Title: Mudman
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/mudman.zip
Size: 4.73 MB
Date: 08/27/23
Author: Eater29
Description: Mudman is a large and difficult MBF21-compatible (-cl 21) swamp-themed map that makes extensive use of Boom's friction sectors in combat setups. Here is a brief rundown of the difficulties (in short, HMP recommended):

UV - Highly punishing (by my standards) encounters with slight ammo starvation in places and less health. May require some grinding.

HMP - More lenient than UV, with more resources and powerups. Fights play out mostly the same as UV, but with more room for error. I recommend this difficulty for a first playthrough

HNTR - Very forgiving with more fodder to blast through. Should be a walk in the park.

*Cyberdemon hp reduced to 1500
Credits: Ola Björling (Ukiro) for Otex Additional textures from aa-tex.wad Tree sprites by elend CarmeloSantos, Skraegorn and Stargazer for playtesting and feedback Not Jabba and Maribo for additional suggestions Full credits in a lump in the wad
Base: New from scratch + small texture modifications
Build time: about 5 months
Editor(s) used: Ultimate doom builder, SLADE, GIMP
Bugs: Performance issues on software rendering, opengl rendering is recommended
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