Title: Massmouthmas
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/massmas.zip
Size: 3.58 MB
Date: 12/25/04
Author: Cyb (mostly)
Description: This is a Massmouth Christmas special, as it were. I always wanted to make a Massmouth hub, and a few days ago I decided I would do it. It's small and pretty linear, and it's not fast paced action or anything. In fact it's more of a puzzle wad, so if you want some crazy run and gun, go play Alien Vendetta.

The story takes place after the events of Massmouth 1, but before Massmouth 2, because making it follow the events of Massmouth 2 would be a pain thanks to my genius idea of giving it six endings. Everything will be explained in game, so enjoy!

Also a nice thanks to various people who played the first version I released on DW and told me about any bugs and such.
Base: Maps Scratch GFX Me (simple ones) Scuba Steve (some sprites and a texture or two) Enjay (stole something from Marine Assault) WViperW (Q2 model used to make sprites) Raven Software (theft from Hexen) Music CanisLupus Maim Cryogenic Keypounder Regin Johnson and one song I couldn't find the author of
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