Title: Hell Cartel 2
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/hc2.zip
Size: 5.76 MB
Date: 01/24/23
Author: Johnny Cruelty (leader), Clippy, Codename Delta, Icarus Of Daggers, R0rque, Killeratte, not shion, R
Description: Hell Cartel 2 is a community sequel to Hell Cartel 1. The Story goes after dooguy may've or might've not spared one of the hellcrack boss's showmans. And now doomguy is looking for more clues of the big boss's wearabouts. Doomguy will have to stride through urban cities, hell outposts, and brave lands no man has ever strided in. Unlike hell cartel 1, this project was made by multiple people, god bless them.

Map Authors - Maps 1-2 were by me Map03 was by TwelvNighn Map04 was by Killeratte Map05-6 was by not shion Map07 was by codename delta Map08 was by Clippy Map09 was by Ryks
Credits: @not shion





@R0rque. (composer for for the wad's music (minus a 2 tracks)


Base: New from scratch
Build time: from summer of 2022 to december of 2022
Editor(s) used: UDB
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