Title: Noob Project Part 5- Digital Highway
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/nprject5.zip
Size: 18.22 MB
Date: 03/15/08
Author: Lupinx-ressurected aka. Lupinx-Kassman
Description: The quest for the BFG continues.... into a bright and colorful virtual world, where even ordinary laws of physics may be bent a little at times. Several textures were used from hacx, but due to the limited amount of virtual reality textures Hacx had to offer, I ended up making many of my own (either by creating color variations of textures in hacx, or simply making new textures from scratch.) The story is in game, in the form of skippable cutscenes (except the last one on level three, which is the player's choice to simply quit the game or not by then, since the stats are already shown beforehand.) Therefore, I am not going to monologue in this text file :P. The plot is semi-humorous, since I don't think I could make a completely serious plot. The wad is technically three maps, but it plays as one. Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention this wad can be very difficult.
Credits: Fredrick Johannasen for a few textures used near the beginning. Banjo software, for some of the textures used in the wad, and used as a basis for many of the additional textures I made. Vega for the VegKass hud-faces, and the drawing in the Prologue map. TheGreenHerring and EsselFortium for beta-testing. All my friends for playing my maps and supporting me to make more. My family for being my family. You for playing and (hopefully) enjoying this wad.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Too long
Editor(s) used: XWE and Doom Builder
Bugs: In the boss arena, where you meet Kenesen, there is a very small area where pressing the spacebar will cause the cutscene-skip script early. Easily avoided as long as you don't run around the arena pressing the spacebar madly for no apparent reason.
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