Title: Grind II (v1.3.0)
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/grind2.zip
Size: 143.85 KB
Date: 11/27/02
Author: Kara C. Rader
Description: The first in an almost-vanilla set of levels. No port effects are used, but a good port is required to run the wad. Be on the lookout for the simple fake slopes, the fake 3D floors, and the fake mirror. The demos show a walkthrough of the level on easy mode. Demos find 0% secrets, so no surprises are given away.
Credits: myk, DOOM Anomaly, DooMer 4ever, and Torn
Base: Grind.wad
Build time: I forget.
Editor(s) used: Registered DeePsea
Bugs: Doesn't run with Doom2.exe correctly. jDoom doesn't handle the TNT box correctly.
Rating: (7 votes)
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A tourist/puzzle map, very few monsters but ammo/health is very scarce as well so you have to be careful. I liked the emptiness of it, there is a strong desolate atmopshere and even the switches that do something on the other end of the map didn't annoy me, somehow they felt appropriate... There is another version (id=11760) with like five times more monsters but I think I don't want to play it, I like the original as it is.x
Nothing very special here. I did like the fake sloped air vents. 4/16/07x
Obviously the previous reviewer couldn't be arsed to open the level in Doombuilder, or whatever. It's a short but sweet map based on an earlier Deathmatch level, but twice as big and with monsters - there aren't many of them, but the ammo and health are balanced well. It's fun but not challenging (there's an arch-vile, surprisingly not the final boss, but you can easily dodge him). You don't actually have to flick the "detonator", the wall opens anyway.x
This is an attractive, clever level that just seems very short; it only has 22 monsters and there's not much to it. Some clever design tricks. I couldn't actually finish it; The Thing That Seemed The Obvious Thing didn't do anything, and there wasn't anything else to press or shoot.x

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