Title: Nukage refinery.
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/nukage2.zip
Size: 2.94 MB
Date: 06/30/10
Author: John Cartwright.
Base: New level built from scratch.
Build time: About 1 month.
Editor(s) used: Yadex. Doom Builder.
Rating: (11 votes)
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Not a bad map, have some fun with it, but weapons/ammo placements are stupid. I get chaingun after I got red key already, and it still beatable if not get boring when shooting monsters with shotgun/supershotgun , shells is too fucking much because too many shotgun zombies. Why put shitload of rocket boxes and big batteries on some area like secret, then the real secret is just near red key platform switch without any secretly feel. Whatever, it's not bad, but needed more works. 3/5 -playerlinx
Cool! I played it single player. A lot of fun. Big areas with lot's of monsters but it's doable. Especially when you get the good weapons. 5/5 - Optimusx
I have just created the map and merged it with the DV-Zero.wad so all of the resources are there from DV-Zero.wad as I was making the map using it. I should have removed the titlepic, but it came with the wad am I was not going to be bothered to remove it. --neubejiita.x
Not actually bad. x
What is the Deus Vult titlepic for?x
I am working on a version of this with improved gameplay and more weapons laying around. Stay tuned. --John.x

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