Title: Italian DooM - Lost Levels
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/itdoomll.zip
Size: 8.83 MB
Date: 09/17/08
Author: Ismaele
Description: This is a pack (.ZIP file) including the resource .WAD of the should-have-been "Italian DooM - Episode 2: The Singularity", two maps originally designed by me for that project and the secret map made in cooperation with Toranaga a.k.a. Ultimate Lorenzo, each one in its own .WAD... better in its own .ZIP file, containing the .WAD and the .TXT files of each level. In the .TXT files you can read the part of the original story associated with that map and its description. DooM Castle: This should have been the secret map in Episode 2 of the "Italian DooM" project. Its layout was first designed by Toranaga and then I added monsters and items plus ACS Scripts, i.e. I created the gameplay and regulated difficulty and skill levels. Then Toranaga tweaked it a bit, especially as for graphics. Most of the level is classic, i.e. it has got mainly original "DooM 2" textures, flats and monsters; gameplay is quite classic too, apart from few puzzles, and linear. As for graphics, it features a simple but good-looking gothic architecture with medium-high detail level. As for difficulty, it is quite hard at the beginning, then it gets easier, but mind the final challenge! Read the .TXT file for more information about the layout and structure of the map. Arachnophobia II: This should have been the final map in Episode 2 of the "Italian DooM" project: it should have been the level set on the great UAC military compound and barracks. After a long period of abandon, I converted it to a single map, but I kept almost everything as it was: I only fixed and tweaked few things according to Toranaga's hints after he beta-tested it, and modified the final challenge. It's the biggest and most complex level I have ever made: see the .TXT file for statistics and other info. Notwithstanding, the level itself is not very detailed, although it shows some nice ideas and, here and there, awesome architecture, good detail, painstaking lighting, etc. Gameplay-wise it is non-linear, but not too complex, so you shouldn't get lost, because the game is always confined in precise sections, where you must accomplish certain objectives and get keys to go forth. As for difficulty, the map is designed to provide an intense challenge to every kind of player, but exploiting infighting can lower the difficulty level. Read the .TXT file for more information about the layout and structure of the map. IMPerious: This should have been the 3rd map in Episode 2 of the "Italian DooM" project: it should have been the level set on Imps' planet. After a long period of abandon, I decided to convert it to a single map, but actually I didn't change very much: I removed the spaceship where the original start was and moved this in front of the temple; I changed the ending, added some light sources, modified balance of health and ammo and fixed some minor bugs. It is set in a sort of hellish temple or mausoleum, that actually contains not only sanctuaries, but also a crypt, a prison for all enemy visitors and strange pumps and machinery! Originally this map should have been part of a project by me and Tormentor667, who began the map (the first part, that is the Atrium, was made by him), but at last we abandoned that project for time reasons. Graphically it is quite nice with imposing architecture, unique theme and style (gothic-ish) and high detail level. As for gameplay, it is quite linear, but with some simple yet effective puzzles, but still based mostly on action. Difficulty-wise, it is not a piece of cake, thanks to new monsters based on the original Imp and few tricks and traps. Read the .TXT file for more information about the layout and structure of the map.

Note: uploaded by ler/duvel (the txt file is by him too, so if there's any discrepancy blame him)
Credits: Ultimate Lorenzo aka Toranaga for the secret level
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Varies
Editor(s) used: Wad Author, Doom Builder, wad eXtendable, Zennode
Bugs: see text files
Rating: (9 votes)
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Map06 was just amazing. 12 keys, all the new monsters, it was just insane! The other maps are nice enough too, so 5/5 from me.x
This is a great compilation of great levels! Congratulations, Ismaele! It's a pity that you couldn't complete "Italian DooM - Episode 2": it would have been a great .WAD.x
Bravo! All of the three maps were simply amazing, although the map that stood out the most IMO was Map06. It took me 55 minutes to finish it, the new weapons in it were great, especially how you remade the ZDoom weapon resource wad's Insanity Rifle into one cannon. Also, you used the Insanity Spider from Xaser's wad, right? Great use indeed. The Arachnopythe remakes were also cool. This wad is definitely recommended to all of you Doom players! Instant 5/5 - Moti.x
Very nice levels, both as for graphics and gameplay! Maybe they are not graphically top-notch, but they are really good as for gameplay and difficulty.x
The guy above me is nuts! 1 for effort?!?! WTF? The maps are really good although arachno was too long for a single run through. I loved shooting the new enemies and the new guns were a nice touch as well. Personally I thought the maps looked terrific, especially imper.wad. All maps were too easy (on uv), though I'll concede that the start to arachno kicked me around a few times :/ A stringent score would be along the lines of 4.5 for graphics, 4.5 for effort and 4 for gameplay (on average). 5/5 from me. x
This zip includes 3 levels and one texture wad. I found them all too hard, even on the lowest skill, but they look nice. So, 2 stars for graphics, 1 star for effort, but 0 stars for gameplay :-P ! 3/5x

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