Title: Helm's Deep Music
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/helmsmus.zip
Size: 2.21 MB
Date: 02/25/03
Author: Cyb
Description: This is the music wad for helmsdeep.wad which should be in the same directory as this file. They're in their own files so poor saps on 56k don't have to download quite as large a file. It's a low quality ogg of Requiem for the Ring in a wad.
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Terribly overused music, to the point that every time I realise the theme I instantly hate the author associated with its use and try to commit suicide by cutting my entire forearms with electric steak knives while tightroping upside down on a bed of nails into an incinerator set on high heat. Even though I can understand that this is probably from when it was new or something, I still don't like the easy cheap "epic" feel that it attempts to produce. There are better themes for that level anyway.x
Oh, I've played it without the music :( Let's see how's it with the right sounds...x
Music from a very fucked up (Good) movie.x

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