Title: lilith.pk3
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/j-l/lilith.zip
Size: 39.53 MB
Date: 08/27/17
Author: anotak
Description: i like to keep my doom 2 installation floppies attached to my computer with magnets so i don't lose them

some can experience seizures when exposed to flashing lights or other visual stimuli. even if you've never been diagnosed, please be stop playing this wad if you encounter disorientation, lightheadedness, altered vision, involuntary twitching/jerking movements, or momentary loss of awareness/consciousness. i tried very hard to avoid anything that would cause physical discomfort but everyone is different

this wad does not work with qz/gz/zandronum as it relies on the old zdoom software renderer and other quirks specific to zdoom (or zdoomLE). you need 2.8.1 or newer
Credits: testing/feedback from Alfonzo, Altazimuth, Belthegor, Breezeep, Dew, Esselfortium, Generic, Gobolt, Jazz, Luker, Marnetmar, Mauve, Mizuki, Mountainmanjed, RottKing, Saotome Kaneda, Spadger, StanHansen, Tulpa, Xaser

Additional RC1 bug reports & feedback from Albertoni, An_mutt, Breezeep, everennui, Gez, Jimmy, leodoom85, Ryath

MAP01 D_RUNNN music by Xaser
Base: New + heavily altered doom2.wad assets
Build time: Months
Editor(s) used: Audacity, Doom Builder 2, FL Studio, Hexplorer, Notepad++, SLADE, Visual Studio, XWE
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