Title: OCD-Doom
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/ocd-doom.zip
Size: 2.02 MB
Date: 07/01/15
Author: Peter Hawes
Description: These levels are moderately small and use the voodoo doll bug. Also this is VERY linear!

OCD-Doom: You must join the obsession to defeat the obsession.

Made-up Story: The Obsessive Compulsive Demon is enslaving the human race in destructive habits and you need to progress through tortuous routine while monsters attack you at almost every turn. Ultimately you are in the OCD's Lair where you must destroy the source, allowing humanity to be set free at last.

For maximum enjoyment/frustration, I recommend not saving the game except at the start of a new level.

The new levels are numbers 1 and 21-30 but Level 1 is just a message to the player and 21 is a death-exit to force you to start level 22 with just a pistol.

I welcome other authors using the technology I have developed to make bigger and better versions of this, as long as you give me due credit.
Credits: Everyone at ID who made the Doom/Doom II engine - I thank you especially for leaving the voodoo doll bug for me to experiment with! I thank everyone who has made good Doom/Doom II levels for the inspiration (including my older brother Stephen) and everyone who has made terrible levels for motivating me to prove I can do better.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 300+ hours at the computer, much more thinking time than that! Some of these maps date back 2 years.
Editor(s) used: DoomBuilder II
Bugs: If you have the original 32 platform limit, there may be a few problems (especially Level 30), I play on JDoom with a 128 platform limit, which is enough for these maps.
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Innovative, and with lots and lots of voodoo scripting. Proves that you can make a mapset challenging without resorting to throwing hordes of monsters at the players. Except hordes of monsters make an appaerance there too. Oh well.x
Absolutely deviousx
What has this got to do with OCD? I have OCD and was compelled to delete _and_ empty the recycle bin, followed by tree hot showers to purge myself of this nauseating tripe.x
Ever wonder what it would be like to run through a sadistic gauntlet of hitting switches before time runs out and you die? Well now you can! Hit one switch makes another switch appear and the blue bar next to it lowers into the ground. When its all the way in, you die. Its more than just running to nearby switch after nearby switch, there are balance beams to test your tolerance. Its definitely memorable, but too tough to be fun.x
For what it is, it is awesome! Greatly executed and fun in a masochistic way. Full review on DW thread.x
Originality makes a memorable product. This is a very cool way of implementing a 'timer system' into Doom - If you don't get to the next switch before the blue column lowers, you're toast! The mapping leaves a little to be desired in some areas, but the first map (22) looks very nice and overall this is an enjoyable WAD. 4/5 stars, I hope to see this idea implemented in a few more maps. Fun!x
Just in time puzzles ain't my thing. Sorry, but it looks like a good map though! *shrugs* ~1/5x

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