Title: MAYhem 2012
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/mayhem12.zip
Size: 3.24 MB
Date: 11/08/12
Author: A buncha clowns
Description: One fine day two years ago MionicDonut decided that a megawad made in one month would be a nifty idea. Then he forgot about it for two years. Before doing so again the idea was pushed forth that the month of May 2012 would be an open call to make some boom maps, and put everything together into one 32-map megawad. What was not accounted for is that May is a busy time for people doing college exams so they can become lawyers and businessmen. Accordingly, only 12 maps we completed by the end of the month. But they are an enjoyable bunch of maps, and we are still about five times more time efficient than the CC4 crowd.

At least we have that.

The maplist is!

01 - Vigilance By Phobus

02 - The Golden Age By Walter C

03 - Derpman 3D - The Other Game By Walter C

04 - Eerie Canals By TheMionicDonut

05 - Iron Industries By Scypek2

06 - The Metal By Phobus

07 - Red like Jungle By Walter C

08 - Hell's Ravines By Scypek2

09 - The Grudge By Ribbiks

10 - Infiltration By Cannonball

11 - A cold day in Hell By Cannonnball

12- Thematic Terror By Moti and Kongming
Credits: Tango for the Orange sky.

Nick Baker for the recolored texture pack

Phobus for making the labels and MAPINFO junk because Donut sucks at it and is possibly illiterate (Note: map names are only present in ZDoom and derived ports)

Phobus for also getting this onto /idgames after how many months

The midi-makers who works we unashamedly stole.

All the playtesters, especially Phobus and walter confalonieri!

The folks at YEDS for inspiring community mapmaking in a time limit, and crafting the art of waiting seven weeks for a finished product.

Everybody who sat through my "hype-building", which was totally not me putting off compiling for seven weeks.

Robert Downey Jr. for his impeccable work as Iron Man.

And you, dear reader.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: It was made over a month. Maps took between one day and one month.
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder 2, Slade3. The usual rigamarole.
Bugs: Not every map has starts for coop/DM. I may make them more compatible. Expect that version to come out around 2016! -TMD
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