But level 3 the Matahorn is a time consuming level. It took me 42 minutes to pass it. I like it the best though. The other levels are pretty tricky. On level 6 there is an ice guarian...Date:09/26/98
Size:785.1 KB
Author:Frank Laing

The Icon Of Sin (2)
I was working on this on the side, it is obviously an Icon Of Sin level, just for fun, or to test your doom skills. It's really easy on lower difficulty settings and insane on higher ones, but i can beat it, so you can too, if you conserve ammo and...Date:01/16/99
Size:91.71 KB
Author:Ed Cripps

Icon of Sin Patch
A new version of the Icon of Sin. I get bored of face that wall at the end of almost any megawad. Now, while it's still a static monster, it looks and plays diferent (it isn't a wall anymore), but retains the clasic DOOM feel. I designed this patch f...Date:06/22/04
Size:19.91 KB
Author:Alexis Aiello (known as Vegeta in Doomworld)

Well, everyone always seems to associate me with my SHiTWADS series now and some people think that I'm just not capable of creating real maps. So I set out to prove them wrong, heh. Anyway, this is the end result, and I like it. There's no backstory ...Date:08/19/04
Size:982.36 KB

A simple map for doom i made because I was bored,it's kinda good so i uploaded it fairly simple details and very short....Date:03/14/14
Size:51.24 KB

Idle Doom: Tech Breakthrough
Ever been in the mood for killing demons, but your hands were busy? Ever wanted to destroy hell while eating? While taking notes at a meeting? YOUR PROBLEMS ARE OVER! Idle Doom allows you to idly frag demons without ever having to do anything! More s...Date:05/14/17
Size:522.58 KB

Idoom mapping contest #1: Quake World
Quake themed wad comprising 7 maps and each was made by different author. The point of this project was to bring more beginers into mapping and give him feed-back. MAP LIST ------------------------ MAP01 - Easy Start Author: Klofkac MAP02 - Entry...Date:03/06/10
Size:5.21 MB

Independence Doom
Ever wanted to blow EVERYTHING in Doom up? You can! (NOTE: Decorations don't blow up, because of some levels using them for stairs and bridges)...Date:07/04/03
Size:3.42 KB

I Dunno
This is my Freedoom map. I never had anything reviewed in the newstuff chronicles thingy on Doomworld, and I figure it'll be a while before Freedoom is released. This is the standalone version so you don't need the Freedoom wad to play it, tho it cou...Date:10/30/02
Size:322.91 KB

Insanity's Edge
This mod is set after the first demon invasion, and so the UAC is back to their normal experiments with teleportation. But this time the UAC is also working on the Demon Annihilation Resonator Type 2K, which was designed to wipe out demons by just be...Date:07/22/09
Size:19.02 MB

Island Fortress
An island with a fortress. , accessed from a long bridge over an ocean. Much killing ensues....Date:12/18/20
Size:837.31 KB

Infight For Vacation
Size:56.34 KB
Author:Maxime "Datacore85" Bisiaux

It goes away in the end
"This map was created as experiment to learn about Eternity Engine and mapping and now I can show results. Also this served as break from my main project. I wanted finish this before my birthday, but I'm almost two weeks late, but it doesn't matter. ...Date:12/08/19
Size:870.95 KB
Author:Misty/Mysterious Haruko

You want see a nightmare? You will get it! This WAD is hard and called "I'm going to hell" (IGTH). On this WAD you need pass 7 parts. Each part is differents and you need use different strategy to win. In this map you will meet many dangerous monster...Date:05/15/16
Size:8.62 MB

Into Hell
Into Hell is intended to be an episode of levels that take you deeper and deeper underground, until you find a crack in the Earth and dive into the realm itself. BUT... this was originally going to be a 11 maps. Then my comp. got a virus and I didn't...Date:01/13/10
Size:700.17 KB
Author:Brian Knox aka "Snakes"

Imperfection Has Its Charms
Since I am waiting on a few people before the Speed of Doom megawad project can be continued any further, I've decided to spend my time dusting off my old maps. The mapset used to be for zdoom, now it is playable on any limit-removing port with the P...Date:09/30/09
Size:1.18 MB
Author:Josh 'Joshy' Sealy

The Imp's Keep
Looks like Hell Keep has been redecorated to look more like a fortress or castle. This is a remake tribute to E3M1....Date:09/12/07
Size:55.97 KB

A recreation of Pac-Man with wave shooter style gameplay...Date:08/07/22
Size:783.2 KB

In Loving Memory
4 dark, difficult maps inspired by heavy metal music and the Nanowad challenge of 2020....Date:02/27/21
Size:1.77 MB

The Impaler's Labyrinth
Your worst nightmare has found you! You're trapped in a labyrinth ruled by a terrible impaler. Will you dare cross it? Will you survive his cruelty? Welcome to the impaler's labyrinth....Date:08/30/12
Size:257.39 KB
Author:Ericson Willians (Tellerstein)

Imp Arena
It's a small map where you have to kill an assload of imps with each weapon. The more you kill (and the more you kill at once) the higher your score!...Date:12/07/03
Size:409.18 KB

Imp Atak (2004 edition)
Kill as many imps as possible in and around a desert bunker and make it to the exit alive. All you demo & cooperative monkeys ought to enjoy this one....Date:10/08/99
Size:177.09 KB

Imp Encounter: Second Edition
This is based on the excellent fanfiction I read on DOOMWORLD. which you can read here: This map is not like regular maps in that you can't play it (unless you edit and recompile the scri...Date:03/13/03
Size:54.55 KB

Impending Doom
A singleplayer Boom map designed between 2015 and 2020. Originally intended to be the start of a MegaWAD, but this idea was a bit too ambitious. Therefore, I decided to instead polish this one map to a presentable state....Date:03/19/20
Size:3.67 MB
Author:Rachel Windsor (Agentbromsnor)

This is my first single player map. It replaces Map 5 of Doom 2. It's a small map....Date:12/25/06
Size:17.04 KB
Author:Ryan Albright (High Flyin' Ryan)

Impire (Remake)
On Christmas day of 2006, I released my very first single player map ever... Since then I have improved with my mapping skills and continue to improve. Although, I only create Doom maps that are to maintain and contain the 'classic Doom' feel. I'...Date:09/14/10
Size:30.36 KB
Author:Ryan Albright (High Flyin' Ryan)

Impure Offering
Impure Offering is a single player map for the Doom 2 IWAD in -complevel 9 that plays in the map 20 slot and requires cc4-tex.wad. The original intent was to create a map inspired by map 02 of Vanguard, but with a very-high, at times slaughter-ish, m...Date:09/25/14
Size:326.94 KB

Impossible: A New Reality
Don't trust your instincts. Don't trust your sense of reality. This fall, there are more than three dimensions....Date:10/20/06
Size:1.37 MB

Imps of Wrath
No story, just kill demons....Date:02/22/23
Size:163.65 KB
Author:John Gaughan

Imps on a Train
"I have had it with these motherloving Imps on this player-hating train!" A little self-contained pistol-start doomguy romp on a train. Recommended Setup: GZDoom with Dynamic Lighting turned ON Freelook recommended but not necessary, Jumping/Crouchin...Date:05/24/23
Size:596.92 KB

Imp Temple
temple like level. comes with day and night versions....Date:08/14/03
Size:475.02 KB

War with the Imps
These levels are a battle between humans and imps. They have scripts, so Zdoom is required. The levels have a storyline in them and also in intermission texts. Also levels 2-4 were at first designed completely different, so there are some pointless s...Date:11/16/03
Size:78.83 KB
Author:Taisto Valdlo aka Mephisto00

Steambot Impy
It is a rather small map, my first one, that i made to test my skills and familiarize with the GZDoom builder. I always wanted something steampunk'ish to play, so this is a small cargo steamship teleported into a hellish dimension and now full of dem...Date:11/02/15
Size:214 KB

The I.M.P. Act (version 1.0)
The I.M.P. Act is a three-episode megawad for Doom2 and GZDoom, largely inspired by the classic Ultimate Doom IWAD and Dark Forces. Gameplay is very close to vanilla Doom (no jump/crouch/freelook), but this WAD occasionally uses 3D floors, portals, a...Date:05/14/23
Size:1.39 MB
Author:aRottenKomquat & LadyNims

As an archaeologist with a mission in the deep South American jungles you find an old inca pyramid. You decide to go inside and behind you a big stone door closes... you are trapped! After venturing further inside the pyramid looking for an exit, you...Date:02/23/99
Size:257.04 KB
Author:Paul Berlin

Innocence II
A 5 level (+1 secret level) mapset for DooM II. It is a reimagining of the Shores of Hell and Inferno storyline. The maps were made to emulate the feel of E2 and E3 maps from Ultimate DooM, while using DooM II's resources....Date:07/06/14
Size:702.82 KB
Author:Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez

Innocence III
A 5 level (+1 secret level) mapset for DooM II. It is a reimagining of the Hell on Earth storyline. The maps were made to emulate the feel of E4 maps from Ultimate DooM and Doom II....Date:08/01/14
Size:325.39 KB
Author:Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez

The Inner Center
//***********// A level designed as a mix of Doom 2 + Ultimate Doom...Date:07/15/17
Size:148.88 KB
Author:Carlos Lastra

A follow up map to WTP, it is to be played with WTP so the story continues. This is the base on the other side of the teleport, it looks like it has been used recently, the place seems to be nothing but empty of hell spawn however....Date:04/02/13
Size:84.5 KB

Industrial Outpost
Industrial Outpost is a remake of the MAP04 Isolated Outpost from the megawad 2048 Unleashed. For this remake, I mainly took inspiration from the other maps of the 2048 Unleashed megawad like how they best use the 2048x2048 area or creating an enviro...Date:06/06/20
Size:210.38 KB

Industrial Estate
This map was a rejected megawad level that i've been working on. It was rejected due to not having the same consistency as the rest of the maps. Map is set around an industrial estate. Map is fairly large, probably looking at a par time of 20 minut...Date:10/06/12
Size:240.33 KB
Author:Craig (Six) Farndell

Industrial Jazz
Doomguy has found a cool pair of glasses during one of his many adventures. Now armed with red, glowing eyes and sudden urge to listen to Jazz, he rushes through a newly emerged outpost. He needs to act fast, as it seems the demonic forces have decid...Date:07/22/22
Size:24.97 MB

Big map,difficult,right on the blockmap limit....Date:05/17/02
Size:436 KB

Industrial Warfare
//********// Outside the perimeter of Corporate City, a huge old abandoned Factory lies in the middle of the unhabited streets. A few hours ago, some of its machinery began working again; but no corporative orders have been found. You have been sen...Date:09/22/16
Size:175.3 KB
Author:Carlos Lastra

Industrial Suicide
Industrial themed wad. You have freedom of movements allong the level in this non linear map. Some hard fights as usual....Date:02/27/14
Size:271.29 KB

One map for Boom that uses only textures from the "Wood" category in Doom Builder, including flats....Date:06/25/13
Size:87.68 KB

Industrial Facility
I made this map to reflect on the style of the 90s Fanmade Doom Maps. I like that style the most and I wanted to make my first long map since most of the maps I've made are short and lanky. So I decided to work on this single map mod. There's a se...Date:12/15/16
Size:284.76 KB
Author:Aidan (Luigis) Geisler

Infested base
My fourth map! I suck at mapping but i try! Good luck! PS Check the history below **STORY** The monsters invaded a uac base on earth. We sent a another marine but he got trapped, He also reported 3 Cyberdemons, Kill them if possible and rescue the ...Date:09/29/16
Size:33.57 KB

Infestated Base (Remake)
a remake of one of my first maps to zdoom, this time adapted to boom...Date:09/03/11
Size:2.88 MB

UAC Research Base Delta has unexpectedly gone dark. Delta base, situated in an undisclosed location in the northern United States, is tasked with experimenting on salvaged remnants of the demon army that invaded Mars. Your job is to find out what the...Date:04/10/22
Size:4.66 MB

Replacement for MAP28 and MAP29 of DOOM II. I've always wanted to see a heavily hell-based map, so I tried and created my own. It was originally meant to be just one map, but it ended up being too large, so I split it in two separate maps. It's rathe...Date:10/07/07
Size:206.77 KB
Author:William Quijada

InfernoV2 is my first level, is a little hard but is ok. I verified it and not have bugs and is possible to complete....Date:10/09/20
Size:20.3 KB
Author:The Cacodemonium

Plane of Infernus
Upon exiting the secret UAC labs, you are pulled through the aether to the Plane of Infernus, to which the labs' interdimensional teleporter was linked. You vow to avenge the marines who died fighting the invading hordes of Infernus by slaughtering a...Date:09/13/09
Size:84.71 KB

Infestation is a massive remake of E1M7 from my ITD episode....Date:09/11/03
Size:287.76 KB
Author:Micah Harwell (i387)

This is a 13-WAD Doom 2 Map that I released back in November of 2018. Nothing too much....Date:02/21/19
Size:38.78 MB
Author:Sherman Herron

The infinite Corridor
My first doom map, its just an aestheticallly pleasing map for "backrooms" horror fans. No monsters included....Date:03/05/22
Size:224.12 KB
Author:Uncle Death

Infraworld - The Hatehammer
Size:2.73 MB

Infraworld - Coma Moonlight
Size:4.6 MB

Infinite Revenants
In the beginning, the player created MAP01. And the player said, "Let there be Revenants." And there were Revenants. Lots of Revenants. And the player saw that it was good....Date:01/26/18
Size:315.93 KB
Author:Revenant100 aka Marphy Black

The map is kind of a survival horror in a big mansion with blood textures, a bit hard on the Hard difficulty or Mein Leben. I made this map long ago but i did not posted, so have fun...Date:02/16/16
Size:10.14 MB

Infernal Temple
some strange people just moved into your town. they've been performing sacrifices on animals (cute ones at that!), human-torture and other horrendous acts... go shut down their twisted organization....Date:11/17/02
Size:68.52 KB
Author:Jeff McMillin

The Infected Tower lvl.1
The setup for this level is: The doom guy has killed all the aliens and he hears about the aliens atempt to get back on earth by infecting a tower and making it their base to mass produce aliens of every kind. In level one you start up in a cave maki...Date:06/23/05
Size:137.07 KB
Author:Daniel Moody (TheBattleOx)

Infernal war
Five maps of various aspects and a story of survival. You can play this wad from pistol start in any stage.The higher the difficult, the more the monsters become agressive and damage you.The "Very hard" difficult won't respawn monsters....Date:12/17/09
Size:3.65 MB

Infested Water
A short map of a refinery infested with demons. Used it to test some ideas and learn the basics of stuff like 3D Floors. I had lost interest in it and rested in my HDD until now....Date:02/24/17
Size:396.25 KB

Hell's Ingress
A fairly short map remaking Hell Gate, a very short map from the console versions of Doom. It was made from scratch....Date:04/10/12
Size:79.21 KB

A 5 level mapset for DooM II. It is a reimagining of the Knee Deep in the Dead storyline. The maps were made to emulate the feel of E1 maps from Ultimate DooM, while using DooM II's resources....Date:06/07/14
Size:237.87 KB
Author:Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez

Innocence X
A 10 level mapset for DooM II. This mapset was inspired by the atmosphere of Playstation Doom and Doom 64. It will feature the creepy ambient feel of Playstation DooM/Doom 64 but maintain the core gameplay of the PC version. Best Played through GZD...Date:04/28/16
Size:48.33 MB
Author:Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez

Innocence X2
A 10 level mapset for DooM II. It is the sequel to Innocence X, This mapset was inspired by the atmosphere of Playstation Doom and Doom 64. It will feature the creepy ambient feel of Playstation DooM/Doom 64 but maintain the core gameplay of the PC v...Date:10/11/16
Size:33.98 MB
Author:Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez

Innocence X3
A 7 level mapset for DooM II, the sequel to Innocence X2. This mapset was inspired by the atmosphere of Playstation Doom and Doom 64. It will feature the creepy ambient feel of Playstation DooM/Doom 64 but maintain the core gameplay of the PC version...Date:10/27/18
Size:36.68 MB
Author:Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez

Single map set in a marble citadel. The gimmick here is that all the monsters are spectral....Date:10/12/18
Size:702.72 KB

It's just a single map, but intended to be a long one. WAD includes mp3 music and a mod (description in the package if you need it)....Date:05/03/12
Size:4.83 MB

The Inquisitor
A single map about our Doomguy, who has been teleported to the land of the damned. You want to escape from it and return back home, however, it's not so easy to do it... New weapons, new monsters and new artifacts may look unusual, but you accept the...Date:10/09/12
Size:7.9 MB

The Inquisitor 2
Single map about doomguy who got into an unfamiliar dimension and had to disentangle local troubles to get the opportunity to return home. This wad is a prequel to the previously released "The Inquisitor", narrating the events leading up stories that...Date:08/08/13
Size:26 MB

The Inquisitor III
The final chapter of "The Inquisitor" trilogy, that tells us the adventures of the Doom marine in the land of Khorus. Our hero has to correct the mistake, committed by him before the court of King of Krondor, and to put an end to a terrible curse tha...Date:12/05/16
Size:48.29 MB
Author:Shadowman, Big Memka, Guest

Size:158.92 KB
Author:Robby DeCandia, aka r_rr.

Average sized map with a strange plot, because is futurist and a little medieval-hellish. It has some architecture from Necroelemento and Circuit....Date:08/22/08
Size:808.7 KB
Author:Ivano Lich

The moon, the stars, the planets. Many nights you spent gazing skyward with dreams of what lay beyond the place you call home. Every childhood thought that you could remember was of going to outer space and exploring strange new worlds. By th...Date:10/29/02
Size:499.91 KB
Author:Jay Townsend

UAC Interstellar
Here's a updated version of the enormous UAC Interstellar map! Alligned some textures, added a couple of new and modified textures, add some flats, put in a bit more health and ammo in this map and modified the palette in the pinkisch-red, a deeper t...Date:05/03/22
Size:1.93 MB

--- A single relatively-small puzzle map for Boom. The progression is mostly linear, with the puzzles focusing on paying attention to your environment. Secrets are aplenty and spread about this mysterious brown techbase, complete with strange puzzles...Date:09/12/21
Size:809.72 KB
Author:Keagan Dunn ("Dunn & Dunn")

Something In The Way
This is a remake of Doom 2's Map 21 "Nirvana" by Sandy Petersen. The original map is ugly, broken, and one of the worst in the IWAD, but I still love love you, Sandy. I wanted to start with the basic ideas of the original map, so I kept the somewha...Date:12/04/22
Size:209.29 KB

intercepts overflow
This shows what an intercepts overflow in prboom-plus is like. Play with -complevel 2 and turn on intercepts overflow emulation in the options menu. It's possible to kill all monsters....Date:08/31/13
Size:19.45 KB

Investigate scientific facility and... you know what it is all about. 5 levels map pack inspired by Doom 2016 and designed to beat in one sitting with your favourite weapon mod. Skill levels included but UV is the way it is meant to be played....Date:09/08/16
Size:1.31 MB

Invisible demon is here....Date:08/05/13
Size:5.18 MB

Trancendental Inverse Death
As you trancendented into the spirit world, some evil spirits thought to kill you. So you must find an exit to another location before they do this....Date:11/20/05
Size:2.89 KB
Author:Jack Thompson

INVICITY (version0.9 - strictly for testing)
Size:413.26 KB

Note: This wad requires the Skulltag resources to be loaded, which should come with Zandronum. 18 extremely difficult invasion maps for Skulltag/Zandronum. You'll be astounded by the quality of the levels....Date:03/07/14
Size:1.35 MB

Inverter Technologies
A tech themed level made for the UDMF format....Date:03/13/18
Size:59.4 KB

In A World
I tried to the best of my abilities to capture the unmistakeable and illogical themes of the original Doom II levels and throw in some unique looks with a little less space to move about in. And if I have to say so myself this level looks better than...Date:06/24/04
Size:400.08 KB
Author:Chris Hansen

Io Complex
Includes 13 single player maps set on Jupiter's moon Io, several new weapons, and some new enemies....Date:11/02/18
Size:2.85 MB

It Only Gets Worse
Jokewad scavenger hunt featuring LUDICROUS GIBS Technology! Jumping and crouching are required....Date:07/06/07
Size:3.34 MB

Invasion of the Vile Chapter 2
# Wad Creation Details # This was made immediately after or during the end of building the first chapter several years ago. The creation was finished up to map 7. The last two maps were finished in 2022. Support for coop and deathmatch were added i...Date:04/29/23
Size:3.56 MB
Author:Ryan Albright

Invasion of the Vile: Chapter 1
This is an eight map series for Doom 2 using ZDoom (or a related engine such as Skulltag). ::STORY:: Somewhere between defeating the Icon of Sin and going on your Final Doom mission, UAC calls upon you to investigate a new threat. Remaining on ...Date:05/05/10
Size:8.08 MB
Author:Ryan Albright (High Flyin' Ryan)

Infested Outpost
Single player level for vanilla doom 2 with some dehacked modifications in concrete base and cave/mountain style. Playing on Ultra Violence is recommended. Note: do NOT use mods that alter doom 2 things (Brutal Doom for example), they will conflict w...Date:12/21/16
Size:1.5 MB

7 experiment level lotsa fun killing here....Date:02/13/08
Size:82.71 KB

Ice Rage
Ice Rage is a large slaughter level that requires patience to beat it. Some sounds come from Doom 3 and others come from Ancient Aliens. Updated on 12-21-2017 (removed unused textures, reorganized textures so that animations work properly). This upda...Date:05/20/17
Size:5.72 MB

Iraki Terrorist
You are in the country of Irak. You are Terrorist and your mission is to kill bald rifle men who are soldiers and avoid the Freedom Scud Missiles. If you can sucseed you will win the Irakie war because you are more powerful and you can save the beaut...Date:02/19/08
Size:49.21 KB

Somewhere in Irem
Formerly a speedmap, this is a fairly small map inspired by MAP01 of Memfis' Download.wad. Nothing too difficult, so have a go at it....Date:08/21/15
Size:210.61 KB

A pseudo-reimagining of Doom I Episode 3: Inferno, except in the Doom II universe. Includes map contributions from the incredible level designers Peerdolius, Phobus, and SuperCupcakeTactics. Jumping and crouching are highly discouraged, as they can b...Date:05/14/22
Size:9.63 MB
Author:Stormwalker, Peerdolius, Phobus, SuperCupcakeTactics

Iron Lords
A small map intended as an attempt at making a more or less balanced and playable traditional experience. Replaces MAP01....Date:08/25/19
Size:110.4 KB

Sort of Egyptian looking, mostly original and/or modified textures, some new lamp sprites (from Osiris.wad). Lots of 3D bits and deep water its a bit on the large side and is non-linear, try exploring it with the monsters turned off before playing it...Date:07/06/03
Size:2.33 MB
Author:Mystic (Andy Mckie)

The Island
I tried to make a tropical forest island kind of like FarCry. Hopefully I succeeded somewhat...Date:09/03/04
Size:3.03 MB
Author:Jason Farlow

The Island 2
A sequel to the first Island, again, a tropical forest, but this time with a much larger indoor area. Plus it runs faster....Date:06/03/05
Size:4.03 MB
Author:Jason Farlow

Insanely small
Basicly, you are stuck in an airplane that is...Date:07/10/05
Size:10.82 KB
Author:I'm me

A doom map hub based on the Instituto Tecnologico de Ciudad Madero. It's an outdoor/indoor map, with several short missions depending on the player's choice on where to explore and the objects found and collected. Single or multiplayer modes are sele...Date:12/27/11
Size:8.3 MB

Italian DooM - Episodio 1
Why the name "Italian DooM"?! Because it was made by three Italian Doomers, grouped in the so-called "Italian Team". But there's more: in the .WAD there are some new nice features too, such as messages in Italian... with the literal translation in En...Date:10/09/05
Size:4.25 MB
Author:"The Italian Team": Ismaele ( Toranaga ( Buzzbomber (buzzbomber

Italian DooM - Lost Levels
This is a pack (.ZIP file) including the resource .WAD of the should-have-been "Italian DooM - Episode 2: The Singularity", two maps originally designed by me for that project and the secret map made in cooperation with Toranaga a.k.a. Ultimate Loren...Date:09/17/08
Size:8.83 MB

Innocence: The New Technology
A 9 level wad for Doom II. This is a project by Team DIS; made up of Jazzmaster, Jimmy, PRIMEVAL and Blindspot Software. This mapset was done in the spirit of TNT: Evilution. Mapper Credits Map 1-2: Jazzmaster Map 3: PRIMEVAL, Jazzmaster MAP 4-6: J...Date:07/13/15
Size:1.06 MB
Author:Demonic Integrated Software (Team DIS)

The Infected Tower Level 2
This is the sequel to The infected tower level 1. The premise of the series that after doom 2, the demons are back, they have created a plan to take over a giant tower on earth and mass produce demons of every kind and retake earth, you have to to cl...Date:02/07/06
Size:104.33 KB
Author:Team IDGP (I, Doom Guy Productions) Daniel Moody and Sean Mcfarlane

It was a dark and stormy night...
This is a 1 map replacement for MAP14 of Final Doom: TNT Evilution. This map is intended to be like a 90's level (with weird scenarios, toilets, somewhat random themes and easy difficulty) Story: "It was a dark and stormy night (Without the storm o...Date:02/21/14
Size:103.82 KB

Ivano: 1024
That of classic maps that measure of 1024x1024 and the first thing I have done this kind of...Date:12/16/08
Size:106.1 KB
Author:Ivano Lich

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