Title: Harmony Compatible
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/harmonyc.zip
Size: 7.51 MB
Date: 11/01/23
Author: Thomas van der Velden
Description: H A R M O N Y C O M P A T I B L E 10-2023

1...... What is Harmony Compatible?

2...... Versions of Harmony

3...... How to use Harmony Compatible A: GZDoom, Eternity, PrBoom and others B: Unity port C: DOS

4...... Deathmatch mode

5...... Credits

6...... Copyright sound effects

+--------------------------------------+ | 1. What is Harmony Compatible? | +--------------------------------------+

This is a modified version of Harmony, official Add-on for DOOM and DOOMII, which was released by Bethesda October 11, 2022.

This new version is made to be compatible with most limit removing source ports for DOOMII.

Harmony: In this post-apocaliptic game you play as Harmony and fight against an army of evil mutants.

It includes: * 13 spectacular maps * unique textures and graphics * 9 different enemies * 7 different weapons * Full MIDI soundtrack * Deathmatch mode * The extra Harm-WS.WAD contains wide screens [426x200px]

+--------------------------------------+ | 2. Versions of Harmony | +--------------------------------------+

Currently there are 3 versions of Harmony. All are free to download, but 2 and 3 require a copy of DOOM(II).

1: Harmony (v1.1) [ standalone game with ZDoom engine ] ------------------------------------------- Released: December 2009 Port: Zdoom (included with the game) WAD name: harm1.WAD Features: - 11 maps - High resolution sprites & screens - MP3 music by Kyu Get it at: www.Rabotik.com

2: Harmony [ Official Add-on for Bethesda's DOOM and DOOMII ] ------------------------------------------- Released: October 2022 Port: Unity Port On Steam, GOG for PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Playstation WAD name: 17 Features: - 13 maps - 1 extra enemy (the Aerosol) - Wide screens (426x200 pixel) - SFX by Bethesda's Chad Mossholder - MIDI music by James Paddock Get it at: First buy DOOM or DOOMII on Steam or console digital stores. In the game download Harmony under Add-ons from the main menu.

3: Harmony Compatible ------------------------------------------- Released: October 2023 Ports: All limit removing ports for DOOMII including: GZDoom, Eternity, PrBoom, Unity port and Boom202 on DOS. WAD name: HarmonyC.WAD Features: - Same maps, music, weapons and enemies as Bethesda Add-on - Deathmatch mode. Including a bonus map (Map15) - 320x200 pixel screens + Endoom screen. Wide screens (426x200) are included in extra Harm-WS.wad - New SFX (to avoid copyright issues) - Numerous fixes to make it compatible with ports Get it at: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/

+--------------------------------------+ | 3. How to use Harmony Compatible | +--------------------------------------+

Harmony Compatible is not a stand alone game. It requires a port (an EXE file) to run and in most cases a copy of the Doom2.wad.

Harmony Compatible should work with all 'limit removing' ports for Doom2 (ports that increase the number of visible planes that can be on screen without crashing or glitching the game). I tried to write simple instructions on how to get Harmony Compatible to run with the most common ports. Sorry if I forgot your favorite one. Depending on the port you use, the demos can play out of sync.

A: For ports like GZDoom, Eternity, PrBoom: ------------------------------------------- Load the HarmonyC.WAD like any other pwad.

Usually: simply drag it onto the port EXE file. The WAD file contains an internal DEH file, so in most ports the separate HarmonyC.DEH file is not needed.

Harmony Compatible will not work in Chocolate Doom, because this is not a limit removing port. It will work in Crispy Doom.

B: Unity port ------------------------------------------- You can load HarmonyC.wad as a PWAD in Unity by placing it in the WADs folder.

There is probably no need to use this version of Harmony in the Unity port. Use the official version instead. You can download it in-game from the Add-ons menu in both DOOM (1993) and DOOMII.

C: DOS ------------------------------------------- The most retro old-school way to play Harmony is on DOS, just like the origial DOOM back in 1993.

The easiest way to run it on DOS is with BOOM2.02 There are other ways, but they will not be described here.

- Put Doom2.wad, HarmonyC.WAD and harmonyC.DEH in the BOOM202 folder. - Go to this folder on DOS (for example using DOSBox) - type command: BOOM -FILE HARMONYC.WAD -DEH HARMONYC.DEH

Harmony was not intended to work with the original Doom2.EXE (aka "vanilla" Doom2). It was always designed for a limit removing port. It is possible to start it with the orginal Doom2.EXE, but the bigger maps can cause the game to glitch and even crash. Using the 'Save game' option while playing will likely cause a crash. This is because of technical limits of the original EXE. If you want to experiment in vanilla Doom2.exe, you will need to merge a copy of Doom2.EXE with HarmonyC.DEH using Dehacked first.

+--------------------------------------+ | 4. Deathmatch mode | +--------------------------------------+

- Deathmatch mode allows the player to fight against other players instead of computer opponents. - The maps of Harmony Compatible have been updated to support Deathmatch. - In fact the bonus level Map15 was made primarily for Deathmatch mode. - All maps have 8 Deathmatch player starts. - Results will vary depending on which port you use. Check your port on how to run Deathmatch. - In the official Unity port release of Harmony (2022), Deathmatch was disabled. You can reactivate it by loading Harmony Compatible as a PWAD. To do this: place HarmonyC.WAD in de 'WADs' folder of either DOOM or DOOMII. Start up the game and select it in the ADDS-ON menu.

+--------------------------------------+ | 5. Credits | +--------------------------------------+

Harmony (and Harmony Compatible) was made by: * Thomas van der Velden [T.V. www.Rabotik.com] Contact information on website.

MIDI music by: * James Paddock

Intermission and End screen by: * space is green [www.spaceisgreen.com]

Dehacked fixes by: * Xaser Acheron

* Sources of the SFX are listed in 'Overview.txt'.

+--------------------------------------+ | 6. Copyright sound effects | +--------------------------------------+

The sound effects in HarmonyC.WAD are modified license free sounds from two sources: 1: Groupees ["Potion Audio Bundle"] groupees-dot-com and 2: Zapsplat Zapsplat-dot-com

All of them were purchased and modified by me to fit the game. "License free" here means that they are license free FOR ME, but not necessarily for everyone else.

If you want to use them for your own projects: first check the licenses of Groupees and Zapsplat yourself. I have included an overview of the SFX in 'overview.TXT'.

----------------------------- This text was written by T.V.

www.Rabotik.com 10-2023
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