Title: 10 Line Genocide
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/10line.zip
Size: 10.66 MB
Date: 05/12/24
Author: NiGHTS108, 4shockblast, Amiga Angel, Ar_e_en, aRottenKomquat, Arsinikk, Arwel, Avix, Axuris, Bdubzzz
Description: 10 Line Genocide is a Boom compatible speedmapping project requiring a UMAPINFO port, initially conceived as a parody of the 100 Line Massacre series on a Twitch livestream, but quickly ballooned into a massive undertaking of over 100 mappers making 230 maps across 5 distinct, increasingly difficult episodes. As the name implies, each map was restricted to only 10 linedefs each. A community project as restricted yet accessible as this resulted in an absolute cavalcade of micro speedmaps, all in less linedefs than Knee-Deep In The Dead. Probably. In more specific regards to compatibility, it's worth noting this wad was made specifically with DSDA-Doom in mind. Although it should be functional enough in a port like GZDoom, DSDA is advised and any bugs specific to ports that aren't DSDA will not be prioritised to fix.

Almost all of these maps were completed within roughly a week, and the only hard rule of this project was that maps keep to less than 10 linedefs, therefore, most aren't balanced for difficulties or multiplayer. The purpose was mainly to see what could be done in a map with as restrictive of a boundary as 10 linedefs, so try not to take it TOO seriously or expect a very balanced difficulty curve at all times. Beware, some of the last episode or two can get pretty slaughter-y. As a whole however there is a rich variety of difficulty across all 5 episodes of 46 maps each, so anyone should be able to enjoy this community project.

(Yes, we changed the name from 10 Line Massacre since this definitely became more than just a 100 Line Massacre parody, fast)
Credits: Textures from cc4-tex with minor additions from Otex and Lost Civilization. Hud by ChippiHeppu, widescreen assets from Arsinikk, palettes from or edited from Eviternity, Cosmogenesis and Toilet Of The Gods. Special thanks to FrancisT218 for speeding up the compilation process, Monsieur E for helping get the wad to IdGames, and everyone else involved too for their patience. See below for specific music and mapping credits, and e5m46.png for specific E5M46 credits.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: A week for most of the maps, another week for submissions to the final map, Miniddo... and 9 months compiling then 8 months before the IdGames release :p
Editor(s) used: Ultimate Doom Builder and Slade via project leader Nights, rest unknown
Bugs: None for DSDA-Doom.
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