Title: The Garden Compound
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/gardcomp.zip
Size: 516.47 KB
Date: 11/15/20
Author: Hajo
Description: My very first map, originally made for decino's viewer submissions. The goal was to make a HellRevealed-esque level. I'd like to give my thanks to antares031 for allowing me to use his DeHackEd scripts and graphics from Struggle and Eviternity and for giving me feedback on the level during our correspondence about the Dehacked scripts. This wad uses his pistol, chaingun and assault rifle scripts from Struggle. His former captain and modified arachnotron are taken from Eviternity.

For the weapons themselves, the sprites are taken from various sources listed on the menu screen/credits textfile. The ammo crates/big bullet for the AR are from Struggle.

As for the map itself, it is a military compound set in and around garden-like areas. The goal of the map is to just kill all the baddies and survive. (I know, very original and well thought out!) Main inspiration are techbases from Struggle and Doom 1 and outdoor designs from Hell Revealed, Eviternity (ep. 2) and Eternal Doom. As stated above, the plasma gun has been replaced with an assault rifle, the chaingun with a faster firing SMG and the pistol now has burst fire. Inspired by Struggle, I've placed smaller pickups in easy to reach places and decreased the maximum ammo count with Dehacked to force player movement. It is quite heavy on the monster count, but I've attempted to make it fun, fair and balanced (so no baron shotgunning or unfair ''learn-the-map-lol traps'').

Size: medium Difficulty: medium to hard (difficulty settings not implemented)
Credits: Antares031 for helping me with the level and allowing me to use his Dehacked scripts from various wads he worked on Realm667 for hosting cool weapons. Mr. Chris for the MIDI used. Decino for inspiring me to make this wad. and others I forgot to mention (please consult the credits.txt textfile)
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 2 weeks
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder X
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