Title: Mortal Soul: The Installation
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/msinstallatn.zip
Size: 1.11 MB
Date: 03/29/24
Author: Stupid Bunny
Description: This is the first map, originally a standalone piece, of what would eventually become "Mortal Soul", and was originally released in an earlier form in October of 2010. I had nonlinearity in mind when I made it, and it shows the fondness I had for escalating visuals and difficulty early on although is more modest in size than the maps I made before or after. Not too much is different from the first release, apart from some added secrets and rebalancing of assets here and there. Mostly being released as-is due to its advanced age and as a kind of time capsule of sorts.

=== MORTAL SOUL === Mortal Soul was not so much a project as an amalgamation of maps I was made between 2010 and 2021 that were loosely strung together into a narrative that was never intended at the outset. By all rights they probably ought to have been released as separate maps to begin with--they have no thematic consistency, despite my efforts to try and foist one on them, and many of the are quite large so they probably become more tedious as part of a set anyway. Given that I've sat on them for so long, and that I no longer feel they really need to be a set, or are worthy of the time they've been waiting for release, I'm finally comfortable releasing them one-by-one now. If I ever find the motivation to finish the remaining few maps, and the talent to draw the boss animations I've envisioned, then maybe one day it'll be re- released as a single WAD.


The portal led to another planet, untold millions of light-years from Earth, orbiting a rogue star on the far fringes of another galaxy. The planet was serene, unspoiled, a ready place for human habitation. But humanity had by this time learned a lesson or two about leaving portals open. After a thorough sweep of the planet found no threats, the first few ten thousand colonists came through, saying goodbyes to loved ones they knew they would never see again, and the portal was collapsed, forever isolating the colonists from the distant Earth. For good measure, a massive military space ark, COSMOS, was orbited over the planet, self-sufficient and staffed with its own elite military should something below on the surface go wrong.

Generations pass. The memory of Earth, for the colonists and their offspring, fades into history. The Space Army keeps a distant watch from its orbital keep, but no portals have opened. No evil has emerged to terrorize humanity's new and by now thriving abode, safe around its lonely star.

A distress call comes over the dusty emergency line, transmitted from a mining facility deep in the planet. You are sent down on a factfinding mission to a remote island military outpost on the surface, hoping to get some much-needed answers there...
Base: New from scratch
Build time: About 2 weeks
Editor(s) used: DB2; later UDB
Bugs: A couple ledge imps may be stuck underground in some ports and I'm not sure why
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