Title: Nine anomaly's bug free edition
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/os3.zip
Size: 2.72 MB
Date: 07/14/09
Author: Hardcore_gamer
Description: READ THIS!!!!!!!!! This is actually a second version of this WAD being submited to the /idgames because the first one suffered from missing textures during the first level. In addition the ending text that was only suppose to appear after the levels had been beaten was shown after level 3. All of this has been fixed in this WAD however. If the person who manages the /Idgames is reading this then i would like the old version of this WAD removed. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

After months of working on this on and off, this is finished at last!

Nine anomaly's is the third and the last entry in the Oskyrt series, but unlike the first two entry's this one is for Doom 2, but the 8 levels this WAD has is still intended to be a "episode"

Nine anomaly's continues were Beyond horrible ended, with the player being stuck in hell on a floating hell Anomaly. In addition to the anomaly the player is standing on, there are also 7 others the player must fight through.

Good luck!

NOTE: I would like to thank the Iron Hitman for helping me with E31. Your great Iron! Thanks!
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Months, i don't know exactly
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 1 and 2. Slumped,
Bugs: May not run with anything but Zdoom based ports.
Rating: (7 votes)
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not enough armox
"Bug free"? In MAP07, the blue door isn't actually keyed. You can open it right away, kill the SMM, and finish the level. In MAP08, the exit switch is reachable from outside, so you can finish the level in 1 second, probably even 0:00. Other than that, it was a mixed bag - a decent one, though, generally speaking.x
Pretty decent episode. On their own, these maps aren't anything special, but they're okay, maybe 3-3.5 points each, and Map08 could really use some linedefs so you couldn't skip killing any monsters. However, since the whole episode flows pretty nice and I enjoyed my playthrough, I'll be nice and round it up to a 4. 3.5(4)/5x
This game kicks ass!x
This is exactly the same as the other WAD but without the missing textures in the first map. I already rated the old version so there is not much i have to say about this WAD. Good work fixing the missing textures, i guess. I will give this WAD the same rating as i did last time. 4/5 stars.x

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