Title: The Molehill
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/molehill.zip
Size: 134.9 KB
Date: 08/04/17
Author: Jimmy
Description: Broke a spate of complete creative inertia suddenly with this map, started at 22:22 late one Monday night, wrapped up the following day, then polished over the next couple days.

Tested in Pr/GLBoom+, Q/GZDoom, and Eternity.
Credits: Chuck Dodgers for the MIDI, AgentSpork for using it in a map of his in the first instance. Benjogami and Alfonzo for demos and feedback. :) All the commenters so far. Good to be somewhat back in the saddle, guys.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 3 days plus tons of tiny edits afterwards
Editor(s) used: GZDoom Builder, SLADE
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