Title: 1:4 "Glacial Caverns"
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/j-l/loki-glacial.zip
Size: 8.05 MB
Date: 05/29/02
Author: Jerry Lehr Jr [Hatechild/AlienNation]
Description: This level is a level found on the future release/current project entitled "loki's realm". none of the storyline is included and the game comes with a lot of extras like external textures, a lo-fi mp3 music track (the full version will offer these as alternatives to the large hifi versions)

the level takes place in a frozen cavern it has a main area and 4 sub-levels (like all loki's realm levels, except maybe the first)
Credits: SkyJake! Jaakko Keränen (JDoom source port) authors of wintex & windeu
Base: Scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Windeu,wintex,notepad,psp7
Bugs: none that I know of yet, report to jerrylehrjr@hotmail.com this level plays alright as a single level but when i put the finished level in the loki game, it locks up because of lack of memory even raising the maxzone in kickstart fails this has always been a problem with this particular level
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For heaven's sake. Nightmares of Loki was awful, and this is awful too. The installation procedure overwrites some of Jdoom's setup files; there's no uninstaller, so you have to manually delete a bunch of files; the new graphics are crude and child-like; and the level is just a mass of unintuitive switch hunts in a big maze. If this has been eleven years in the making then the author is wasting his life. The music is surprisingly decent, but sounds very dated, like a Shamen b-side from 1990.x
vary strang take a look x

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