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The New Adventure
Its the 43rd century, year 662, month 3 day 25. The universe is a wreck and you must sort out all this mess. So you have to go on a new adventure and kill Paul Corfiatis. Once he is beaten you will be a proud champion. This Wod requires ZDOOM!!...Date:03/23/06
Size:1.16 MB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Congestion 1024
32 maps no bigger than 1024 X 1024. Some maps have areas outside the 1024 X 1024 block but they are not part of the playing area. The idea was to focus on quick and fun gameplay....Date:12/02/05
Size:3.58 MB
Author:Various mappers

Claustrophobia 1024 2: The Mystery of Too Many Maps
Claustrophobia 1024 2 is the community-made sequel to Claustrophobia 1024 which was released in June 2009. It's comprised of 34 brand-new maps restricting the player's movements to a 1024x1024 space. Decoration and monsters were allowed outside of th...Date:01/08/10
Size:8.69 MB

Claustrophobia 1024
Claustrophobia 1024 is the community-made, inspirational sequel to Congestion 1024 which was released back in 2005. It's comprised of 32 brand-new maps restricting the player's movements to a 1024x1024 space. Decoration and monsters were allowed o...Date:06/17/09
Size:7.63 MB

10 Sectors Part 2
From mid-August to mid-September, held a contest with a simple premise: design the best Boom level you can with only 10 sectors. This is the second level compilation from that contest....Date:01/13/01
Size:1.53 MB

10 Sectors
From mid-August to mid-September, held a contest with a simple premise: design the best Boom level you can with only 10 sectors. This is the result....Date:11/26/00
Size:3.25 MB

180 Minutes Pour Vivre
A collection of 32 new "speedmaps". See 180mpv_info.txt for details. Also included is 180mpv_b.wad, a bonus wad containing an extra map 30, as well as story elements for the whole wad. See 180mpv_b.txt for more info....Date:11/08/20
Size:9.57 MB
Author:The French Doom Community & friends

1994 Tune-up Community Project
Everybody knows that most maps from 1994 are pretty terrible, but what if we took maps from the archive that permit modification and then redetailed them? The purpose of this community wad is to improve on maps from 1994. Most maps from that time h...Date:08/20/11
Size:10.45 MB

1-Hour Speedmapping 2018
Sometimes, the urge to map comes in small moments where you want to challenge yourself to make something in a short amount of time. This is the first in what may be a series of compilations of 1-hour speedmaps. Maps must be built within a 1 hour ...Date:10/20/18
Size:1.45 MB
Author:Breezeep, Jimmy, and various mappers

Moderator's Nightmare: Two-Sectored Trash
It's a jokewad. Each level of the megawad consists of two square sectors. *************** Story ***************** Our hero is one of The Russian Doom Community Forum moderators. For seventeen hours he looked through stupid posts and ran through ugl...Date:01/30/12
Size:858.17 KB

2048 Units of /vr/ - Clean Edition
This project contains 32 maps in the main wad, plus an additional 6 that didn't make the cut contained in the extra wad. Inspired by projects like MAYhem 2048 and Congestion 1024, we sought to make a project with similar restrictions: make a boom-com...Date:11/01/20
Size:6.21 MB

2048 Units of /vr/
This project contains 32 maps in the main wad, plus an additional 6 that didn't make the cut contained in the extra wad. Inspired by projects like MAYhem 2048 and Congestion 1024, we sought to make a project with similar restrictions: make a boom-com...Date:11/01/20
Size:7.13 MB

2 Enemy Community Project
A community project where each mapper was limited to using only two enemy types (e.g. Spectre+Imp). 42+2 maps, UMAPINFO support is required....Date:06/19/23
Size:8.98 MB
Author:Various (see credits)

Thirty Monsters Challenge
The mission was simple: make a map with thirty monsters in it. In the end, sixty-four of them were made, for your personal enjoyment....Date:11/20/22
Size:17.39 MB
Author:Dac (and a motley crew of mappers)

32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas
"...It was the pinnacle of burgerdom. Finally, the long summer's study in Aberdonian cuisine and bovine mating rituals had yielded of a supple, juicy tower clad with buns too good to slap and the fattest sow the YEDS had ever sewn. The chief engineer...Date:01/18/15
Size:13.51 MB
Author:The 32in24 Team!

32in24 II: Single Player
map01 - Fist Gone Wild: Uncensored Version by Torn map02 - Waste Treatment by Essel map03 - NABISCO by Mid map04 - Sorta Tight Quarters by Lizardcommando map05 - Tricks and Traps II: The Empire Strikes Back by Shaikoten map06 - Rock Lobster by Essel ...Date:10/22/11
Size:703.62 KB
Author:The 32in24 team!

32 maps.wad
32 map megawad full of the most delightful maps you will ever have the privilege to experience....Date:07/18/22
Size:2.46 MB

The 64 kb challenge: Limitless Selection
35 maps made under or equal the file size limitation of 64 kylobites, all these levels are limit-removing ports (complevel 2) compatible, don't play these with vanilla sets or original DOS executable...Date:09/09/20
Size:1.37 MB
Author:Various, see authors-v.txt

32 over 32
Not your average mapset. 32 over 32 contains 32 standalone levels separated into 32 individual wad files. The levels were made with pistol start in mind and each map will vary in terms of Theme, Difficulty and Gameplay style....Date:01/12/14
Size:5.2 MB
Author:Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez

3 Heures d'agonie
Size:2.55 MB
Author:JC Zyklonb Darkwave0000 Necrotikflesh Impulse [WH]-Wilou84 Franckfrag Subject_119 Oxyde

3x3 is a 29-level megawad that came to life as a community project hosted by MFG38. Participating mappers were given a week to make up to 2 maps each while only allowed to use 3 flats, 3 textures and 3 enemy types. (A select few textures/flats were e...Date:01/31/21
Size:3.73 MB

3x3: Take Two
3x3: Take Two is the spiritual sequel to the 3x3 community project, hosted by MFG38. The set contains 30 maps from 22 different authors, using only 3 flats, 3 wall textures and 3 enemy types per map. Maps were sorted *roughly* by difficulty this time...Date:06/20/21
Size:5.05 MB

400 Minutes of /vr/
This project contains 37 maps, all made within 400 minutes (with a few exceptions,) inspired by the previous X Minutes of /vr/ projects. All maps are Boom-compatible and use rfhelltx.wad for textures. UMAPINFO is utilized to supply special actions an...Date:05/29/22
Size:5.72 MB

Happy Birthday Kvo!
We made a wad for Kvo's birthday! They really like glides (and other tricks) so we gave them that! Do not play with wad in GZDoom or with longtics! Happy Birthday Kvo!...Date:08/13/23
Size:404.85 KB
Author:Meowgi (Lead) 4shockblast, billa, bredd, Christophine Place, Dolan, kmc, Napsalm, Phoenyx, Rayziik,

50 Shades of Graytall
50 Shades of Graytall is a project designed around creating maps with interesting architecture and gameplay despite being limited to a selection of arguably hideous textures. Started in response to a silly post made in the Editing forum which led I a...Date:09/09/15
Size:4.86 MB

512 Linedefs of /vr/
32 maps constructed using no more than 512 linedefs in each map. All maps are designed in Boom format (complevel 9) and use ultratex.wad for textures, also utilizing UMAPINFO to supply special actions. Also contains a separate WAD for ports that do n...Date:07/04/22
Size:5.38 MB

Five Minutes to Kill
5 Minutes to Kill is a speed mapping project where every consecutive map in the set gets 5 more minutes of mapping time. Starting at 5 minutes with MAP1, 10 minutes with MAP02, 15 minutes with MAP03, etc. The levels are organized by mapping time, NOT...Date:03/09/22
Size:795.5 KB
Author:Victor "Rivi" Gasior III

Five Rooms of Doom
A Doomworld community project, startes by Keeper of Jericho, in which the goal was to make the best map each author could make without exceeding the five room limit....Date:07/16/15
Size:10.97 MB
Author:Various (Project leader: Keeper of Jericho)

Another 32 over 32
Another 32 over 32 is the sequel to 32 over 32. Another 32 over 32 contains 32 standalone levels separated into 32 individual wad files. The levels were made with pistol start in mind and each map will vary in terms of Theme, Difficulty and Gameplay ...Date:05/20/14
Size:7.94 MB
Author:Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez

Ancient Aliens
Demos recorded with the original release of Ancient Aliens are compatible with this update. Version 1.1 includes updates to textures. Version 1.2 includes an update to fix a MAP24 crash in Eternity caused by mistakenly rebuilding the nodes in MAP24. ...Date:07/17/16
Size:35.85 MB
Author:Paul "skillsaw" DeBruyne

Grandiose, oppressive slaughter maps....Date:05/10/23
Size:44.07 MB
Author:Bemused Benjogami Scotty

Abandoned Megawad
This is just a collection of maps I've abandoned in my attempt to make a Megawad. =.=''' So I make those into a Megawad. Playable, but expect absolute random themes, horrible textures, random monsters, random stuffs all over the random maps. But do e...Date:10/01/10
Size:3.2 MB

Abysm: Dawn of Innocence
Abysm is an an action adventure GZDoom TC for Doom 2 inspired by games such as Diablo, Dark Souls and Strife. the mod features A Hub level progression where you complete quests while slaughtering demons along the way with various Medieval weapons and...Date:03/03/19
Size:47.7 MB
Author:Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 69
A whopping eighty-five maps made during the sixty-ninth (and final) Abyssal Speedmapping Session, held over the course of three to four days in four rounds. Each round went for two hours (with fifteen minutes beforehand for resource gathering and fif...Date:01/14/23
Size:8.93 MB
Author:Far too many to name: check the maplists!

Adonis: Escape from Urania
17-map Boom megawad, sequel of Urania. After defeating the tyrant monster from Urania, your spaceship was hit by unknown forces and you had to catapult back to the surface of Urania, in the industrial area, between the jungle and the mountains. Earth...Date:06/29/19
Size:5.58 MB

Afternoon is a Boom-compatible set for Doom II containing 15 speedmaps, made in 3 hours each. Each map contains a bespoke MIDI by Korp. Crouching and jumping should be disabled, and mouselook is optional. A port that supports UMAPINFO is recommended ...Date:09/12/23
Size:1.54 MB
Author:Ludi et al

Third WAD by [B0S] clan. Now it's 32 levels. Plot: "It all happened because of that strange portal in the cargo compartment of this falling plane. After we loaded the object we had found under kilometers of ice in the cargo hold, the commander appoin...Date:05/06/12
Size:11.63 MB
Author:[B0S] Clan

Armadosia The Mad Corridor v2.1
Large, complex levels, with a focus on exploration...Date:02/20/06
Size:9.92 MB
Author:arma kero

APOCACLIPS - is a full 32 map megawad made in THREE DAYS! See April fools was coming up Friday and Sun I got the idea to make a bunch of speedmaps and use April Fools to get away with it. With such a short deadline I had to work fast and got it done ...Date:05/03/22
Size:1.02 MB
Author:Clippy Clippington

My first megawad! As of now, consists of 22 levels of pure doomness, at least in my opinion! Plus 5 extra levels by me! I hope you enjoy it!...Date:08/30/22
Size:4.94 MB
Author:Astro X

And The Bloodshed Began
Size:2.25 MB
Author:Maxime Bisiaux "Datacore" / ( Subject119 map 01,02,03,07 and 15 )

AUTOPHAGY.WAD is an old school megawad aiming for a mixture of Evilution, Scythe, Demonfear, and other classic experiences. Levels range from very easy to moderately challenging. This should be played in dsda-doom -complevel 2. 33 retro maps with fas...Date:05/14/23
Size:2.21 MB
Author:Andrea Rovenski

Azazel's Second Descent Beta
Azazel's Second Descent (ASD) is a one-man megawad comprised of six 5-map episodes (called Chapters) plus two secret maps and one thank you map. This project exclusively uses the CC4 texture pack. Azazel's Second Descent contains six chapters th...Date:09/07/22
Size:29.92 MB
Author:Bloodbath Giraffe

Baron Door
So it all started one day when Biodegradable was like yo can Barons open Doors? Sandwedge then lead a research expedition and it kind of got away from all of us and next thing you know Baron Door became self aware and 96 maps later and many participa...Date:09/01/22
Size:12.45 MB
Author:Biodegradable, Sandwedge, Clippy Clippington, Knifeworld, Dubium, KurryMayo, smeghammer, Kan3, Pisto

35 Levels for Zdoom, Plus 5 secret levels. Each level has all new challenges awaiting you. Plenty of use of the features in Zdoom like stealth enemies. There are also some new enemies capable of peforming the most unexpected tricks. There is no scrip...Date:12/22/03
Size:6.83 MB
Author:Paul Corfiatis and Chris Hansen

BlueAge is a brand new 32 map limit removing megawad made by me and @DCGRetrowave. This is made with Ultimate Doom Builder in Doom 2 format and also made with Slade3. This megawad was made in 1 1/2 years on and off & was tested on DSDADoom. Pistol st...Date:12/29/22
Size:6.41 MB
Author:Skronkidonk , DCGRetrowave

The Great Bicycle Mystery 2
The Great Bicycle Mystery 2 is a 32 level journey that will take you to the lowest pits of hell to the brownest of techbases to the highest of mountain teleportation testing facilities to the greasiest of restaurants to the most obligatory of sewer m...Date:07/28/09
Size:7.18 MB
Author:TheCupboard & Worst-vd-Plas

The Box of a Thousand Demons
A 32 maps Boom megawad, focusing on aesthetics, atmosphere, and niche gameplay styles....Date:09/07/23
Size:31.97 MB

Boaty McBoatwad
16 boat themed maps...Date:12/21/20
Size:13.81 MB
Author:A buncha drunken sailors

Balls of Steel Community Project
Challenge maps balanced for all difficulties. Design philosophies include: kind to blind players, balance for players who dont find secrets, balance between routes, mappers are competent at beating their own maps....Date:01/04/23
Size:45.75 MB
Author:David Asaad and Balls of Steel community

The Boggy Region
Sooner or later, all cool guys die. No matter why. So the marine does....Date:10/20/18
Size:6.2 MB

Bloody Saturn v. 1.4
Saturn, failed experiment, Hell! v. 1.4...Date:06/01/19
Size:12.05 MB

Full 32-map megawad. See BStainfo.txt for further information....Date:01/01/16
Size:11.12 MB
Author:Pavel 'Pipicz' Tvrzník

Back to Nirvana X: Episode One
32 maps designed for PrBoom+ complevel 9...Date:01/13/19
Size:2.09 MB
Author:Deep Throat, english bulldog, JasonB, Valhalla958, pizza party, Brazillian Wax Museum, and Dancin' D

Doomed: By the Hour
A full megawad of speedmaps that were (mostly!) made in an hour or less, for NaNoWADMo 2022! The standard 30 maps are split evenly between us, with Map31 being a collaboration and Map32 being a guest map by gabirupee! Three vaguely themed episod...Date:08/02/23
Size:2.25 MB
Author:finnks13 & Yumheart

Capybara is a 22-level Boom-compatible (cl9)"speed slaughtermap" community project, consisting bizzare visual designs, unconventional combat designs and some challenging slaughtery gameplay. In this project everybody needs to finish making the maps w...Date:09/11/22
Size:11.97 MB
Author:Various (See in capybara_info.txt)

Coop Build
Toke's coop wad! Have fun playing it. R.I.P. Toke!...Date:01/10/09
Size:1.38 MB
Author:Toke (Dylan McIntosh)

The Community Chest Project
This is a compilation of levels from the Doom Community...Date:06/13/03
Size:4.43 MB
Author:Dale E. Harris

Community Chest 2
Following the success of the original Community Chest, Community Chest 2 is a 32 map megawad including levels made by 26 different authors from the Doom Community. Originally announced almost one year ago in December 2003, it is now complete and read...Date:12/06/04
Size:8.5 MB
Author:Various Authors (See below)

Community Chest 3
The third installment of the series, Community Chest 3 boasts 32 maps made by 20 different authors from the Doom community. After one year of work, they have been made available for your enjoyment....Date:11/21/07
Size:12.32 MB
Author:Various (see Credits)

Community Chest 4
The fourth installment of the series, Community Chest 4 boasts 32 maps made by 20 different authors from the Doom community. After four years of work, they have been made available for your enjoyment. Included in this package is the base resourc...Date:08/17/12
Size:23.47 MB
Author:Various (see Credits)

Chaingunner's wad pack
Levels by Chaingunner....Date:09/28/15
Size:2.19 MB

Community Is Falling 3
Community is Falling 3 is the third sequal to the 'Community Is Falling' series, which are jokewads based on the drama and comedy inside the Doom community. Lots of inside jokes are involved so those who are outside the community will probably not un...Date:03/09/08
Size:45.52 MB
Author:Samuel Villarreal (

Cabro's legacy
Cabro's Legacy is a compilatory megawad, created in the year 2014 as an homage to the Cabro's mapping tournaments. It contains maps from the top three winners from each year. These tournaments started in the now extinct Cabro's website in the Y2K, an...Date:04/15/16
Size:16.5 MB
Author:Various (List of maps at the end)

32 piece Cliptucky Fried Chicken Special!
This megawad has 538 monsters across 32 maps! The map # = the monster count: Map 1, 1 monster, map 2, 2 monsters etc. A series of random fun little maps that explore small adventures with wacky random gimmicks etc For more info this has a wiki page...Date:02/24/22
Size:17.47 MB
Author:Clippy Clippington

Clippyworld: An Unexpected Journey
Clippyworld: An Unexpected Journey is a very unexpected Journey of my first 22 maps of the Clippy era. Many moons ago before this 10-15 years in the past I tried to make maps but ppl despised them. Clippyworld is my second life as a mapper and these ...Date:02/24/22
Size:46.56 MB
Author:Clippy Clippington

Confinement Community Project
The Confinement Community project was created with one objective in mind. Create a map of any size between 1024x1024 and 2048x2048. Nineteen talented mappers came together over an extended period of time to produce Twenty Three beautifully detailed m...Date:01/04/18
Size:3.18 MB
Author:Multiple, See below

Confinement 256
This originally started out as my set of 20 or so maps for ZDoom, but later turned into a full-fledged community project! The area of each map the player has access to can only as big as a 256x256 map unit square, similar to the rules of mapping fo...Date:06/17/17
Size:2.64 MB
Author:Xyzzy01 and the wonderful Doom community

Confinement 256: The Mystery of Scrapped Concepts
This is all of the unimplemented ideas and unfinished maps I made for the original Confinement 256 completed and refined to be playable and prboom-plus compatible, one year later....Date:06/17/18
Size:996.22 KB
Author:Devon Barnett (Xyzzy01)

A (almost) TC that follows the idea of making a series of small maps with a storyline about hellspawn and such (similar to doom2). It was supposed to follow the "classic" doom2 style gameplay, so it should feel like doom2....Date:01/20/07
Size:5.17 MB
Author:Jake "The Nutcracker" Stevens

Countdown to Core
DANGER! Romero Head has hired an army of hitscanners and are now planning to blow up the electronic core of Hell, which would radically effect both Hell, and Earth above. Too bad demons still have a bone to pick with you... 15 maps of action await, m...Date:10/07/16
Size:1.11 MB
Author:Topi Hattukangas

"Decades of peace have passed on the planet Elysia, with one half of the planet belonging to the UAC, and the other belonging to demon kind. One day, a meteor crashes into Mount Esthar, the largest volcano in the demon realm, shaking the planet to it...Date:07/04/23
Size:45.03 MB
Author:NinjaDelphox, EvilNeck, Arsinikk

Could You Would You In A Box?
A 32 map Megawad with levels cofined to a 2048x2048 space...Date:11/02/19
Size:4.01 MB
Author:Micah "Jaws In Space" Petersen

32 Maps made in DOOM2 format and intended for limit removing ports. Most maps are small to medium in size and average around 170 monsters. Intended for UV play but other difficulties available....Date:10/08/20
Size:3.71 MB

Castle Doom
Single-player megawad that pits the player against the forces of Castle Doom. I tried to keep it generic so that the various advanced ports can all run it the same way....Date:12/27/12
Size:35.52 MB
Author:Chris Weathers

A wad designed to try and emulate Casali mapping with old school compact, high impact maps....Date:01/08/22
Size:1.34 MB
Author:Scotty & AD_79

Czech Community project with all 32 maps made by Czech or Slovak authors. The maps should be playable with pistol start and also in one run. It should be fully BooM compatible and jumping/crouching is not allowed since it could spoil the gameplay of ...Date:01/25/20
Size:7.59 MB
Author:Damned, Matthias, Sulphurit, Jaeden, Kloki38, Pipicz

Doom 2 Redux
Doom 2 Redux is a community project aimed at re-creating, modernizing, and re-imagining the vanilla Doom 2 levels. With each level having a continuous flow, and a new but old look....Date:07/18/17
Size:5.47 MB
Author:Various, see below

Doom 2: The Way We Remember It
The entire of Doom 2, including music, text, levels, and some graphics, but from memory. Even includes MAP33, plus 2 bonus maps....Date:01/29/22
Size:1.51 MB
Author:Engired + Various

"Dubzzz's 5Minute Design Assembly "
D5DA was inspired by the 5minmap megawad that I played recently....Date:12/18/21
Size:759.6 KB

"Dubzzz's 5Minute Design Assembly #2 "
D5DA was inspired by the 5minmap megawad. The idea is you have 5 minutes to make a map layout/thing placement but you have extra time after for bug fixing/playtest/balance, so it ends up more like a 20 minute map in most cases. This time around we go...Date:04/23/22
Size:1.34 MB

"Dubzzz's 5Minute Design Assembly #3"
D5DA was inspired by the 5minmap megawad. The idea is you have 5 minutes to make a map layout/thing placement but you have extra time after for bug fixing/playtest/balance, so it ends up more like a 20 minute map in most cases. This time around we go...Date:04/16/23
Size:7.61 MB

The last joke!
This is my last jokewad, as the title suggest. after this i will made only fuckin' cool things. Maybe (and i repeat MAYBE) i'll plan to made a sequel of the bleha saga, but it will a semiserious thing like in bella 2 of paul corfiatis. Oh and don't f...Date:10/02/07
Size:2.27 MB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

My 32-level Megawad for Doom II/Final Doom, it has an MP3 Track for each level and text screen, uses ambient sounds from Doom 3, Quake 2 and others. Also uses textures from cc4-tex.wad and q2tex.wad. Requires Zandronum, skulltag_data.pk3, skulltag_ac...Date:06/25/13
Size:235.83 MB
Author:Dzyan Kelsick (Arclite)

Size:7.31 MB

DARMAK is a DOOM II style wad that remember to the original game and also Final DOOM. This 21 levels, a part from giving a classic gameplay, it have story with some plot twists. You, Darmak, a space marine from Phobos, dicover that the portal from yo...Date:06/23/23
Size:49.4 MB

AUGER;ZENITH is a limit-removing project brought to you by us the Doomer Boards planet hackers. AUGER;ZENITH is also the ULTIMATE CYBERPUNK DOOM PROJECT. This MegaWAD features 21 maps of neon-soaked cyberpunk adventure greatness!...Date:07/26/21
Size:12.18 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Dreamcatcher Apparatus
Your next shipment of maps have arrived, from your friends at the local mapfactory: Doomer Boards (
Size:13.73 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Doom Core Trilogy
The complete Doom Core Trilogy - contains the Doom Core and Reverie megawads and the episode Eternally Yours - 77 maps in all for use with ZDoom ports. Also contains many new co-op related fixes and features a few new maps and text screens and graphi...Date:11/28/19
Size:9.05 MB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)

Deadly Bricks
An ordinary farmer, by the will of an evil genius, gets into an inexplicable and mysterious extent. What's waiting for him there? Who will meet him there? And whether our hero will come back home?...Date:12/10/22
Size:40.97 MB
Author:Team 919: Timsah, Vicont

Deep into the Massacre (Version 3 Music Fix)
A classic-style Doom II megawad with 32 levels. Version 3 music fix released....Date:05/10/20
Size:970.21 KB

It s a 15 map wad composed of gameplay and narrative maps. It's very abstract and dream-like....Date:06/07/23
Size:39.04 MB

Deloran is a fast paced wad with small maps. It was created in the time frame of 5 days and with no knowledge at all. I've had a couple of people playing it including Bzplasma. Overall i think the map has done me a great favor and more maps will c...Date:02/19/16
Size:1.44 MB

My 12-level Megawad for Doom 2/Final Doom, and sequel to my previous work, Damnation. Horror-themed but still with plenty of action. Uses .ogg music files for the levels and text screens, as well as ambient sounds throughout the levels. Continues the...Date:07/20/14
Size:55.07 MB
Author:Dzyan Kelsick (Arclite)

Death in Excess
18 slaughter maps of (mostly) progressive difficulty, not for the faint of heart...Date:11/24/19
Size:24.78 MB

DIY is a community project aiming to create maps out of solid color textures. It was originally conceived by xvertigox based on "One Bad Map" release. The maps were ultimately arranged roughly in order of increased difficulty. By the end they turn ...Date:10/17/22
Size:13.9 MB
Author:Community Project

Doomworld Maximum Project 2021
Fifty-eight maps made for the Doomworld Maximum Project 2021, as well as three maps to mark the required source ports and a hub for GZDoom. The Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 was organized by Obsidian and sought to provide a community project that an...Date:12/14/22
Size:60.25 MB
Author:See maplist for authors

Doomworld Maximum Project 2022
Forty maps made for the Doomworld Maximum Project 2022, as well as two maps to mark the required source ports and a hub for GZDoom. The Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 was organized by Obsidian and sought to provide a community project that anyone cou...Date:03/08/23
Size:26.43 MB
Author:See maplist for authors

DOOMIUM is a megawad worth of short, explosive, and fun maps.The map's theme range from mini techbase to dimention crossing temples, all connected by teleportors.There's also a little story of Doomguy with his grandma on the text screen :)...Date:04/08/23
Size:32.91 MB

Doomworld Mega Project 2012
Harmata said it best: "I could've picked random wads from idgames and then combine them in a megawad and it would be exactly the same thing as this project." The goal of this project was to get as many mappers as possible to contribute to a single ...Date:03/01/13
Size:4.22 MB

Doomworld Mega Project 2013
54 maps by 55 different mappers in 3 wads.
Size:26.54 MB

27 maps by 27 different mappers. There were no rules and all maps were accepted....Date:10/21/15
Size:5.4 MB

Doomworld Mega Project 2015
The idea and goal of the project was to get maps from as many mappers as possible, one map per person, during the course of the year 2015. Anyone could participate, and there were no restrictions regarding the theme or the quality of the maps, other ...Date:11/20/16
Size:17.61 MB

Doomworld Mega Project 2016
A megawad with 50 maps....Date:04/13/17
Size:16.02 MB

Doomworld Mega Project 2017
Final release of Doomworld Mega Project 2017. I express my gratitude to all those who took part in the project, and also authors of textures, sprites, sounds and music, included in this build. Special thanks to scifista42, CWolf and Voltco...Date:02/10/18
Size:32.86 MB

Doomworld Mega Project 2018
32 maps by 32 different mappers. Each mapper also demoed their own map. Once a mapper submitted their map and demo, the map wasn't allowed to be edited any more for any reason....Date:01/31/21
Size:6.3 MB

Doomworld Mega Project 2021
18 maps by 18 different mappers....Date:02/24/22
Size:13.42 MB

deathz0r Online: The Internet Made Stupid
This wad is better than your pile of crap. Read the story below for a real description....Date:01/08/06
Size:3.95 MB
Author:Dean "deathz0r" Joseph

hello welcome hope you will enjoy our first collaboration megawad release. meant to be played with prboom+ -complevel 9. some good original material in here you can be excited. high level maps for high level speedrunners. uv-speed only....Date:07/22/14
Size:863.03 KB
Author:nub_hat and dingdang

The DOOM Tribute Project
This is a re-interpretation of the original DOOM & DOOM II levels. It pretty much is a retelling of the DOOM story in a more up-to-date format. This wad contains 34 levels and it is an attempt to recreate the original DOOM maps while still keeping th...Date:03/29/16
Size:47.02 MB
Author:Alando1 (Alan)

Dark Encounters Re-release/bugfix 2019
Updated version of Dark Encounters megawad. Fixes/Changes: All difficulty settings are now available (previously implemented HMP and UV only). Replaced all "thing" actions with linedef actions or scripts for better compatiblity with mods. Fixed iss...Date:11/03/17
Size:77.55 MB
Author:Paul Dechene

Dark Scythe
"Dark Scythe" is an April Fool's project where mappers were tasked with making a Dead Simple knock-off that's beatable. Apologies to anyone thinking this has anything to do with Scythe....Date:05/08/20
Size:3.76 MB

DSV Episode 4: The Revolution
Size:6.56 MB
Author:Samuel Villarreal, Yves "evil lair" Allaire, Midway INC.

DSV Episode 4: The Revolution
Size:6.68 MB
Author:Samuel Villarreal, Yves "evil lair" Allaire, Midway INC.

A hidden UAC base on Phobos: Not satisfied with their achievements, scientists have developed a new kind of teleporter, capable of not only sending things through space, but also through time and into different dimensions. There were two prototypes o...Date:12/02/12
Size:45.22 MB
Author:Ingmar Derks ("Deathmatcher")

DUMP Episode 1: Fuck Time Limits
Mapping is hard. A lot of us have been wanting to map for a while, but can't really get over that initial hump. There's only one way to improve, but oh man is it painful to just grind, grind, grind until you get a clue and figure out what to do. We...Date:05/23/16
Size:14.12 MB
Author:TerminusEst13 (et al)

DUMP Episode 2: Dump Harder
For 2016, I really want to better my mapping abilities and put out some good stuff. Two friends, Mystical and Gardevoir, said that a good experiment might be to try speedmapping. Just get the shit out of the mind and into the editor, stream-of-consci...Date:05/23/16
Size:70.97 MB
Author:TerminusEst13 (et al)

Monochrome Mapping Project
A collection of maps experimenting with the concept of simple textures in order to emphasize the fundamentals of level design (lighting, elevation, thing placement, simple contrast, etc.)...Date:06/06/13
Size:5.59 MB
Author:Various (See map list below)

DyingCamel's Demons #2
A community project created by the regulars of DyingCamel's twitch stream:
Size:13.93 MB

DyingCamel's Demons #3
A community project created by the regulars of DyingCamel's twitch stream:
Size:9.8 MB

Intergalactic Xenology Trilogy
The alien menace that was once thought destroyed has returned! You set out on a journey through the stars to discover who or what is behind this new onslaught. The truth is out there and you vow to find it no matter what stands in your way. WARNING...Date:10/31/22
Size:33.49 MB
Author:Dreadopp and Lord_Z

A megawad full of small & fast levels. A reimagining of the Doom II storyline....Date:10/06/16
Size:7.34 MB
Author:Sverre Andre Kvernmo

Elmlea Single
16 (+1 ending) maps created by Pinchy based on funny meme ideas...Date:04/28/18
Size:779.56 KB

Daily speedmaps made during 2022...Date:01/14/23
Size:1.1 MB
Author:El Inferno

E.M.'s Turbo Turds
This was the project I made for 2020's NaNoWadMo. I intended to make one map a day over the course of the month, but then my graphics card started to die on me, so I was only able to make 20. I went for a detailed old school aesthetic. There are a fe...Date:12/24/21
Size:708.44 KB

Size:10.84 MB

Experiencing Nirvana
32 maps designed for PrBoom+ complevel 9...Date:07/24/17
Size:1.34 MB
Author:Deep Throat, english bulldog, JasonB, Valhalla958, and pizza party

Doom2: Eye of Doom - MegaWAD
A MegaWAD inspired by Eye of the Beholder. Theme = Dungeon....Date:12/06/18
Size:5.98 MB

33 hard maps that I tested myself. Max demos for all maps included (speed demo for map30)....Date:09/09/14
Size:9.78 MB

Estranged is a 32 level megawad that uses stock Doom & Doom2 textures, I would describe the levels as cleanly detailed with a variety of environments. Levels are playable from pistol start. Story: You are a marine stationed on a UAC mining facility...Date:12/15/15
Size:4.92 MB

Eviltech: Soul Of Megawad (compatibility fixed version)
classic doom megawad with 34 maps. I started this megawad in 2002! then I abandonned the project and reassumed it in 2011. back in 2002 I made the following maps: 01-11, 21, 23, 26, 70% 0f 24 and the drawing for 25. at that time my computer sucked ...Date:01/02/12
Size:6.07 MB
Author:Nicolás Monti

Eviternity (Final version)
Eviternity is a megawad comprised of six 5-map episodes (called Chapters) plus two secret maps. This project exclusively uses OTEX, a brand new high quality texture pack by ukiro. Eviternity's six chapters explore a series of unique and varied t...Date:02/11/19
Size:47.62 MB
Author:Dragonfly et al

Exomoon Megawad
Exomoon (aka Moonblood X) is a megawad for Doom 2. The levels are a mix of the original Moonblood with early BTSX levels. It has the ruins/temple theme with some exotic natural landscapes. Scythe and Mano Laikas also are a strong influence. It has be...Date:11/08/18
Size:8.65 MB

Expired License
Your dooming license has expired....Date:08/08/12
Size:409.15 KB
Author:TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)

final doom return of the evil god
A 21st century doom2 wad, HARD!...Date:12/08/16
Size:4.01 MB

16 maps designed to be played from a pistol start for PrBoom+ complevel 9. Difficulties are implemented. I suggest you use them. This wad consists of maps we have all had lying around but were not too sure what to do with them. So we threw them t...Date:02/16/19
Size:9.15 MB
Author:Benjogami, bemused, Nirvana985, Scotty, Killer5, Archi

Freudian Slipgate
You are playing Quake, you walk into the Slipgate only to find out it's Freudian, suddenly, you are in Doom.. #doomtwid realm, you have angered the #doomtwid gods and they throw you into the random maps for invading their privileges on internet. Ar...Date:01/05/16
Size:9.47 MB
Author:Alter, Obsidian, Pinchy, General Rainbow Bacon, TheMisterCat, Marnetmar

Full Moon
Fulll Moon is the tremendous third and final episode of the "Time Trilogy". Proceded by "Tenth Gear" and "Half-Moon" The goal with this WAD like the last two, was to create maps in a specific time limit. This time being 1 Hour. Featuring the many aut...Date:08/15/21
Size:2.04 MB

Full Moon 2
Full Moon 2, the fourth installment of the "Time Trilogy" by Dubbag, was started and run by Paf until initial compilation. This is a collection of Boom compatible maps using stock textures made within a 1-hour time limit, arranged arbitrarily by diff...Date:10/12/22
Size:1.46 MB
Author:Various, compiled by Death Bear and Paf

Going Down
Something sinister is lurking in UAC headquarters. Grab your gun, head to the roof and shoot your way down through the building to get to the bottom of the mystery. This is a 32 map Doom 2 megawad - boom format, complevel 9. Each map is a floor,...Date:11/02/14
Size:8.41 MB

GoldenEyeDoom2 TC (for Doom2 v1.9 and deh source Ports)
(brief) GoldenEye Doom2 TC...Date:09/01/09
Size:3.58 MB
Author:GoldenEye Doom2 Team

Good Morning Phobos
The Mapset is an updated version of the old game it replaces few soundtracks with different ones from popular megawads, also I replaced 3 maps with another 3 new maps, the mapset has a mish mash between old school design and new school design visuall...Date:03/30/17
Size:9.93 MB

speedmaps of all varieties (platforming, micro-slaughter, dogshit, shovelware-isms, etc) with build times ranging from a few minutes to a few hours. generally speaking these are challenging (to me, a not spectacular player) or funny or both (and some...Date:05/07/23
Size:6 MB

Gridlock 64
The basic idea was to restrict mappers from using grid sizes smaller than 64 units. One, simple rule which gave birth to the project and inspired the contributors to explore different approaches to level design, which encourages (but not limits them ...Date:04/24/21
Size:6.57 MB
Author:Various (see Credits)

grindfest started out as a solo project where the main goal was to make purposefully grindy maps... NoReason had the same idea apparently and foolishly decided to collab with me. Then we got Spendo to join and a couple guest mappers. Now we have 33 a...Date:07/09/23
Size:6.5 MB
Author:Dubzzz, NoReason, Spendo, Meowgi, 4shockblast, lonely

Pinochestein 3D edicion GL (GZDoom)
Pinochestein 3D edicion GL (GL edition) is a total conversion of the original pinochestein 3D that tries to take the best advantage of the new features of ZDoom based ports through UDMF format mapping and lighting implemented by hardware acceleration...Date:09/03/15
Size:33.09 MB
Author:Gabriel Valderrama (Kotometal-0041)

GZDoom Speedmapping Session #1
I set out to make a megawad in under one hour. This is the result....Date:08/15/14
Size:98.19 KB

GZDoom Speedmapping Session #2
30 maps made in under TWO hours. Some slightly bigger maps than its predecessor, and some wacky new ideas. I also used some CC4 textures to spruce some stuff up....Date:09/11/14
Size:4.17 MB

GZDoom Speedmapping Session #3
30 maps made in under THREE hours. I'd like to think that this one is actually kinda fun :>...Date:10/29/14
Size:3.98 MB

GZDoom Speedmapping Session #4
30 maps made in under FOUR hours....Date:11/22/14
Size:4.12 MB

Hell Awakened...
Read the read me for full story 32 levels of difficult gameplay and decent deco....Date:11/09/11
Size:4.78 MB
Author:Death Dealer, insanoflex312

"Half Moon"
"Half-Moon" is another incredible Doomworld Speedmap project and the official sequel to "Tenth Gear". Where "Tenth Gear" was a 10 minute challenge, "Half-Moon" decided to take the idea to the extreme with a 30 minute time limit. With the time stacked...Date:06/09/21
Size:1.13 MB

"Half Moon"
"Half-Moon" is another incredible Doomworld Speedmap project and the official sequel to "Tenth Gear". Where "Tenth Gear" was a 10 minute challenge, "Half-Moon" decided to take the idea to the extreme with a 30 minute time limit. With the time stacked...Date:06/09/21
Size:4.69 MB

Happy is a set of 32 maps, which is a direct sequel to Djinn. After his death, Snail is looking for inner peace. Djinn was the mind trip of a mental inside an asylum. Happy is Metempsychosis: the post-mortem trip. This mapset is designed to be played...Date:10/18/20
Size:23.35 MB

A collection of "Hard" maps, ranging in style from tight, small combat puzzles to expansive slaughtermaps. There's also a puzzle map and a platforming map thrown in for good measure :^) We've got 20 maps, split over three episodes for you. Good Luc...Date:02/22/23
Size:14.28 MB

HFFM - Cut
An 18 map collective mapset by /vr/, themed around hard fast *fun* maps. Created with assets collected from Realm667 and Doomworld's Afterglow, mapped in a 2 month period by many, many enterprising anons, organized as a community project. Also featur...Date:07/26/21
Size:7.93 MB
Author:Various different users of /vr/

A wad of compact, high impact slaughter maps....Date:01/08/22
Size:5.26 MB
Author:Insane_Gazebo Scotty

Hell Awakened...
Read the read me for full story 32 levels of difficult gameplay and decent deco. This version is a patched version of the origional. Several fixes have been made, and it was long overdue for release. Enjoy....Date:01/12/13
Size:8.24 MB
Author:Death Dealer

Hellevator is a community speedmapping project organized in late 2020. Every map had to be constructed in 3 days (With small fixes afterwards) within a certain shape and around a central piece. The demons have built a skyscrapper to invade heaven a...Date:01/24/21
Size:4.11 MB

32 map megawad with collections of maps made from different periods of my doom mapping hobby, along with new ones. All old maps are re-polished to make them consistent in look with the newer ones. Maps are "progressively" chained together (so the pre...Date:06/29/13
Size:16.66 MB
Author:Zoltán Sófalvi (Z86)

Hellebarde is a 32-Level Megawad with small/medium Maps created for gzdoom. It features classic Gameplay with intense Boss Fights in well detailed Levels....Date:10/27/17
Size:37.06 MB

32 levels from scratch. All varied in year and quality, but what can ya do? This text is unfinished, I cannot remember where all these midis are from, frankly I don't care too much, I just want to get this damn thing off my comp, and I apologize if I...Date:09/27/04
Size:22.54 MB
Author:Robert Babor (Ship by Devon West)

HERIAN (revision 5, 04/06/1998)
Herian has no story it is simply a 32 level TC made primarily for the single player. The infuence for it came from my favourite games mentioned below. 32 NEW levels, NEW textures, NEW sounds & NEW monsters All levels were made for single play. De...Date:05/19/00
Size:3.31 MB
Author:Ian Wilson

HERIAN2 (revision 0, 24/01/1999)
Herian2 is fully compatible with only ZDoom version 1.17 or later. Herian2 has a simple story line. The setting, time-wise, is prior to the fearsome adventures that were seen in Doom and Doom2 the likes of which has never been see again. Many tales...Date:01/28/00
Size:7.27 MB
Author:Ian Wilson

Hellforge Speed Mapping Session 1
26 maps made within a 2 hour speedmapping window over a 24 hour period....Date:12/08/19
Size:2.79 MB

Hocusdoom is a Total Conversion for Doom 2 that attempts to bring Hocus Pocus, a sidescrolling game by Apogee Software into the third dimension in a dazzling new adventure!...Date:12/07/19
Size:34.56 MB

Hopscotch contains twenty mini-maps, each contain- ing a small platforming/puzzle challenge. Enjoy....Date:03/26/23
Size:747.16 KB

The Hordes of Odamex
Inside this community map pack lurk ravenous hordes made up of monsters both old and new. Play alone or gather your allies and test your strength against the Hordes of Odamex! Defeat the bosses of each wave to advance further, and to conquer the ma...Date:11/20/22
Size:48.42 MB
Author:Xenaero and others

Heroes' Tales
The project from the community, basis of which are maps, made in a speed- mapping course, on which only 4 hours were allowed (each speedmapping contest - 4 hours length). The first speedmapping contest ("Nature"), most maps from which are in...Date:09/08/09
Size:4.46 MB

Welcome to HyperSpeed - A brand new megawad for doom 2, where each level is a remake of the corresponding vanilla level, except with a simple new twist - the exit door permanently closes after 30 seconds. If you didn't reach it in time - tough luck, ...Date:06/18/23
Size:1023.77 KB

A PRBoom+ complevel 9 megawad resulting from the Progressive Fiction Community Project. The project's aim was to create a community project with a running story, thematic continuity and gameplay gradient. See story.txt for story info....Date:02/24/13
Size:6.98 MB
Author:Team Progfic (Various)

For people with freaky, violent eyes. I CANT GIVE YOU ANY THING is a set of 29 MBF21 speedmaps, mostly by me, primarily themed around usage of monocolor textures, HOMs, "ugly/distracting/disorienting" textures like FIREBLU, visual disorientation, p...Date:09/03/23
Size:18.98 MB
Author:Maribo and friends

What is ichinichi? : 32 limit-removing vanilla maps using only stock textures and music! If you have played KINDa.wad previously, you'll find the gameplay familar. Each map was created within a 24 hour period, resulting in small to m...Date:08/09/23
Size:3.07 MB

I Hate My Neighbors
It's been one of those days when you were chilling...Date:12/20/17
Size:2.95 MB
Author:Stanisáw "Chamelenoel" Grzyboówski, AnonimVio

Imperfect Hatred
Imperfect Hatred is the sixth edition of PUSS, BluePineapple72's monthly speedmapping series. These maps hate you, and you will love it. Maps were designed for pistol start. Using idclev warping to play each map is highly encouraged. Via MAPINFO, p...Date:05/14/21
Size:9.6 MB
Author:Various, compiled by BluePineapple72

Ex Inferis
A collection of maps i've been building, polishing & testing the crap out of over the last 8 years or so, made to suit my own taste and originally meant for personal use. Maps emphasize combat and aesthetics, range from large to huge in size and a...Date:04/23/22
Size:24.9 MB
Author:Ferdinand Steinvorth

Interception II
Destroy demons in 31 action-packed levels; Interception II is here. Interception II is a Doom II community megawad spanning three episodes with a secret level included. The levels can get quite long, so check it out if you want a megawad you can...Date:08/29/20
Size:15.68 MB
Author:The Interceptors

Somewhere in Time
"Somewhere in Time" is a set of 15+1 pure vanilla Doom 2 maps, inspired by the greatest of this category, most importantly Reverie, Revolution! and Scythe. My primary aim was to create extraordinary maps, reaching the boundaries of gameplay, des...Date:05/06/16
Size:964.05 KB
Author:Zoltan Schmidt "Katamori"

Smoking hard inside a bar, I'm drinking like a fish....Date:01/13/16
Size:1.63 MB
Author:Dannebubinga & Ribbiks

The third and final part of my solo megawad. Part 3 of 'Jenesis' adds 12 extra maps to the first twenty (which have all also been modified for the better in some way or another) and replaces the final map, as its predecessor did. 'Jenesis' is a 32-...Date:11/27/11
Size:6.36 MB
Author:James "Jimmy" Paddock

Jiffy Bag
Jiffy Bag is a collection of 32 random maps made by me over the last 5 years or so. The maps all vary quite dramatically in theme, and are similar only in terms of size and design - given the short time I had to make these in, my general approach to ...Date:01/03/19
Size:3.23 MB

DooD 2 The Slayer's Job
Everything's in the file. The game is in french....Date:09/07/22
Size:45.1 MB

License to Ilya
A tune-up community project led, compiled and with new graphics by joe-ilya. Each map is a tune-up of joe-ilya's earlier works such as "lost maps", "1024 abc" or other contributions....Date:12/04/15
Size:5.41 MB
Author:joe-ilya and friends

Lost civilization
22 map megawad....Date:12/29/19
Size:38.05 MB
Author:Jaakko "Jaska" Impola [JOI in maps]

The Joy of Mapping #1
This was a livestreamed communal mapping session that took place on July 23rd, 2016, with participants mapping under the strict guidance of Jimmy and a few session tutors via Discord and TwitchTV. The mappers were talking through the basics of mappin...Date:08/01/16
Size:636.97 KB
Author:Jimmy & Various

The Joy of Mapping #2
This was a livestreamed communal mapping session that took place on August 27th, 2016, with participants mapping under the strict guidance of Jimmy and a few session tutors via Discord and TwitchTV. The mappers were talked through the basics of mappi...Date:09/17/16
Size:1.71 MB
Author:Jimmy & Various

The Joy of Mapping #3 - MANDATORY JOY
This was a livestreamed communal mapping session that took place on January 28th, 2017, with participants mapping under the strict guidance of Jimmy and a few session tutors via Discord and TwitchTV. The mappers were talking through the basics of map...Date:04/06/17
Size:7.12 MB
Author:Jimmy & Various

The Joy of Mapping #4 - SUMMER SCHOOL
This was a communal mapping session that took place between the 1st and the 10th of July, 2017. The participants mapped under the strict guidance of Jimmy and a few session tutors via Discord and TwitchTV and were talked through the basics of mapping...Date:12/01/18
Size:30.02 MB
Author:Jimmy & Various

The Joy of Mapping #5 - WINTER WEEKEND
This was a communal mapping session that took place between the 1st and the 4th of December, 2017. The participants mapped under the strict guidance of Jimmy and a few session tutors via Discord and TwitchTV and were talked through the basics of mapp...Date:12/01/18
Size:48.86 MB
Author:Jimmy & Various

The Joy of Mapping #6 - JOY ETERNAL
This was a communal mapping session that took place between the 17th and 20th of December 2018. The participants mapped under the strict guidance of Jimmy and a few session tutors via Discord and TwitchTV and were talked through the basics of mapping...Date:02/06/19
Size:20.31 MB
Author:Jimmy & Various

Japanese Community Project
Japanese Community Project is a 32 level megawad made by Japanese Doomers. Doom is a minor game in Japan, so Doom community in Japan is very small. The community having been weakening year by year, we started this project for strengthening our soli...Date:07/18/16
Size:12.69 MB

Journey To Hell
A full revision of my original Journey To Hell megawad which incoporates far better detail, gameplay than the original, many texture graphics used from megawads like Alien Vendetta, Deus Vult II, Community Chest 4, music used from megawads like Doom,...Date:05/18/22
Size:28.42 MB
Author:Isaac Rodriguez

Judgment is a 34 map MBF21 megawad that makes extensive use of Dehacked features to modify existing monsters and implement new monsters and mechanics....Date:12/31/21
Size:27.38 MB

Size:11.56 MB
Author:Meowgi (Lead) 4shockblast, A1s, Arbys550, Billa, BiZ, brendondle, cassis, Colossus, Dan, dashiefrick

Junkfood 2: Summertime Slotter
Wad Trailer: Junkfood 2 is a Boom compatible Speedmapping Community Project held in Meowgi's Pacifist Paradise Discord Server which features 83 newly designed slaughter levels; This time, with a summertime theme! The ba...Date:08/16/23
Size:28.54 MB
Author:Meowgi (Lead) 4shockblast, AltimaMantoid, Amnesia Silence, Arbys550, Argent Agent, Besus, Billa, Bre

Killing Adventure
This is an all new a 32 level episode for doom2. You must adventure through many unique worlds killing awful monsters along the way. When you play this in Zdoom you get all the level names. I learnt how to use mapinfo, add new textures and add new mu...Date:09/05/09
Size:1.22 MB

Size:4.2 MB

Size:1.01 MB

Literalism is a 26-level Boom-compatible mapset that came to life as a community project hosted by MFG38. In a similar fashion to how speedmapping sessions often provide a theme and/or restriction to work with, participating mappers were given a rand...Date:05/21/23
Size:11.71 MB

Temple of the Lizard Men 3
The third intallment of the Temple of the Lizard Men series. This is a 32 map wad with many new features. Further information is within the manual. It is recommended that you READ THE MANUAL before playing. Story Below......Date:06/17/13
Size:96.82 MB
Author:Alando1 (Alan)

Temple of the Lizard Men 4
**PLEASE READ THE MANUAL BEFORE PLAYING** The fourth intallment of the Temple of the Lizard Men series. This is a 36 map wad with many new features including a fork-in-the-road map progression system, a weapon upgrade system, and key-bound inventory ...Date:05/14/17
Size:94.77 MB
Author:Alando1 (Alan)

Lost maps
Putting here all the unofficial maps I've made so far(they were either made randomly and accidently, some were made for a show off, some were rejected, some are just birthday maps and so. STORY:The arch-vile responsible of the four sins is teleportin...Date:10/17/14
Size:891.28 KB
Author:Ilya "Joe" Lazarev

LUNACY is the 25th installment of the Pineapple Under the Sea Speedmapping series, created by BluePineapple72. The event ran during February of 2023, in which maps were created in a time limit of 3 hours or less. Mappers were to create a lunar techba...Date:07/12/23
Size:9.91 MB
Author:Various, Led by Death Bear

PUSS XXIV: Lover's Quarrel
Lover's Quarrel is a Valentine's Day themed 32 map megawad created for Deathmatch, Single Player and co-op. It's Valentine's Day but alas, Love is hard, and you and your partner seem to be having a quarrel. Sometimes the best way to solve a quarrel...Date:08/02/23
Size:20.98 MB
Author:Various authors Project leads: Peccatum Mihzamiz and Myolden

32 level Boom compatible map set made during October for NaNoWadMo 2022. A total of 25 maps were constructed during the event, with the last 7 maps being finished the following month. The idea behind the project was to imitate level concepts from t...Date:02/01/23
Size:6.81 MB

The Magenta Spire
A high ranking UAC communications technician travels to a...Date:11/20/22
Size:9.03 MB
Author:Cole Bryden "thelamp"

Weapons, ammunition, Health, and Green armor spawn on a timer delay of (550) Soulsphere, and blue armor spawn much slower (1150). (BFG does not spawn on any of the timers. Demons are scripted to spawn more demons when killed. (very hard difficulty ...Date:08/21/22
Size:12.37 MB
Author:James Cuffari

Mass Extinction
Full 32-map megawad done in the styles I like the most, E1, E2, Alpha and Doom2 Techbase. the mapset is divided into 4 episodes and it covers 4 geological periods of time, from devonian to triassic, and each map represents an age....Date:09/29/19
Size:3.14 MB
Author:Nicolas Monti

MAYhem 2048 AKA MAYhem2014
After Two successful...ish endeavors, the MAYhem crew is back for its biggest, most ambitious, and closest to on time campaign yet! (Everything said and done before July!) As usual the maps were made in a one month time span (the month of May). Only ...Date:11/20/14
Size:6.97 MB
Author:A buncha schmucks

MAYhem 1500 AKA MAYhem2015 (v1.50)
After three successful(ish) endeavours and a year of slow-cooking, the MAYhem crew is back with 34 more maps made in May! This time, it's a very gothic edition of MAYhem where we decided to restrict every level to exactly 1,500 lines. These maps may ...Date:06/07/16
Size:4.23 MB
Author:A buncha schmucks

MAYhem 2016 (v1.2)
A bunch of maps designed for a pair of gimmicks (mapslot x10 = monstercount) or (160 things) MOSTLY in a month. Map order ended up being altered for playability in survival servers\continuous play. Uses the Quake 1 and Darkening E2 Textures. The Ma...Date:05/04/17
Size:19.31 MB
Author:A buncha mother schmuckers

Super MAYhem 17 (v1.1)
Super Mayhem 17 is a 28 map set based on using assets from the various classic mario games. Maps were designed in one month with time after for making fixes and quality assurance. mayhem17_updatev1.wad contains a pair of critical fixes for map25, a...Date:02/09/18
Size:7.37 MB
Author:A buncha super schmucks

MAYhem 2018 - Orange Edition!
22 maps made in the month of May, with an epilogue bolted on to stop the player going into the stock maps. The theme of this year's MAYhem was a slew of new enemies introduced into the roster for mappers to use....Date:11/03/18
Size:9.68 MB
Author:A bunch of annoying oranges

MAYhem 2018 - Purple Edition!
20 maps made in the month of May, with an epilogue bolted on to stop the player going into the stock maps. The theme of this year's MAYhem was a slew of new enemies introduced into the roster for mappers to use....Date:11/06/18
Size:9.56 MB
Author:A bunch of purple monkey dishwashers

MAYhem 2019 - Blood for the Doom God!
19 maps made in the month of May, with a credits map to stop the player going into the stock maps. The theme of this year's MAYhem was Blood and all things Blood-esque: the texture set contained textures from Blood and Clive Barker's Undying and the ...Date:02/05/20
Size:15.82 MB
Author:A bunch of Khorney bastards

MAYhem 2020 - Something Something Hindsight
48 maps made in the month of May, with the maps beyond MAP32 only accessible via ZDoom-compatible source ports. The theme of this year's MAYhem was looking back at the olden days of Doom mapping, with a mapping limitation of 20 sectors and a texture ...Date:08/18/20
Size:8.46 MB
Author:A bunch of vision-impaired motherfuckers

27 maps made in the month of May, with a credits map to stop the player going into the stock maps. For this year's MAYhem we looked back at all the projects that came before and took inspiration from them, with each submission being reminiscent of a ...Date:10/31/22
Size:10.28 MB
Author:A bunch of nostalgic sons of bitches

Mega 98.3
Mega 98.3 its a boom wad with 16 challenging, short and hectic maps fill with Argentinian references, different textures themes and all sort of gimmicks and enemy encounters. I highly recommend playing on Hurt Me Plenty if you are looking for a more ...Date:04/08/23
Size:2.07 MB

DOOM: A Megawad in Two Weeks
The idea behind this was to create a classic DOOM Megawad in two weeks. You can follow the development of the project at this thread in the forums As calling the project DOO...Date:04/02/07
Size:2.29 MB
Author:Various, in no particular order: Bloodskull, Torn Vegeta, Farhaven, Lupinx-Kassman, Cadman, Icarus,

A speed mapping megawad made for the NaNoWADMo challenge, said challenge is about to create a full 32 maps megawad in a month (or 27 for Doom and Heretic). That's my 2nd interation with the project, the main idea is to create a 16 maps with a restric...Date:12/12/21
Size:2.03 MB
Author:Walter "daimon" Confalonieri

Yopageddon 2 - Milk Quest
Doom Guy leaves his house to get some milk, just as he steps out the door A demonic invasion takes place, arriving at a military outpost, your quest for milk begins!...Date:06/18/23
Size:539.74 KB

This mod adds very lot of almost all....Date:01/11/11
Size:92.98 MB

Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid
It is the end of the clone wars of the 52nd century. All of humans is happy but the evil monsters of Hell come to kill everyone. Uh oh. Look like Doom guy need to save the day again....Date:11/20/03
Size:2.93 MB

A sequel to Mock2. A compilation of random and funny maps divided into 4 episodes...Date:03/05/23
Size:24.92 MB

Moonblood is a megawad (32 levels) for Doom 2. The Project has started with remastering the levels from my first wad, Eclipse, but the changes became quite big and I decided to turn it into Moonblood (it was initially called Revclipse, then after Rec...Date:04/13/17
Size:3.9 MB

Map a Day
A project that ran trough most of October 2016, an attempt to create one map per day, to create a megawad. Well, I got to map 24, removed one completely for not working, other one is tedious, and thus a secrect. 23 normal maps....Date:01/08/17
Size:406.06 KB
Author:Topi Hattukangas

Micro-Slaughter Community Project
Do you like the idea of playing Slaughtermaps, but are often put off by their frequent size and intensity? Then we have the map pack for you! Introducing the Micro-Slaughter Community Project! 17 maps of intense, but manageable, slaughter action....Date:04/23/21
Size:18.21 MB

Mega Trickster's Mistake Unreality With Stupid
Unreality has been struck with extreme stupidness and you have to kill all the demons and stop John Romero!!...Date:05/13/06
Size:3.73 MB
Author:The Tricksters - Mega Trickster, Yoshi Trickster, Psycho Trickster Belial Trickster, and Neon Tricks

Mutiny (A Doomworld Community Project)
Mutiny is a 16-level, Limit Removing Community Project Episode for Doom 2 intended to be the spiritual successor of late 90's cyberpunk themed wads such as STRAIN, Hacx, Nimrod, Dystopia 3, and Perdition's Gate. It features new colorful, high contras...Date:09/15/16
Size:5.3 MB
Author:Various (maplist below)

Newdoom Community Project
Size:7.02 MB
Author:various Doom Community members

NewDoom Community Project II
This project started on January 10, 2006. The first NDCP had been completed and released. Towards the end of that project talk had been going on about a sequel, and thus this project was formed. PumpkinSmasher took the reigns as project leader and st...Date:04/29/09
Size:18.97 MB
Author:Various Authors

Necropia Zone (2010 Final Version) for ZDoom
Necropia 2010 is new megawad with 32 new levels for use with Doom2...Date:12/28/09
Size:4.28 MB

NEGATIVE ONE: Beyond The Experiment
NEGATIVEONE (or Doom -1) is a collaborative wad started by AtticTelephone at July 18 of 2020. It started as a single map project where someboy take the lastest version of the map, made the changes he wanted and uploaded the new version, allowing othe...Date:04/15/22
Size:18.87 MB
Author:The Doomworld Forums (See CREDITS.TXT)

Newgothic Movement 2
Slaughter. Fun slaughter. With music. Enjoy....Date:03/09/17
Size:10.95 MB
Author:Armouredblood and Archi

Enjay ZDOOM.
32 level doom2 replacement originally done for doom 1 and updated since then. 3 levels based on Mark's work 2 secret levels constructed by Enjay but using original Wolfenstein maps as the basic plan (printed out using a very old text mode program c...Date:05/07/99
Size:3.14 MB
Author:Enjay and Mark Matheson

Enjay Zdoom 2001
32 Levels replacing Doom2, basically following the Doom2 "story". A reworking of my old Enjay Doom project (originally from 1994 for some of the older levels). Therefore, the look is a little primative in places....Date:02/24/01
Size:3.54 MB
Author:Nigel Rowand (Enjay)

NoReason's Speedmaps
a bunch of shitty, unbalanced speed maps made for nanowadmo...Date:10/18/19
Size:499.14 KB

NoReason's Speedmaps 2
a bunch of less shitty, slightly unbalanced speed maps made for nanowadmo...Date:11/22/20
Size:16.2 MB

NoReason's Speedmaps 3
Even more speedmaps, slaughter...Date:11/13/21
Size:20.43 MB

Nostalgia is a 32 map megawad in Doom 2 format for limit removing sourceports. These maps take modern map design philosophy in my style and coat it with a layer of old-school paint, leaving behind the super detailed aesthetic in favor of simpler geom...Date:08/21/22
Size:3.43 MB

NOVA: The Birth
/\/\/\FILE UPDATED (Ver 1.1) 8/31/15/\/\/\ Here we worked on creating a 32 map megawad consisting of efforts by those who are new to the Doom mapping experience. The restrictions are as follows: - All maps must be in limit removing format (-com...Date:02/20/14
Size:7.25 MB

NOVA II: New Dawn
/\/\/\FILE UPDATED (Ver 1.2) 3/27/16/\/\/\ 32 maps for any limit removing port. Like its predecessor, NOVA II is a megawad designed to give new mappers a chance to flex their mapping muscles and develop their abilities with the help of veteran mapper...Date:11/28/15
Size:13.84 MB
Author:TeamNOVA 2

32 maps for any boom compatible sourceport. Nova 3 is a showcase of maps created by newcomers and returnees to the Doom scene from 2016-19....Date:03/12/20
Size:22.72 MB
Author:Nova 3 Team

Finally after so many years a good wad....Date:03/30/19
Size:1.43 MB
Author:Kraflab, 4shockblast, Archi, Ancalagon, Bemused, Benjogami, NineInchHeels, Dubzzz

"I don't want you to MAKE me a map this time. Can I just have some links to .wad files with 2 maps+ that I don't have to zip? thanks"...Date:05/17/23
Size:2.67 MB
Author:various "mappers"

ONE HOUR MAPPING 1...Date:04/12/23
Size:9.35 MB
Author:Various Authors

ONE HOUR MAPPING 2...Date:03/26/23
Size:10.32 MB
Author:Various Authors

Doom guy has taken a holiday from hell, but it turns into the holiday from hell. This is 6 maps of island-hopping mayhem for Doom 2 (boom format, complevel 9). These maps are small but reasonably violent. Difficulty is average, but expect the us...Date:09/11/22
Size:7.05 MB

Ozonia is the third mapset of the Moonblood series, containing 32 carefully designed short maps with compatibility level 9. It's my most ambitious project by far and hopefully the most refined of the trilogy! It's heavily inspired by Plutoni...Date:11/02/22
Size:16.38 MB

This is a megawad comprised on shovelware-esque levels by the Doom Community...Date:08/27/22
Size:2.2 MB
Author:Adam Bilbrough (Gibbon)

Pocket Slaughter
32 small 'combat puzzle' style maps that can all be beaten in 1-4 minutes. Thanks to Pixel Fiend for the INTERPIC...Date:12/24/22
Size:1.35 MB

DOOM 2 UNLEASHED (Pcorf community project)
Welcome to DOOM 2: UNLEASHED - An all new 32 level megawad for DOOM 2 put together by various authors in the community. Known as the Pcorf Community Project at the Doomworld forums. After the release of Whispers of Satan I wanted to make a community ...Date:02/20/11
Size:8.97 MB

2048 UNLEASHED (Pcorf community project 2)
Welcome to 2048 UNLEASHED - An all new 32 level single player megawad for DOOM 2 put together by various authors in the community. Known as the Pcorf Community Project 2 at the Doomworld forums. The aim of this project was simple and it was to crea...Date:11/19/15
Size:6.06 MB

Perpetual Powers
Perpetual Powers is a 21-level megawad made for and tested with GZDoom and Zandronum. The wad is split into three distinct episodes, each containing 7 maps - usually short to medium sized ones, with a large one to end the episode. The project is co-o...Date:09/11/21
Size:37.22 MB
Author:Michal ''Lorenzo'' Kurowski

Phouse: "The great arena"
Phouse: "The great arena" is a rather special wad created especially for an lmp competition (on my site). It exists out of 32 levels (30 single player, 2 deathmatch). Each level exists out of the same enviroment (The great arena) but keeps getting ha...Date:09/10/00
Size:606.5 KB
Author:Wim Vanrie

Doom II: 25 Years on Earth (One Year Late Edition)
To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the introduction of such wonders as the Super Shotgun and Arch Vile, I present a brand new, limit-removing megaWAD, which uses every line and sector action at least once! Difficulty starts low and gradually builds...Date:09/20/20
Size:3.28 MB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

Pigeon Speedmapping Session 1 -- Operation Health
The goal of this speedmapping session was to create maps within a 3 hour time limit. Several mappers, including myself, failed to abide by this limit. Nevertheless, we still raked in 17 maps following the following themes: 1) Incorporate a graveyar...Date:10/19/17
Size:5.35 MB
Author:bonnie (project leader), A2Rob, Breezeep, bzzrak, elmle, Forli, Jimmy, Myst.Haruko, NeedHealth, Nois

Plutonia 1024: The Plutinya Exeriment
32 single player Plutonia-themed 1024 maps designed by various Doomworld community members....Date:03/08/15
Size:2.08 MB

Doom: Planet Wars
A marine's journey across different worlds to stop the forces of hell from taking over yet one more time....Date:11/16/12
Size:4.17 MB

Plutonia 4 - Back to your hole
When the doom marine surfaced from hell, he forgot to turn off the oven, so he goes back but demons don't want him, so they try to stop him....Date:04/04/18
Size:1.92 MB

Plutonia 7: Going To The Hell
You have defeated the 6 icons of Hell and deadliness. Now there is only one left, and it is hiding away somewhere that will forever torment you. Chad, your homeland, has been overrun by the final gatekeeper: THE Demon. After a brutal battle with th...Date:04/03/21
Size:3.42 MB
Author:DoomTheRobot & General Roasterock

Project Mars Base
The first mission to the moons of mars was a 2 man team of space marines who were trying to see if the moons were able to sustain the UAC's new space station. The team landed, they report every thing seems fine, but the shuttle they were in had been ...Date:02/09/03
Size:770.69 KB
Author:Team Asphix

Nanopineapple 2018
Thirty-two maps, all first made during November and then further refined in December 2018. Wow, talk about an intense month... Nanopineapple was designed for Boom ports and pistol starts. No jumping, crouching, or free aim! This breaks the WAD. ...Date:08/31/19
Size:1.56 MB
Author:Sophie Kirschner

Welcome to Poogers, the newest, most spectacular innovation in audio-visual enchantment. In a mapset where time is running out, where memes, are now dreams, and vice versa, and human emotion is no longer a valid format, there is one entity re...Date:06/04/22
Size:29.42 MB
Author:Colossus, deathz0r, Meowgi, 4shockblast, AdamTheSlave, akolai, arto91, Astro X, Cassis, decino, Doom

Plutonia: Revisited Community Project
32 community maps inspired by plutonia....Date:04/19/11
Size:4.94 MB

Plutonia Revisited Community Project 2
Plutonia Revisited Community Project 2 (PRCP2) is a continuation in the series of Plutonia-inspired megawads. During Plutonia 3's development, there were a handful of great maps that didn't quite fit in a Plutonia 3 megawad but would fit great in a P...Date:08/21/22
Size:13.81 MB
Author:"Joshy" Sealy et al.,

Pandemonium Speed Maps Vol 1
15 Speed Maps for the Pandemonium Speed Mapping contest. See Maplist below for map slots, authors, contest placement, and other misc info....Date:02/06/21
Size:10.52 MB
Author:Various, Compiled by Steve88

32 larger maps for Doom2...Date:10/26/22
Size:5.67 MB
Author:J S Graham

The Summer of Slaughter
Summer of Slaughter is the tenth edition of PUSS, BluePineapple72's monthly speedmapping series. Mappers were challenged to create a slaughter map within 12 hours. It was created in the Summer of 2021 with the following rules*: + 12 Hour Mapping Ti...Date:02/19/23
Size:153.26 MB
Author:Various, compiled by BluePineapple72

Hell Yeah! is the twentieth release of BluePineapple72's monthly "Pineapple Under the Sea Speedmapping" series, and the second anniversary event held by PUSS. It was created in September 2022 with the following rules and gimmicks inspired by PUSS ...Date:03/11/23
Size:7.63 MB
Author:Various, led by Death Bear and BluePineapple72

Clandestine Castle Crashing
Clandestine Castle Crashing is the fifth release and second megaWAD of BluePineapple72's monthly "Pineapple Under the Sea Speedmapping" series. It was created in January 2021 with the following gimmicks: - Castle map theme - Minimum 10 secrets - 8...Date:03/15/21
Size:11.27 MB
Author:Various, compiled by BluePineapple72

PUSSIX Mapping at Warpspeed
Mapping at Warpspeed is the ninth edition of PUSS: the Pineapple Under the Sea Speedmapping series. The event began in May 2021 and ran until the end of July. An extension of the wad's development time was comissioned in order to fill out the 32 map ...Date:04/02/23
Size:39.03 MB
Author:Various, compiled by BluePineapple72

Restoring Deimos
A 32-map single player/cooperative wad. Contains basic support for deathmatch, as well as difficulty levels. It entails two episodes, with episode 1 being map 1-15, and episode 2 being map16-30. There is a secret level on map 15 as well as a credits ...Date:06/17/15
Size:20.91 MB

A 32 map wad made during the month of october for NaNoWADMo 2019, using only textures and monsters from doom2. Every map has at least 2 of each key that appears on it, same for weapons, also each map has 2 exits....Date:12/15/19
Size:3.25 MB

Resurgence (final version)
Resurgence is a 32 maps megawad project, an upgrade from the unfinished Surge project. The maps are similar to Speed of Doom, ranging from Scythe/Plutonia-like maps to Speed of Doom to Resurgence-unique. The difficulty is considerably less i...Date:09/23/14
Size:13.2 MB
Author:Josh Sealy with Guest Mapper Darkwave0000

The Revenant Problem
There is a runaway Revenant barreling down the teleporter track. Ahead, at the main teleporter's destination, there are five Imps trapped by explosive barrels and unable to move. The Revenant is headed straight for them. You are standing inside the n...Date:01/26/18
Size:1.21 MB
Author:Revenant100 aka Marphy Black

Running Late 2
16-ish Boom compatible levels. ZDoom based ports will have to level warp in order to access the secret levels, since Map14 sends you to the EndDoom screen. BOOM ports can access these maps regularly from Map15....Date:02/19/20
Size:11.77 MB

Rocky "Learned" Doom Builder
I attempted to learn Ultimate Doom Builder with no help from outside sources, such as YouTube, the built-in guide, or people/forums, and this is the result. 17 maps of pure garbage. I did need some help with door textures, but that was it....Date:02/06/22
Size:112.73 KB

Revenge of the 90's
20 levels, designed for Single Player / CO-OP...Date:11/22/12
Size:3.36 MB
Author:Faceplant92 / Doomkid

Refracted Reality
15 Colourful Void Themed Maps...Date:06/12/21
Size:142.55 MB
Author:Killerkouhai, Cyano Blugron, Decay, Leodoom85, Michaelis, Pooh, Ultraviolence, xyzzy01, Michaelis

March of the Speeddemons
March of the Speeddemons is the seventh edition of PUSS, BluePineapple72's monthly speedmapping series. These maps were built with Doomkid's Rowdy Rudy resources; a wad packed to the brim with DEHACKED goodies handmade to send you straight into actio...Date:09/04/21
Size:16.59 MB
Author:Various, compiled by BluePineapple72

Sparta 2 - Project vesuvius
A sequel to a wad that was made a long time ago, based on a similar premise of scrap maps and concept ideas that I never followed through, there are a few maps in here that i made specifically to stitch the whole thing together....Date:10/05/16
Size:3.9 MB
Author:Matt "cannonball" Powell

A single player 32 map megawad with playable dimensions of 384x384. Similar to the many 1024 wads. Just smaller. Inspired by Cycloids Congestion 384 wad. Level themes are loosly base off Doom 2. So map names fit ok....Date:12/18/18
Size:511.79 KB

Scientist 2023
This is a slightly modified version of SCIENTIST, the official Add-on for Doom and Doom2, which was released by Bethesda August 10, 2023. This new version is made to be compatible with most limit removing source ports for Doom2. About Scie...Date:08/23/23
Size:4.6 MB
Author:Roland van der Velden

20 shortish levels split into three episodes: Rear Entry, Knee Deep in the Sludge and Into the Blood "The Source" - That's what they call it. No one quite knows what it is, apart from the birthing grounds of the monstrous army that invaded your pla...Date:10/26/06
Size:1.92 MB

Scythe 2. Version 2
This is the sequel to my old megawad "Scythe". Expect better looking and bigger levels. unfortunately, the last 3 levels are missing, because I am so lazy and I haven't been satisfied with my attempts at making map28. I _might_ release the last 3 map...Date:06/06/05
Size:7.73 MB
Author:Erik Alm

34 brown colored maps that range from lighter shade of brown to darker shade of brown. Includes conventional and unconventional gameplay, slaughter, platforming, all that. Themes range from WW1 trenches to minimalistic abstraction....Date:04/29/23
Size:17.02 MB

[version 2.2] Seriously is an MBF21-compatible, 15-map (mega?)wad that contains 13 distinctly themed (and seriously fun) challenge arenas accessible through a central hub. Originally designed as a single large marathon map (MAP31), it is also playabl...Date:04/01/22
Size:9.05 MB
Author:Traivs 'T-117' Haselden

Slaughterfest 2011
A compilation of 32 slaughter maps, each designed to be played from a pistol start....Date:02/12/12
Size:5.83 MB

Slaughterfest 2012
Another compilation of slaughter maps, 35 to be precise. Designed to be played from pistol start....Date:07/30/13
Size:12.8 MB

Slaughterfest 3
A long-awaited third entry in the series, this is another compilation of 35 slaughter maps designed to be played from pistol start....Date:07/08/18
Size:11.47 MB

Survive In Hell Public Release 2
Size:3.9 MB

Skirmish: PvM Edition
Originally released as a 1v1/Deathmatch set in 2015, this is a conversion of the original set of PvP maps for single player and cooperative play in the manner of Bourgeois Deathmatch. This mapset was designed with slaughter gameplay and brevity in mi...Date:03/08/23
Size:2.47 MB
Author:Argent Agent

Skulldash (Version 1.0)
SKULLDASH OVERVIEW: Welcome to Skulldash, the fast-paced speedrun arcade mod For Doom II. The objective in skulldash is to collect the Skulltokens scattered around each level to unlock the exit. While collecting the Skulltokens you have to race aga...Date:10/22/15
Size:18.16 MB
Author:Joshua 'Dragonfly' O'Sullivan

Skulltiverse (version 1.2.3)
Skulltiverse is a community project built around constrains in both playable space and build time. Each map was mostly completed within a week. The wad contains 32 maps split into 6 themes - Techbase, Corrupt Techbase, Ruins, Marble Hell, Fleshy He...Date:08/08/21
Size:11.82 MB
Author:ViolentBeetle et al

SlaughterMAX is a community project meant to spread the joy of making and playing slaughter maps. All maps that were submitted and had a UV Max demo recorded were included, until there were 32 maps. The demos are also included in the zip file, so if ...Date:01/03/20
Size:10.9 MB

Short maps for short people 2
This is the prequel of SMFSP1 by Datacore. The project consists to 32 speedmaps. Map 01 , 12 , 31 are my first baby speedmaps done in 3 hours each. Map 08 , 20 and 27 were made by Datacore and aren't speedmaps. Map 32 was built by Vergogneful ...Date:10/04/19
Size:1.18 MB

Short map for short people
Size:484.18 KB

Speed of Doom
33 challenging maps of a megawad....Date:03/28/10
Size:8.83 MB
Author:Joshy and Darkwave0000

Spear of Destiny - Return to Danger & The Ultimate Challenge For Edge Sourceport
This is a faithful recreation of two Spear of Destiny Mission Packs - Return to Danger and The Ultimate Challenge. All 42 levels with all the original graphics and hires sprites. (Almost all enemies and decorations are covered in hd:) ) All Spear of ...Date:12/17/12
Size:39.93 MB
Author:Raphael "Caleb26"

Super Sonic DooM
A DooM 2 episode with a Sonic influence throughout, courtesy of a brainwave I had during the map drawing phase of Licence to Spell DooM. It has the Sonic layout (zones, acts, bosses) and also has some Sonic features (monitors, springs, water). It als...Date:12/24/04
Size:17.91 MB
Author:Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer)

Sign of Torment
Sign of Torment is unique in comparison to mainstream wads, so it might be something that was never done before. It utilizes features not commonly used in Boom maps, like silent teleports, friction, or jumppads. The wad follows usage of red, whit...Date:12/20/21
Size:45.07 MB
Author:Kain D.

PUSS VIII SpeedSquared
Speed Squared is the eighth edition of PUSS, BluePineapple72's (semi) monthly speedmapping series. These maps were built with BigBrik's Adventures of Square total conversion. Download Square here: Needles...Date:12/26/22
Size:12.16 MB
Author:Various, compiled by BluePineapple72

Speed Master
Megawad, based on the results of three speedmapping contests, held on in 2014-2016, with next themes: 1. Industrial 2. Ancient city 3. Free disigned style, but there was limit of 3-colours of textures/floors on map All maps were bui...Date:03/02/17
Size:23.82 MB
Author:Russian Doom Community (see below)

Ultimate Simplicity
Ultimate Simplicity is a megawad comprised of 3 episodes, including 30 maps. It is essentially an overhauled version of the original Simplicity, with vast improvements made overall. See the NOTES section for more detailed information....Date:07/09/07
Size:15.23 MB
Author:Agent Spork

Struggle - Antaresian Legacy
Struggle - Antaresian Legacy is a single-player mod for Doom 2 with limit removing compatibility. It features new weapons and monsters replacement with DeHacked patch. Some of original monsters are also slightly changed, so it's recommended to check ...Date:08/20/18
Size:19.75 MB

You know Doom, it is always the same, get some weapons, infiltrate the destroyed UAC base or demon hive, kill all the monsters and hellspawn and find the exit switch. This was Doom... until now: Stronghold is a mixture of Unreal Tournament's Assault ...Date:11/08/10
Size:147.55 MB
Author:Various (see below for a more detailed listing)

Suitcase of Gor (Formerly D2Redux)
The first maps I ever made, they suck, look terrible and are cramped as shit. A reimaging/remake/restyling of DOOM II. Inspired by a ton of stuff....Date:02/25/17
Size:9.87 MB
Author:The Tarnsman of Christmas Past

Sunlust is a set of 32 boom-compatible maps for Doom II, designed to be played from pistol start. The maps meander through a range of themes, from traditional bases and temples to abstract hellish, void, and tech aesthetics. UV is designed primarily ...Date:08/09/15
Size:23.26 MB
Author:Ribbiks & Dannebubinga

Swift Death
Swift Death is an extremely hard megawad, calibrated for speedrunners. I recommanded for novice players to play in "easy" ("Toilet Break", or "Soft Event"). SD is realized in speedmapping sessions, for the most parts of maps. These ...Date:11/12/15
Size:1.51 MB
Author:franckFRAG (guest mappers JCD & Memfis)

The Abyss Presents: Crappy Map Contest
The result of a mapping contest back in July 2009 for who could make the worst maps possible. Darkwave0000 won the contest, but it turns out that the entire universe lost as a result. You may have noticed that this contest happened 13 years ago and...Date:05/22/22
Size:2.01 MB

Tarakannik 2
Size:10.27 MB

Tarakannik 3
Size:32.45 MB

Size:2.92 MB

The Archives Are Doomed: Gold Edition!
Size:1.21 MB

Dark Tartarus: Dead Tonight
Size:56.15 MB

Ten Community Project
Fuzzball Fox came up with the concept of using only 10 textures for a map, and challenged the ZDoom forum members to create 15 single player maps and 5 multiplayer maps that used this limit, and also limit the player to a 2048x2048 area. The resultin...Date:07/26/08
Size:15.11 MB
Author:Various members of the ZDoom community (see below)

Infected Telecom Stations v1.2
A 16+2 level wad, technical reality + tactical fight...Date:12/26/05
Size:3.76 MB
Author:Karoly (Charles) Horvath

Temporal Tantrum
Twenty-eight maps across seven themed episodes. The story: the UAC has developed new gate technology that connects any two points in time and space. The UAC has now reported that they have lost contact with the secret facility housing the prototype g...Date:03/22/23
Size:13.95 MB
Author:Bartekmil, Brxyz, EnragedEggplant, LunchLunch & Washing Machine Enthusiasts

Tenth Gear
"Tenth Gear" Is a megawad built by the community to test our speed skills in mapping. Created within only 2 days, each participating author was given a time limit of 10 minutes max to produce a WAD. A VERY tough time limit! Yet with the odds against ...Date:04/11/21
Size:352.63 KB
Author:Jason Seekings

Texture Extravaganza
Texture Extravaganza is a community project initially led by bzzrak and later by NaZa which challenged mappers to make maps entirely out of a small selection of textures....Date:04/24/20
Size:5.4 MB

THT: Threnody
Ty Halderman, the essential pillar of the Doom community, passed away in 2015. He is greatly missed and his contributions to the Doom scene have helped keep this old game alive and kicking. This project tries to honor Ty with levels that pay tribute ...Date:07/31/16
Size:13 MB
Author:Various (see credits below)

Time Chaser
Time Chaser is megawad where you have to escape the weird planet surrounded by monsters of all kinds. There are 16 classic maps and 2 bonus maps which can be found in some levels! Can you find them?...Date:02/05/23
Size:531.91 KB

The Journey ver. 1.1
A new 32-map megawad for DOOM II, focusing on short to medium length levels, played in a series or from pistol start, in single player or cooperative. THE JOURNEY takes you across a variety of locales, challenging you along the way with insidious ...Date:09/17/16
Size:3.21 MB

The Lost Magic
This mapset was produced for NaNoWADMo, and I wanted to challenge myself to get a full 32 map set out within the allotted month....Date:12/16/22
Size:8.01 MB

The Modest Mapping Challenge
A community project, each Mapper had 40 sectors (In editor, joining of sectors was allowed), 4 monster types and No SSG to work with in Doom: Doom 2 (Doom) Format....Date:07/02/20
Size:3.19 MB
Author:Jark, Pegleg, LowGcifer, Kaito et al

TNT Overcharged
Size:3.46 MB

TNT: Threevilution
God is dead You see nothing. Nothing at all, but a dark void all around you. You wonder what you can do in this endless abyss. Maybe you can think about what to eat? You know, like a hot dog or something. Actually, a tasty burger would be nice. B...Date:04/10/22
Size:9.66 MB
Author:General Roasterock & DoomTheRobot

Time Of Maps - Part 1
TOM is a boom compatible wad that uses only doom2 format line actions (except some boom light transfers) and sector effects. -complevel 9 in PrBoom-Plus is required for some rising stairs and "floor lower to 8 above highest floor" behaviour. Some map...Date:09/27/09
Size:5.63 MB
Author:TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)

Thy PrBoom Maps
Thy PrBoom Maps was to be a 1 man made megawad (all maps done by me) but that failed, then I tried to make it a community project but that failed so in the end I canned the whole thing and will just release the cancelled wad for sake of closure. It...Date:03/24/14
Size:1.91 MB

TPH 12.3: Part 1A - The Prequel to Part B Galaxy's Brink!! The Super Incredible Bulgarian Necromance
Size:35.95 MB
Author:Tarnsman and Johnathan Grigsbane V of Antigua

My second megawad! This time a full-blown one, with currently 34 bite-sized levels of action-packed, puzzly gameplay! I hope you enjoy it!...Date:02/27/23
Size:1.89 MB
Author:Astro X

Team Rocket: Blasting Off at the Speed of Mapping
TEAM ROCKET comprises AD_79, Dragonfly, Jimmy and MTrop, four experienced Doom mappers who together endured a 20-hour speedmapping livestream. Their efforts were supported by kind donators and guest mappers who tagged in to let the fatigued rocketeer...Date:07/07/18
Size:8.71 MB
Author:Team Rocket

Trick and Tear 2
Trick and Tear 2 is the twelfth release of BluePineapple72's monthly "Pineapple Under the Sea Speedmapping" series, and sequel to PUSS II: Trick and Tear (October 2020). It was created in October 2021 with the following gimmicks: - Spooky Themed M...Date:06/26/22
Size:43.87 MB
Author:Various, compiled by Death Bear

The Twilight Zone II: Final Dreams
Size:3.84 MB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Ultimate Doom 2
You're one tough marine. You know it, and everyone that knows you knows it. Once stationed on Mars, you fought alone through the bloody cooridors of UACs science facilities and then into hell itself...just to stop an alien invasion. Next you...Date:03/30/09
Size:2.48 MB

Uprising is a narrative driven DOOM2 megawad for limit removing ports. It features an extensive dehacked patch with changes to weapons and monsters, alongside varied maps and gameplay. You'll be fighting through wastelands, abandoned facilities, hell...Date:03/16/22
Size:9.02 MB

Valiant is a MBF megawad for Doom II featuring 32 new maps spanning 5 themed episodes. Each map is designed to be played from a pistol start, but some effort has been made to support continuous play as well. Additionally, Valiant includes a number ...Date:05/30/15
Size:24.42 MB
Author:Paul "skillsaw" DeBruyne

Valiant: Vaccinated Edition
This edition of Valiant strips out all of the MBF DeHackEd work from the original release, which means this version is compatible with gameplay mods! If you really disliked the additional monsters and weapons in Valiant, you could also play this ve...Date:12/09/15
Size:26.94 MB
Author:Paul "skillsaw" DeBruyne

Verse Hopper
Size:40.99 MB

Pleasant Vibes from the Party Garage
A glorious community project that takes advantage of boom features, 32in24-15_textures that are baked in and a wide variety of talent from 29 unique mappers from all over the globe! Each map name was thought up by Clippy's wife and mappers got to p...Date:08/02/23
Size:19 MB
Author:Clippy Clippington, Chookum, Large Cat, Man_With_Gun, SuperPecanMan, DiR, Origamyde, Kuro_mahoh, The

The Vilecore
More DOOM II:...Date:04/23/03
Size:1.77 MB
Author:Darren Finch A.K.A: Doom_Dude

Vile Flesh
Size:5.29 MB
Author:Gwyn Williams

32 tough levels that were inspired by Plutonia, Momento Mori and Icraus. The levels aren't super detailed like Darkening or Eternal but just as good as Doom and Doom 2's levels. This is the third and final installment of the Dsv ser...Date:12/20/00
Size:5.48 MB
Author:Samuel A. Villarreal

Whitemare 2
Megawad, based on the results of a four speedmapping contests, held on in 2013, with such themes, as winter, thaw, precipices, and ancient civilizations. Maps were finalized some time later (some - very significantly), and several maps w...Date:03/03/14
Size:41.03 MB
Author:Russian Doom Community (see below)

Before I say a thing, this is a jokewad for ZDoom (YAY JUST WHAT WE NEED MORE OF!) so if you do not want to play some of the worst maps available (as was the projects intention) then skip this. This is WOOO, an exhilarating experience into mapping....Date:10/25/13
Size:6.59 MB
Author:mrthejoshmon, cannonball, Scypek2, Memfis, Vaporizer, KiiiYiiiKiiiA, Flamen0d, j4rio, obake, walter

This is the highly anticipated sequel to WOOO! (The ZDoom orientated jokewad that nobody asked for) This is a jokewad which is meant to be awful, silly and just plain weird. This time we have more than 32 maps of pure unbridled crap! We have maps...Date:09/01/14
Size:12.78 MB

WOOO 3: Too Good For the Mappers Who Made It
"Here it FINALLY is! The EXCITING (citation needed) CONCLUSION (please god) to the CRITICALLY PANNED WOOO series! In this EXCITING (citation needed) installment you will be forced into MULTIPLE MAPS on a quest to AVENGE A CLAYMATION demon guy (or s...Date:09/26/16
Size:48.41 MB

Whispers of Satan
Whispers of Satan is a 30 level add-on for id software's game Doom 2: Hell on Earth requiring a Boom compatible source port....Date:12/12/09
Size:10.9 MB
Author:Paul Corfiatis and Kristian Aro

This is a 32-level PWAD compilation of maps I designed for various solo and community projects across five years up to 2021, with the addition of minor tweaks to all maps and a new level to be played in a built-in demo and nothing more. Similar to ...Date:06/22/22
Size:18.29 MB
Author:Devon Barnett (Xyzzy01)

You Have 1 HP
A 32-level megawad full of bite-sized combat puzzles & challenges (and GZDoom gimmicks). As the title suggests, you have 1 HP. Kill all enemies to progress....Date:04/08/23
Size:452.8 KB

ZDoom Community Map Project II
As the successor to the ZDCMP1, the second take follows the same rules: Various mappers and modders are working on fixed dates/slots on the map and continueing where the prior person has stopped. Expect a high quality Doom experience with countless s...Date:05/25/14
Size:51.39 MB
Author:Various authors

Pinochestein 3D edicion GL (Zandronum)
Pinochestein 3D edicion GL (GL edition) is a total conversion of the original pinochestein 3D that tries to take the best advantage of the new features of ZDoom based ports through UDMF format mapping and lighting implemented by hardware acceleration...Date:09/09/15
Size:19.84 MB
Author:Gabriel Valderrama (Kotometal-0041)

Zones of Fear
After the first czech community project we were decided to make something larger hance Zones of Fear were born....Date:05/18/12
Size:11.95 MB
Author:Damned, Des_arthes, enkeli/Matthias, Jaeden, Klofkac pipicz

ZPack - Random Maps for ZDoom
A megawad of 3 themed episodes, each of them with numerous maps fully taking the advantage of ZDoom's features!...Date:06/16/08
Size:35.28 MB

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