Title: Golachab
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/golachab.zip
Size: 217.3 KB
Date: 10/10/13
Author: Cynical
Description: Golachab is a challenging single-player Doom 2 level (with difficulty levels supported for those who want a casual playthrough), intended for Boom compatible ports (tested in PrBoom+ complevel 9). The main inspiration was the fight up the hillside after the blue-key door in "Hillside Siege" from Alien Vendetta, and the start was inspired by some of the fast starts in Surge and some of Joshy's maps from Speed of Doom's second episode. Even though I've been screwing around with level editors for various FPS games for a decade now (mostly Unreal and Doom), this is the first time I've ever made something I felt was good enough to actually finish and publicly release; hopefully it's more enjoyable than most first maps!
Credits: I owe a huge thanks to my playtesters. Without these people, both from Doomworld and from other places on the internet, this would not have been nearly as good:

Demon of the Well: Without his advice on how to tweak the fights and how to set up the red key trap, this likely would have not ended up being fun to play. His finding of lots of little texture bugs and advice on placing decorations also helped the map's visuals greatly. Also, he gets credit for getting me into Doom in the first place back in 2004.

Joshy: If this map's visuals can be talked about as "aesthetics" instead of "assthetics", it's because he pretty much taught me how to do texturing and architecture in Doom that doesn't look entirely awful. In addition, the entire ending scenario was inspired by his comments.

Antipathy: His magical coward powers were a huge help in finding and eliminating exploits in fights all over the map.

Mike Lowell: His comments were quite helpful for tweaking "Hey, Not Too Rough" difficulty.

Resources taken from other sources: The fire texture in the first large cave room was taken from Deus Vult II, by Huy Pham.

The red sky was taken from CC4-tex.wad

The song "In the Arms of Death" was taken from vgmusic.com. It is originally from the Guilty Gear XX Korean OST.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: A few hours a day for about a month
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2.1.2 1552, Slade 3.1.0 Alpha (r1422)
Bugs: None
Rating: (8 votes)
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And for the third stage of the doom Olympics. The athletes must run the GOLACHAB!! x
Good map, very good map! The gameplay is furious, although by moment, there are vicious traps. This maps is certainly interesting for the speedrunning. :)x
Fun new definition of "casual". Definitely a tough map on any skill level. Nice, clutterless visuals, although I'd recommend playing it in something other than an 8-bit software renderer because it uses red tones and dark lighting, and the COLORMAP never does that combination justice.x
that is mapping u have nice skill u should to make more maps like this keep up the good work don't quiet like othersx
very good map, if you have jump/crouch enabled, you can bypass collecting the blue keycard, second to last room is a tad monotonous after the 3rd wave but all in all its great funx
hard single map id suggest using Russian Overkillx

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