Title: Italian DooM - Episodio 1
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/itdoom1.zip
Size: 4.25 MB
Date: 10/09/05
Author: "The Italian Team": Ismaele (sposito.lag@tin.it) Toranaga (toranaga@email.it) Buzzbomber (buzzbomber
Description: Why the name "Italian DooM"?! Because it was made by three Italian Doomers, grouped in the so-called "Italian Team". But there's more: in the .WAD there are some new nice features too, such as messages in Italian... with the literal translation in English below, of course! This .WAD is ZDoom-oriented, so it works just with ZDoom, particularly with versions higher than 2.0.63a, since the .WAD contains new features, like DECORATE and DECALDEF lumps, which are supported only by the last versions of this source port. The .WAD contains 8 maps, one of which is a secret map (see "Levels Information" below for further info about the sequence of levels, its authors and more). Other features of this .WAD are: - two new monsters: a strengthened "CyberMasterMind" and the "Arachnophyte"! - new graphics (textures, flats, sprites, pictures, etc.); - new background musics. "Italian DooM" is a .WAD for Single Player mode (SP), although there are Cooperative and Deathmatch starts in some maps. Levels can be beated in sequence or from scratch. Playing the levels in sequence means following the story, of course. Play it and discover the new "Italian DooM": the first episode, of course!
Credits: - Id Software, for making "Doom", its sequels and "Quake"; - Raven Software, for making "Heretic" and "Hexen" (METALGH texture was taken from the Hexen IWAD and some MIDIs were taken from the Heretic IWAD:); - 3D Realms, for making "Duke Nukem 3D", where VENTx, MONITx, VETRO, MONIT1 and MONIT2 textures were taken; - Valve Software for making "Half-Life", where DUCT_WAL, LABWALL and MATT3 were taken from; - Apogee for "Rise of the Triad", where "Chant" (MAP03) and "Suck this!" (MAP04) MIDIs by Lee Jackson were taken from; - LucasArts for making "Dark Forces", where ZWEXT01 and ZWEXT04 textures were taken from; - Pawel Zarczynski aka NMN for some of his graphic resources (COMPAN, COMPSTO1, COMPSTO2, DCOMP2, DCOMP3 textures and HAZARD flat from NMNcorp1.zip); - Nick Baker for some of his graphic resources (CIEL_1, PANEL_1, PANEL_2, PANEL_3, PANEL_4, PANEL_5 textures and TECH_12 flat from mlcetex.zip); - the "Alien Vendetta" team for the LAVx & BFx textures; - Stephen Clark for one of the skies (quake1.bmp from q2skys-2.zip); - Dan Ireland for one of the skies (nr.bmp from gse10.zip); - pinder2@griffin.emba.uvm.edu for one of the skies (space.bmp from stars2.zip); - Tolwyn for his MIDIs (ada-ds02, mm2ds08, mm2ds02b, got_ds08); - Nanami for the "CyberMasterMind", taken from the "Monster Resource .WAD" by various authors (please note that the monster has been strengthened a little: it has got 7000 hit points now, the sum of CyberDemon's and Spider MasterMind's hit points; the monster was not modified in other ways!); - Quasar for the "Arachnophyte", taken from the "Monster Resource .WAD" by various author (its DECORATE code has been modified just with a SpawnId); - You, for downloading this .WAD. Thank you!
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: One summer (from the beginning of June to the ending of September)
Editor(s) used: WinDeu, WadAuthor, Doom Builder, XWE
Bugs: Some little HOM effects or "slime trails" near small polygonal sectors. Maybe some texture misalignments, that escape our several hours of testing! Should you find some other bugs, please e-mail us.
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