Title: Knee-Deep in the Money: Episode 3
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/j-l/kdim03.zip
Size: 17.26 MB
Date: 11/24/15
Author: Canofbacon & Calmperson
Description: The final installment in the blood chilling heart throbbing weenier throbbing blood soaked romantic humerus tale of redemtion. Set 420,000,000,000 years the events of the original, this timeless tale takes place in the beatiful shores of Los Santos. Play as 1 of 5 unique different characters each with there own special abilities and characteristics. Now available for a fee is the new fatalities ripped straight from Brutal Doom. Only for a limited time. Get em while they're hot. If you pre-ordered you will be receiving a limited edition tshirt in the mail which will have high ebay resale value. If you donated to our kickstarter you will recieve nothing you sucker. All our profits from the game will go toward lawyer fees to keep us from going to jail for fraud and to keep our businesses a float. So download this this WAD now and enjoy the numerous bonus features and see the shocking conclusion to the epic storyline, as well as "Making of DVD" sent to you and autographed by us.
Credits: credits.txt
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 1 year of goofin around
Editor(s) used: GZDB, SLADE 3, GIMP, Paint
Bugs: billions
Rating: (10 votes)
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