Title: The Gateway Experiments, or Doesn't The Military Ever Learn? Episode 1: Space Station Omega
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/ge1-sso.zip
Size: 245 KB
Date: 01/28/03
Author: Ethan Watson aka GooberMan
Description: The start of a new series of story-driven WADS. Read the manual for more information.
Credits: id Software for making Doom in the first place. Randy Heit for developing ZDoom and putting up with my bug reports in the forums. Maonth, Lu-Wang, deathwarrior and Enjay for testing and comments (more specific information in GE_MAN.TXT).
Base: From scratch.
Build time: Too fucking long... *ahem* ok then... Started 19th December 2001, stopped work for three months in January, continued for a bit in April, got sidetracked with a Millennium map for a month, then got sidetracked with a programming assignment for a month, did more work on it in July, left it alone until January 2003, and FINALLY finished it.
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: My scripts probably aren't 100% perfect, but just look at the size of the source file! That's ludicrous for just one map! *ahem* On with it then.
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