Title: Counterattack
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/mek-catk.zip
Size: 8.03 MB
Date: 02/16/17
Author: Brett "Mechadon" Harrell
Description: Counterattack is a 7-map mini episode for Doom II. Each map was designed to be played from pistol-start; continuous play is fine but will make the play through much easier. This map set originally started out as a single map contribution to the Vinesauce map contest held in 2016 by Joel "Vargskelethor". The map in question (MAP02) was started on in early September, and finished on September 9th. Afterwards, I officially started the project on October 10th (shortly after finishing MAP04).

My goal with this project was to exercise with the Doom II texture assets, and to create some maps for practice. All maps use stock Doom II textures (aside from skies and minor extras). The maps are medium-to-large in size and have many different paths that you can take. Replayability was a design goal I tried to aim for. Difficulty is somewhat middling, but should ramp up a bit towards the end.

There is no way to exit to MAP31, so you will have to warp to it in order to play it. There is a secret exit in MAP31 that leads to MAP32, so have fun hunting for it!

Note that MAP06 and MAP30 are not meant to be a part of the main campaign. MAP06 is for story purposes for ports that can't display the ending text. MAP30 is there as a way to keep the game from [potentially] crashing because I replaced some of the IoS things in the DEHACKED (its also a dumb in-joke).

Also note that you shouldn't use jumping or crouching in these maps. It has been disabled in ZDoom, but some ports will still allow it. If you do use jumping or crouching, you may break the maps. Mouselook is ok but it may make certain secret triggers easier than intended.

Note for PrBoom+ users: Use complevel 9
Credits: Mechadon

Sky textures for MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, and MAP4 were composed of various stock images that I do not have credits or sources for.

Both sky textures for MAP05 were edited from stock space images from NASA.

MAP32 textures come from the game "The Adventures of MicroMan, Adventure 1: Crazy Computers" by Brian Goble. I ripped and edited them to work in Doom.

COOP sign is an edit of the Doom exit sign.

Vargskelethor Vinesauce mushroom texture is by Joel (with slight edits by me to get it to look decent in the Doom palette).
Base: From scratch
Build time: 6 months
Editor(s) used: GZDoom Builder, SLADE, GIMP, WhackEd4, Notepad++, Sid2Mid
Bugs: In MAP01, the Red Keycard crusher section doesn't time properly in ZDoom because of some difference with voodoo doll scrollers. It doesn't break the sequence, it just makes it possible to get stuck under one of them if your not careful. Sorry I couldn't figure out a way to fix this :(

In MAP04, at the Yellow Skull fight, a large section of the floor lowers into some steps. Monsters like to get stuck on the edges and I don't know of a good way to get around this. So use it to your advantage I guess.

The final boss's death & sight sounds don't play at full volume (this is fixed in ZDoom).

Multi-part lifts are used in numerous places throughout all of the maps. I have tried to mitigate the possibility of them breaking as much as possible. But a busted lift is still something that may happen.

The wide-screen statusbar graphic replacement currently doesn't look right in Zandronum 2.1.2, Odamex, and Doom Retro (and maybe others).

Some of the later maps may cause lag in certain ports and/or on certain machines.

There are probably lots of little slimetrails in many of the maps. Don't worry, they won't hurt you.
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Each single one of these maps is like a juicy megawad on its own. The text file has horridly broken whitespace, though.x
Expertly-made maps. Mechadon is one of the very best, and here's to hoping he'll continue to release new Doom-related content in the future.x
Sick wad.x
Mech gives us all something to study; these maps are simply beautiful with expertly made layouts.x

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