Title: An Obambirthday - Platinum Deluxe Director's Cut DX Battle Edition
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/obambday.zip
Size: 1.37 MB
Date: 11/23/14
Author: Jaxxoon R
Description: I originally created this as a birthday gift for some DoomWorld user... forgot who it was, sorry. There was a thread in the Wads&Mods section and the title said "happy birthday, Mr. President", so I assumed it was a mod featuring Obama. It wasn't, but the guy wanted mods for his birthday, and I was inspired. This version is a bit different from the one uploaded to DoomWorld; its got a slightly better first level. Now behold the beautiful plot or whatever:

"A tragic tale of a man who lost nothing, and gained nothing: You are Barack Obama, sumthing-sumthingth president of the United States. It is your birthday and you receive a very odd gift; a gift that will lead to your undoing, when it brings hellish horrors into this world. As they make your house weird and break furniture and people in half, the American public wonders who can stop these demons.

Fight Obama! Fight for everlasting peace!"
Credits: DoomWorld guy who was unintentionally responsible for this obamanation's creation.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: In a week originally, now over a couple months.
Editor(s) used: GZDOOM Builder
Bugs: Some scripting things have the rare tendency to get messed up randomly.
Rating: (7 votes)
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I found this a bit funny, actually. What a twist at the end, too!x
Author shows some technical skills, but clearly does not understand anything about the concept of gameplay. This is too bad even for a jokewad. BTW It would very surprise me if this is not a poopyshooty wad, because it shows the almost unique fingerprints of that author. Not only in the wad itself, but also in the 2nd (5*) rating.x
I think I found an error while trying to finish the map01. Can't finish it. Funny theme of Murica. Folks @ D.W.? Wtf is that? ~1/5 for the funny vandalism jokes.x
5'd for the name alone, WTF is an obamabirthday!x
damn... Very compelling story with brilliant writing. Ending will have you shocked. It's a twist M. Night Shya-- Alfred Hitchcock would die for. Highly recommended if you don't mind that Obama has white hands for no reason.x

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