Title: Gates To Hell v2.0
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/g2hellv2.zip
Size: 19.5 MB
Date: 10/07/17
Author: Christopher Spencer (FireStarter)
Description: "Hey MORTAL! yeah you, I have a game for you, step into my realm for a spell...."

This is my first Ever Doom Map, always tangled with the idea of making one but never got to it. This started as an experiment to learn DoomBuilder and have fun most of all.

This is MAP01, though it's a bit of a mega-level, it is not too complex. It can be linear at times and arena-like at others. Not much puzzle solving like old id maps, this is more like a Gauntlet through hell where sometimes you have to run, or fight, use the map to your advantage or fall victim to it's architecture.

Fight through 7 mini layers of hell, slaughtering hellspawn and flipping the bird along the way. The Main Idea I had here was to give the sense that you were truly delving down Into the depths of hell, lower and lower, to the core.

Any criticism is appreciated, I had a lot of fun making this wad and went at it for 3 days semi-feverishly Learning what I needed of Doombuilder along the way.

I got my initial vision done and then some but like I said, it's a first attempt :)

That being said, keep your eyes peeled and save often:P Now for some important footnotes:

-You Will need the ability to jump

-You WILL need to have fall damage disabled

-This is Designed for GZDoom and was mostly tested with project brutality. You can use vanilla doom as well but what is important is using the GZDoom Engine, there was alot of liberal torch placing and lighting changes, and using something like Zandronum just makes it look like shit an takes away the feeling I had in mind.

-Works with Zandronum but not recommended

-Is pretty crazy fun with Project Brutality! Normal doom is good too, just not as Hectic.

-Playing Project Brutality on Brutal difficulty and traditional mode was the main testing Method and provided a nice weighted challenge, balanced enough, for someone like me who is average yet knows the map literally inside out.

-Going Above Brutal difficulty is nuts for me, but perhaps you real hardcore players may find enjoyment.

-Looks like It can be speedrun, though that would be near suicide, I believe it's possible and a challenge in itself, Otherwise my full playthrough, at a decent pace was around 18 minutes so expect it to be in that realm.

-Health and Ammo, seems to me was plentiful enough, maybe once I found myself having to use the chainsaw to get through one more Horde. Keep in mind this is on Brutal Difficulty. If you play higher do let me know if you had enough but also keep in mind each section has what you need if you take a moment to look for it, in my experience anyway.

Alright! Go Give it a whack and tell me what ya think!
Credits: Tormentor667 @ Realm 667 for Bloodfiend Monster Tormentor667 @ Realm 667 for Hades Sphere Monster Tormentor667 @ Realm 667 for Nightmare Monster Unsure who to credit @realm667 for Overlord Monster Maelstrom @ Realm667 for PyroDemon Monster Captain Toenail @Realm667 for Pustule Finally there was a placeholder file, Caius theme megamix from FFXIII that would be V1 of this WAD which I am still unsure if it will be accepted or not so V2 is the safeguard, although I really loved that FFXIII track on the level! but in case it caused problems I made this 2nd version which is all original music. A merging of 2 tracks called the "great attack" and "charlie vs. Daedalus". These were made a year earlier but left unused, so they dont reflect this project perfectly but I beleive it lends something to it and it avoids any Copyright issues, all audio is mine and mine alone.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 3 days semi-feverishly ~20-25 Hours(With learning and Research)
Editor(s) used: SLADE 3, GZ DoomBuilder
Bugs: None as of yet, ironed out anything I saw
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