Title: KZDoom Series.
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/j-l/kzdoom7.zip
Size: 449.07 KB
Date: 02/26/01
Author: Kurt Kesler. I have a web site, http://www.fidnet.com/~kesler/
Description: just play it
Credits: ID Software for making DOOM. Randy Heit for his cool Source Port. Tarin for help with tall skies.
Base: Never
Build time: about two months
Editor(s) used: Wauthor, Wintex4.3, L-VIEW, MS Paint, and Notepad.
Bugs: Textures leak at poly doors sometimes. ZDoom1.23 is still beta, so I'm not certain saved games will work every time.
Rating: (25 votes)
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Nice but IMHO overhyped map. Layout is good, decoration and ambiance quite good, but overall gameplay @ UV was quite disappointing: way too easy, very repetitive, frequently boring, and never got me on my toes. Despite this, 4/5 because it's been made in 2001 and above average. BTW @ ^^: seriously, 'best mapper'? FYI: search f.e. for Roch, Unloved or Return from Oblivion; nofi, but those mappers are milestones ahead.x
Very well done!! Well thought out! Plays well. Without a doubt, Kurt Kesler was one the best DooM mappers ever!!x
This is dated February 2001. It's a decent but plain source port level, with lots of Zdoom features used because the author could - slopes, sliding doors, ambient sounds, machines etc. Apart from that it's a solid 1996-era mountain techbase; there's a lot of it, it feels substantial, and the action doesn't stop. Clever "linear non-linear" layout for the first half. Not hard; you get loads of rockets and back-to-back soulspheres. End battle drags.x
Nice map Kesler. 5/19/07x
very spiffy, thair was no musick but this kinda addid to the suspencefulnes of the wad 5/5x
Nice wad i liked it DDx
KZdoom 7 is THE BEST Kurt map IN THE WORLD. Get it NOW!!x

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