Title: Ozarka
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/ozarka.zip
Size: 26.74 KB
Date: 08/06/05
Author: Jacob H. Orloff
Description: This is my last low-detailed map. Someone showed me what people meant by "detail" and I was too far along in this map to start over to make it to this week's /newstuff. So this is low-detailed I know that. Hope you enjoy it though.
Credits: God
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 7 days or so.
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder
Bugs: None.
Rating: (6 votes)
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Sorry but I don't think you have enough ammo to finish off the 100 hell kinghts and barons. 6/12/07x
Of course as far as detail is concerned, there is no heightened rule that says, "lots of detail makes maps better." The classic episodes and doom 2 are living proofs of that. The focus, really, should be in how effectively and consistently detail is used. And of course ideas and gameplay will always take priority as well. Ahem, anyway, this map is okay. The connectivity and structure of the level, I thought, needed more attention than the palatable idea of greater detail.x
Worse than his last map - not enough ammo to kill everything 2/5x
Good classic gameplay.x
it is really a 2005 map?... 1/5x

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