Title: In A World
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/inworld.zip
Size: 400.08 KB
Date: 06/24/04
Author: Chris Hansen
Description: I tried to the best of my abilities to capture the unmistakeable and illogical themes of the original Doom II levels and throw in some unique looks with a little less space to move about in. And if I have to say so myself this level looks better than the Doom II levels with more detail and exiting architecture.

There's been used to many different kinds of textures and flats to list here, but don't worry: It's not messy! There's a degree of order in there...

And some of you might claim that it isn't a proper Doom II level without.... yeah, well, you'll find out. Be sure of one thing though: It's totally deliberate, so don't complain about it.
Credits: - Paul Corfiatis for all his help besides testing. - NMN for constantly pushing me to finish this level! - Rich 'Weeds' Nagel for the beautiful night sky - Everyone who supports and encourages me as a designer via e-mail or e.g. in the Doomworld forums.
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