Title: M Y S T I C 4
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/mystic4.zip
Size: 84.57 KB
Date: 11/02/01
Author: ANDY MCKIE aka mystic
Description: Designed for Deathmatch real 3D floors. Trippy sci-fi looking level
Credits: Alastair Montgomery (Big Al) from http://www.doomheaven.co.uk A good friend, he has helped me to test and distribute my wads on his Doom Heaven website, even the ones I dont want distributed. Also occasionally gives me his cast off hardware which helps me a lot. Thanks again Al

Amritpal Notta (AP) from http://www.bollywoodheaven.com, apart from being a good friend, he supplied me with a second PC to test my deathmatch levels, and a CD writer, and a 56k modem among other things. Big thanks to U2 AP

JIVE of Doom Legacy Wads fame for his encouragement and advice on optimising my wads for opengl

The authors of DETH, WINTEX, NWT, BSP and ZENNODE, my editors of choice. Also Paintshop Pro.

id Software for creating the greatest computer game ever.

The DOOM LEGACY team for making the greatest game even better

JASC software for making PAINT SHOP PRO, the best image manipulation program.
Base: Brand spanking new
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This was... Different. It appears to be a space station but the windows don't function in a sensical manner, when you fall out of the space station you fall into a pit of glitchy water, enemies can shoot you from all over without you knowing about it (Due to the weird acting windows) and it is more of a pain to play than anything. It wasn't very enjoyable.x

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