Title: Morpheus Arms
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/morpheus.zip
Size: 77.51 KB
Date: 02/27/11
Author: Varant Yessayan
Description: The barrier between reality and dreams has fallen. And you have volunteered to venture into the fray, wary of the unintended consequences of such a frightful marriage. Fight your way through a decaying military industrial complex that has merged all too seamlessly with the nightmarescapes of Hell itself. And hope against hope that the dream doesn't suck you in for good... You'll need freelook and jumps activated to beat the odds.
Base: Modified
Build time: About a month. Keeping it simple.
Editor(s) used: Trusty Doombuilder 1.68! And Waded, originally...
Bugs: None I've found after playtesting. Notify me if your experience varies.
Rating: (6 votes)
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Pretty nice map. The traps work for me, and I only felt lost and didn't know where to go once (after the blue key door). 3.5/5 - ZZx
Traps in this map are fair, so I don't think it's problem. The problem is...some ammo placements will let you ran out of ammo without reasons... : And I got lost easily... The map shouldn't failed like this. :p 2.5/5 -playerlinx
cool weapons...but very strange map. I can't play without cheat.x
In my opinion the traps are well placed, and the wad is actually quite fun. The only problem I found was two cacodemons that were stuck to each other in a monster closet that opens if you find the chainsaw secret. I don't think the map deserves such a low score. 4/5 -Lupinx-Kassmanx
Cool concept but much toooo much traps!!! Its very easy but otherwise its very frustrating and there are lots of moments where you think WHERE SHOULD I GO? So sorry but only a 25 -Omegamerx

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