Title: KABOOM for BOOM v2.01
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/j-l/kaboom.zip
Size: 844.92 KB
Date: 06/20/98
Author: Jack Vermeulen
Description: See story below.

I needed to test out the new texture modification tools in DeeP97, so I started with making some new texture names. Then I got carried away having too much fun and ended up with this level.

This is a = BOOM = only release with elevators, conveyer belts, scrolling floors, underwater fun new sprites, new enemies, new weapons and other challenges. More textures added and some elements put back in that were not possible with standard DOOM because of visplane overflow limits (now gone with BOOM).

This release fixes some underwater elevator hom problems that occurred with the final release of BOOM. The elevator switches are now stationary, not a perfect fix. Will wait and see if this type of design will be supported better in later versions of BOOM.

KABOOM demonstrates complex and unique construction techniques with a high degree of detail (a DX4 and above is suggested). Set the Overlap Tolerance=0 in DeeP97 (F5 map options) to prevent vertex merging when modifying this level.

Besides the BOOM tricks, there are 2 different textures on a -normal- wall, double lifts (you need to go down and then down AGAIN to get the weapon: room to left at start with door, go down 2x in pedestal), lot's of other visuals and a hell of a lot of fun.

Go save the world....
Credits: Brad Kiefer and Mike V. for helping on DeeP97 Bob Evans for an area inspired by Odessa14. Mike Phillips for an area inspired by FTHAGN1. Chris Christenson and Lisa Moore for some cool levels. Ingo Kirsch for additional testing and feedback.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DeeP97, RMB (reject), Endoomer (ending text), PSP (sky), MID2MUS (convert MID to MUS format) ALL other sound, patches, sprite and ALL lump import, Texture, Sprite and Flat modifications were done by DeeP97!
Bugs: None known (might be a few texture aligns left?) Some "errors" are deliberate so don't fix them (missing textures). Also, some "errors" are caused by ultra close (1 unit) spacing (floating to integer conversions give false sector not closed errors).
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A very good map. Maybe you're playing it with the wrong exe or something.x
Cramped, full of frictionless sectors for no reason, full of HOM and other errors. In short, this is crap. * -sargebaldyx
a heap of shit. 0/5-- Moti-Boyx

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