Title: E1M1 Multiverse (v2.4)
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/multiverse.zip
Size: 28.66 MB
Date: 07/24/20
Author: Various mappers
Description: Revisiting the iconic E1M1 with a number of creative spinoffs
Credits: id Software (Doom 2, Final Doom) CodeImp, MaxEd, anotak and other contributors (Doom Builder 2, GZDB) sirjuddington and other contributors (SLADE3)

Theshyguy489 - Came up with the project idea and originally led the project

Mappers: ShadesMaster sanicstudios noisebloom (project lead) ShadesMaster Theshyguy489 (original project lead) Sir Hattington Solmyr Bushpig2Dope ShadesMaster DJVCardMaster CrunchyNut YeOldeFellerNoob

Special Thanks: Solymr - fixing bugs in the project WAD Misc Playtesters: Lokatzis 007 CJ, Magicana, Bass Slapper '89

MIDI: id Software (Doom, Doom2, Sigil, Final Doom) James Paddock (MAP05 - Rotted Roots) noisebloom (MAP03) sanicstudios (MAP02 and MAP08)

MAP07 Textures: Capcom. id Software. Raven Software. 3D Realms. Not Jabba. Taw Tu'lki. Scaliano. Shams Young. SgtMarkIV. Impie. pc234. Teder. Josuke. NiGHTMARE. osjclatchford. raymoohawk. Cage. Fox666. DrDoctor. IDText.wad. LoneAlpha2401. Chainie. XLightningStormL. Cacodemon187. Rembrandt. Cesare Mussini. Horrorsoft.

MAP07 Music, Monsters, Pickups: Capcom. (Queer Structure, Mansion 1st floor revisited) id Software. Doomkid (inspiration) Solmyr: Zombieman and Shotgunner replacements. Captain Toenail: Doberman/MA1 Cerberus.
Base: New from scratch
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